Portia’s Bathtime Goodies

Hi there Posse, Beauty Queens Bathe! I don’t know where I originally heard it or if it is my own invention. Either are believable. I seem to be the ONLY person on Insta who has ever used it. Thing is, it utterly describes the way I feel about baths in a tongue-in-cheek way. When you want to feel totally pampered and cleaned then full submersion with a quick rinse at the end seems perfect.

Seriously, even if it’s 1am and I’m dead tired. A good steaming hot soak in a bath full of bubbles for at least 20 minutes then sets me up to sleep deeper and wake up more refreshed, smelling gorgeous. I know it feels like a lot of work (especially at ridiculous hours) but believe me, it’s worth the effort.

Portia’s Bathtime Goodies


Olympic Orchids Amber Labdanum Bath Oil

Want to smell and feel unbelievably gorgeous? Just a few drops in the bath. It coats my skin, and afterwards there is no need for more fragrance, especially if you are going straight to bed. You can drift off in the most delicious, lightly animal amber dreams. It also works perfectly as a fixative for and amber fragrance. I particularly love to wear Mitzah by DIOR after a bath in Olympic Orchids Amber Labdanum Bath Oil.

JOOP! Le Bain

I read a Fragrantica piece about this scent not so long ago. INSTANT lemming. So, off I went looking for some. A small bottle with shower gel was less than a regular niche 3ml decant, so I splurged. It wears like a female veering barbershop, with vanilla and flowers rather than lavender. Softly resinous and not as sweet as the base notes would suggest. I’m eeking out this shower gel because it’s so precious.

Vintage Caron Bellodgia Bath Oil

This popped up on eBay about 10 years ago, maybe more. When I bought it, I thought it was a large bottle, like 150ml. When it arrived I was totally bummed, it had been expensive and come from overseas. Then the smell hit me. O M G! One drop is all I need to put in the bath, and the whole apartment is suddenly awash in the divine smell of vintage Bellodgia. As you can see, the bottle is about halfway empty. When it’s gone, I’ll have the amazing memory of having owned such lavish luxury.


OK, I know. This is not a big ticket item. Reminds you of great aunt Agatha who you despise. Stop your bitching a get some. FragranceNet has this regularly for under US$5 before coupon. It smells like a soft version of vintage Tabu and gives excellent bubbles. Another good base for all your ambers but also works beautifully with woods, resins and leathers.

Reem Acra

This fragrance came out to general acclaim by perfumistas in 2012. Radiant white floral with enough bells and whistles to make it interesting as well as lovely. You can buy a bottle at FragranceNet of the perfume for peanuts nowadays and stock up on Shower Gel US$4 and Body Lotion US$7 before coupon! Remember to GOOGLE FragranceNet Reem Acra 90ml and follow the link to get the 35% discount code applied. Currently you’ll get a 90ml EdP, Shower Gel and Lotion for around US$25! (Not affiliated, just LOVE DISCOUNTS!)

L’Occitane Neroli & Orchidee

The only one on my shelf I’m yet to use. It was a birthday gift, and I loved the fragrance when it came out. Will be very excited to have myself a bath in these bubbles.


Guerlain Champs Elysees Bath Balls

These are PRECIOUS! A gift from my mate Scotty a couple of years ago. I have only had two baths in them, and the smell is so damn glorious. Every time I go to use them though my TOO PRECIOUS button kicks in. Just seeing them and having them is enough.

Cuir Vetiver

Bought on one of our holidays. Can you believe Yves Rocher isn’t in Australia? I think it was a stand alone store in Budapest, and I went a bit crazy. Their product is super affordable, smells great and makes excellent gifts in a world of multinationals. One of the downside to being able to get almost everything is that it denigrates the fun of shopping overseas for friends. What’s not to love here? Leather and vetiver with a few extras for cohesion. Perfect base for Penhaligon’s Halfeti Leather, vintage Trussardi donna and YSL Jazz.

L’Artisan Premier Figuier

I seriously wish I’d bought 100 of these bottles when I saw them deep discounted as they were being phased out of Australia. I did buy about 20 with a few Chasse and Amber in the mix and then gave most of them as gifts. NOW I’m kicking myself because they are so beautiful. Fig is in a few of my favourites like Premier Figuier & Extreme, Neela Vermeire Ashoka and Mugler Womanity.

L’Artisan Caligna

I just bought a pre-loved bottle of Caligna off a friend’s FB sale doc. I’m yet to wear the fragrance over the shower gel but have high hopes for extended longevity. This is the old style bottle that I bought at the discounters a while ago. The plastic wrap had started to come apart on the box, so I took it as a sign that it wanted some use. Another fig-centric fragrance but this time with lavender and woods. This also works beautifully as a base for CHANEL Boy and Caron Pour un Homme.

LUSH Rose Jam

You all know about this ridiculously beautiful rose shower gel? It is virtually free! Of all the LUSH products Rose Jam is by far my favourite and most used. It is a rich, jammy rose and amps any rose fragrance or can be worn alone as a soft rose wash that lasts a couple of hours by itself. I’ve lost count of how many bottles of Rose Jam I’ve gone through but it must be 10 or more.

Tabac Original

This was my fathers fragrance, and this year marks 30 years since he died. When I saw this freaking enormous bottle for sale, I bought two. Of all the money spent over my life on fragrance and accoutrements Tabac Original is still one of the best scents around. Not only does it smell fantastic but nowadays it is also a rarity to smell someone wearing it. Barbershop done right.

Sea Salt Mimosa

I have a mate, Andrew, in the USA who I send stuff to, and he repacks and forwards it on. TBH I have no recollection of where I bought this and a couple of other C O Bigelow shower gels from. They do some really interesting scent combos though and give huge bubbles in the bath. This one is salty mint. YUM! The fragrance doesn’t last on skin though spa my enjoyment is bath only. This is a good thing if I don’t want my bubbles to wreck my fragrance later.


As you can see, I have a formidable arsenal of potions. Part of my lavish bathing adventure is picking the scent.

What do you bathe or shower with?

Portia xx


20 thoughts on “Portia’s Bathtime Goodies

  1. I love Rose Jam too! Trying to finish off my last three Lush bath bombs so I don’t have to pack them. Mostly I use the bubble bath stuff from Bath & Body works aromatherapy line: lavender & vanilla, rose & vanilla, eucalyptus. I love a good soak after a long hike through an urban landscape like Paris or Montréal.


  2. No bathtub at home so I can only take showers. I usually buy stuff from my colleague who is Avon rep or I buy shower gels & creams from Yves Rocher, sometimes from Korres.


  3. That is a formidable arsenal indeed! I rarely take baths as I normally just shower, but when I do go the luxury route, I like to have my nose in a glass of wine. I’ve tried the Neroli & Orchidée lotion and it is quite nice.


  4. I am not much of a bathtub person, but my husband is. He loves bath oils and epsom salt baths. I prefer showers and my favorite shower gel is Chanel Deauville. Refreshing and I smell great for hours afterward (I can smell me,. even if others can’t).


  5. Wow, Portia! You do have a formidable bath collection! I’ve used 2 of the ones you mentioned. I loved Rose Jam until I didn’t anymore and I just chucked the remains.

    The U.S. doesn’t have YR storefronts either so I went gaga when I saw them while traveling. Cuir Vetiver is excellent and I got it from my trip to Barcelona several years back.


    • HA! SORRY Gina, but not really sorry. Know what I mean?
      How freaking CHEAP are they? It would be madness not to have the set.
      I hope they bring you as much joy as they bring me.

      I’ll just grab that enabler pin and add it to my collection.
      Portia xx


  6. Now I have to investigate Acra! I seem to remember Yves Rocher advertising in Dolly magazine and things like that … maybe buying by mail order? I rarely take a bath as I want a really big one … ours isn’t big enough to be really relaxing. I do have a few shower gels I should use.


    • Hey Sue,
      There was a time we could get Yves Rocher here. I think they might have been in David Jones too, but that could be fantasy.
      The one thing I specified when we did this apartment was a big bath. I love it so much and it gets used at least twice a week for lovely long soaks.
      Oh yes, use those shower gels. It’s nice to have some yummy fragrance to start the day,
      Portia xx


  7. I have a bath in my house, but it’s not the one you’d like to take: while it’s an OK size, the way it crumbed into glass shower doors that just don’t invite you to lay down. So, I mostly take showers and use shower gels and soaps: I still use Yves Rocher Cotton Flower & Mimosa, a gift from Lucas (I wrote about here https://undina.com/2018/04/01/in-the-search-for-the-perfect-mimosa-take-5/) and Caswell-Massey’s Sandalwood Soap on a Rope (shown here https://undina.com/2018/04/16/gift-that-keeps-on-lathering/). And in winter months I plug my bath when I take shower and add a couple of drops of the SJP Stash oil to the water – it smells divine!

    But I love taking baths. In my younger years I could soak for an hour reading a book. These days, even when I get a chance to soak, I don’t spend too much time in a bath, but I have a bath oil OJ Ta’if that I bring with me when I travel to somewhere where I know I’ll have a bath and enjoy it.


    • Bummer about your bath not being very relax friendly Undina,
      Using yummy shower gels makes a big difference to showering though and I love the tip about some Stash drops. MMMMM
      WOW I didn’t know Ormonde Jayne even did bath oils. Well jealous here.
      Portia xx


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