Small Things That Brighten Life: Wildflowers

I can’t believe it has been more than six months since I published something in this series. It was not because nothing good was happening but somehow I would get distracted – and then some other topic would come up. So this time I decided not to wait.

One of our local parks – Edgewood Park & Natural Preserve – is known for its wild flowers. We used to go there often in different seasons but in the recent years for many reasons, none of which is a good excuse, we stopped spending time in parks. This year we remembered in time about the wildflowers season and decided it was a perfect opportunity to re-institute some of better habits.

I knew that the best time for this area is mid-late April but hoped that because of the warm winter we had and all the rain that has finally honored us with its presence in March blooming season would start earlier. It has started but it’s not in full swing yet. Nevertheless, there was a nice variety of flowers on sunny grasslands and just amazing greenery in the shade of woods. It was a well spent Easter Sunday.



When was the last time you saw wildflowers?


Images: my own


22 thoughts on “Small Things That Brighten Life: Wildflowers

  1. What a gift your post, certainly category STTBL! So many of the flowers that are wild in the park you visited I grow in my garden, fritillary (called lapwing egg in Dutch because of their resemblance), orange poppies, vinca, and the much prized trillium! But they are still vast asleep in the Netherlands, the first flowers are snowdrops and crocus. I see wildflowers everday when they are in season. Being on holiday, (time and mindspace to comment!) in Spain, there are many, mimosa is a wild shrub here, oleander, and where there is grassland many clovers. The air is scented with orangeblossom everywhere, another STTBL. I finished my sample of Dilettante and will buy a travelspray, possibly a FB. May do the same for Slowdive. Mail me if you wish me to send you samples of them.

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  2. I love wild flowers!
    I don’t remember the last time I saw them, probably last spring but I’m off on a trek next weekend so I believe I’ll enjoy them then.
    At the momen I love walking home with all the trees slowly coming into greenery and bloom.


  3. Last night I was doing a guided meditation I found on YouTube which took the listener on a path where you eventually rested on a weathered bench and observed the wildflowers while listening to the insects and birds. The background noises were so realistic and beautiful — and when I woke up this morning and saw your post, it seemed like a coincidence because the path I imagined looked much like the one featured in the website for your park. (Except for the stagecoach path … wow, that is very unique!) Thanks for sharing this, Undina.


    • I’m glad it fits with your state of mind, Suzanne. As I was suffering through the unusual activity (I am not in the best form now) I was telling myself that I had a goal to find as many different flowers as possible to share on my blog with those who now suffers from the weather that bits the most pessimistic forecasts of the Groundhog.


      • Oh yes… there is a mountain in the middle of Montréal. There would be wildflowers there. But we won’t see wild flowers for another 6 weeks… at least. Hope to check out Jo Malone’s Mimosa fragrance tomorrow or Sunday.


  4. I’ve always viewed wildflowers as pretty weeds. The last time I saw wildflowers was last summer in Alsaka! I was on an excursion to one of the glaciers and took the long path to get closer to the glacier and waterfall. Along the way, there were all sorts of wildflowers.


    • BTW, some of the wildflowers should be edible (so they are not just weeds). Too bad that in the situation when I might find it useful I wouldn’t have cell/wireless connection to check which ones are ;) Probably I could try remembering it now – just in case. Violets, clover, dandelion and wisteria. There are at least 5 more but I wouldn’t recognize them anyway :)


  5. Your photos are beautiful, Undina! Thank you for sharing!

    When was the last time I saw wildflowers? Too long ago…we had more snow today…this winter does NOT want to quit!


  6. Very pretty montage of photos! My unkempt garden is known to host them, hehe, otherwise there are many wild flowers to be found on the edges of Stafford’s lanes and allotments.


    • My backyard (if I can call it that – it’s more like a patio with a tiny sliver of soil around it) is being slowly overtaken by plants that I didn’t plant, and those that I did are surrendering inch by inch. But with my brown thumb they are probably better off on their own, without me trying to help ;)


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