Perfumes, Wine and Ocean

This was planned for the previous week, but time just ran away from me. So, it’s a Second Sunday Samples post on the third Sunday of the month.

* * *

As we were planning a short getaway with friends, I was facing the usual perfumista’s dilemma: which perfumes to bring. Not only we had really vague plans that included wine and cheese tasting (not at the same time), eating oysters and beach walks, but also those activities were spread in two distinct temperature-wise areas – wine country (+32C/90F) and oceanside (23C/73F). Since I wasn’t sure how long each part of the trip would take, I didn’t want to subject any of my favorite perfumes to hours in a hot car trunk, so I didn’t consider either full bottles or even travel ones. At the same time, as a rule, I do not wear perfumes from samples that I test – unless I’m trying to decide whether to buy more. So I took with me samples for perfumes that I’ve either already included into my collection or considered for that.


Perfume Samples


I ended up wearing just one of the perfumes featured in the picture above – Jo Malone English Pear & Freesia: it was wonderful on a hot day and somehow managed not to clash with aromas from wines that we tasted that day, even though theoretically I wouldn’t recommend this perfume for the activity. I did a mini-review for it almost seven years ago in my post In the Search for the Perfect Pear, and I still enjoy wearing it but I still haven’t bought a bottle because I haven’t finished the decant and several samples that I got. It is though one of my strong favorites from this brand, and just in case you missed it in the sea of Jo Malone’s releases I encourage you to try English Pear & Freesia. Unless they change it beyond recognition, I see a bottle in my future.



One more Jo Malone perfume – Wood Sage & Sea Salt – I brought with me because it seemed like a good fit to the aquatic part of our trip. Created by Christine Nagel in 2014, with a short list of notes – ambrette seeds, sea salt, sage, seaweed and grapefruit, it felt right in place during our walk on the beach and later for the oysters and champagne dinner at the house that we rented with our friends. Wood Sage & Sea Salt wears nicely both on the tropical beach and on a cool NorCal shore (but I’m glad that I do not smell seaweed in the composition: even though I do not mind smelling it from time to time in nature, I wouldn’t want to smell of it). Will I buy a bottle once I finish my decant? I’m not sure but I might.



The biggest surprise for me was Mito EdP by vero profumo: I have tried it soon after the release and even remember liking it, but somehow I didn’t go through with the thorough testing – and the sample just stayed in my library for the last several years. It felt right for the occasion, so I took it with me, wore it on a sunny warm day for another round of wine tasting – and loved-loved-loved it.

Most of my readers had probably tested Mito before (and some even reviewed it), so I won’t go through the complete list of notes. But I want to mention my most favorite moments in this perfume development: prominent citrus opening that manages not to take this perfume into the summery cologne territory, slightly bitter greenness of galbanum in development and sweet warmth of … I have no idea what produces that effect but I keep bringing my wrist to my nose trying to figure it out… I think my almost empty sample isn’t enough to finish my study of this beautiful perfume, so I’ll just have to do something about it – in the interest of science, you know.


Vero Profumo Mito


Images: my own


22 thoughts on “Perfumes, Wine and Ocean

    • It is especially enjoyable when I match my perfumes and surroundings perfectly. But usually it means that I need to bring with me approximately 3 perfumes per day – to have adequate choices.

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  1. Happy to hear you got to enjoy your time out. I got a little excited when I noticed a sample of Pelargonium from me on your photo but then I read you didn’t get a chance to wear it. Hope there’ll be another occasion for it soon.


  2. I had to laugh. I can identify with your preparations. We are taking a trip the whole month of July, and I am actually having anxiety trying to plan which perfumes to take. I really like the JO Malone Sea Salt and Sage, although it fades very quickly on me. I will need to try Mito, it sounds nice.


  3. Great descriptions (and wonderful photo collages!) of your get-away and the three perfumes you wore. Jo Malone perfumes have a gauziness that makes them perfect to wear in nature (the several that I’ve sampled, anyway) — and Vero Profumo’s Mito is a beauty that does strike me as being an Undina kind of perfume. Yes, definitely, in the name of science, you need to test that one some more! :D

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      • Oh yes, I noticed him first thing! His ears are beautiful – much longer than the ears of the wild rabbits we have in Pennsylvania. Thanks for putting a little bunny love into your post, Undina. :)

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  4. Sounds like a lovely trip—mmmmm…oysters and champagne! That Mito sounds wonderful. I take one bottle of perfume on a trip. Of course, if I get a strong urge to wear something else, I just might have to buy some. That’s why I only travel to good perfume places. 😀

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    • One perfume… No, I couldn’t do that – no matter to where I travel :) I also realized after my last year trip to Europe that I shouldn’t be buying perfumes during my trips – unless I go somewhere already knowing what I want to buy: too much pressure to find something :).

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  5. I wonder when I would get sophisticated enough to understand vero Profumo? Perhaps Inshouldn’t be surprised that Mito EDP was also the only one that I liked, althoughI have to go hunt down my sample/decant.

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    • The first 3 were just horrible on my skin – so that I gave away my samples, even though I used to keep everything for the “library.” But then I really liked Mito and Kiki (not sure in which order). I would have bought Kiki but I already have and love lavender-centric Krigler Lieber Gustav. I’m not saying they smell the same but they hit the same spot – so I just do not need the second one right now. But Mito is so unusual that I have no other perfumes competing for my attention when I want something like this.


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