Month of Irises: Week 4 (Feb 22nd – Feb 28th)

I’ll be adding something new in the end of this post during the next 7 days. Come back whenever you remember to read something new, see what perfume I chose to wear, share your SOTD (even if it has absolutely nothing to do with irises) or just talk to me and others.

Can you believe it’s Week 4 of the Month of Irises? I still have perfumes for the next 7 days, and I’m curious to see what others find to wear.

There were no more “takers” for hosting an Iris Day so I’ll be doing all the daily updates (but if anybody wants to take over one of the remaining days, you’re still welcome).

* * *

Thursday, February 22, 2018


I enjoyed wearing Chanel No 19 extrait so much that I decided to stay with Chanel for one more day. I will be wearing No 19 EdP.


Rusty got really interested with my origami experiments. I’ll try to add a GIF for tomorrow but meanwhile just a teaser.


Rusty and Origami Iris

Friday, February 23, 2018


Following Lucas’s lead, Hedonist Iris by Viktoria Minya.


If for nothing else, it was worth making those origami irises because Rusty was really taken by those. Probably I should make a couple more for him to play.


Rusty Playing with Origami

Saturday, February 24, 2018


I’ve been postponing it, but it’s probably time to finish my decant of Iris Silver Mist by Serge Lutens. I think it is one of perfumes that has such an iconic standing that it is difficult for it to live up to itself.


Have you seen this already? A note pad from Japanese company Triad that reveals architectural models as you keep using it. I do not really use paper notes but I love the idea (and the color! and have you noticed those irises on the base?). If $123 + $21 S&H doesn’t scare you away, click on the picture to pre-order this Omoshiroi Block Japanese Landmark Memo Pad Kiyomizudera Temple, Asakusa Temple, Tokyo Tower notepad or one of several other designs (I’m not affiliated).


Omoshiro Block Memo Pad

Sunday, February 25, 2018


I decided to give Iris Silver Mist one more wear. While it was nice, I don’t think I like it more than several other irises I have or tried this month. So once I finish my decant (probably one or two more times), I won’t try to get a bottle. Maybe another decant.

Monday, February 26, 2018


I wanted to wear Purple Rain by Prada on a rainy day. Unfortunately, February this year was dry. One day when it suddenly rained, I was already wearing another perfume that was tenacious enough to last me through the day. But now we have rain forecast for this Monday, so I’ll be wearing Purple Rain. I wish I had this umbrella to accompany it:

Iris Umbrella

Tuesday, February 27, 2018


Recently I was watching (again) Hercule Poirot series and was reminded how much I liked the song used in one of the episodes – Yellow Iris. Unfortunately, from what I managed to find, it had never been released as a stand-alone song, so all you can do is to listen to it in the clip from the episode (in which, by the way, there is a reference to the flower of the month – so I thought it was at least partially relevant). The song is beautiful, and I wanted to share it with you (and I’ll add lyrics under the video – in case some of the words are not clear in the background).


I’ve forgotten you,
I never think of you,
The way you walked, the way you talked, the things you used to say.

I’ve forgotten you,
I never think of you,
I couldn’t say for sure today
Whether your eyes were blue or grey.

I’ve forgotten you,
I never think of you,
Your smile, your touch,
Which meant so much,
Somewhere along the way.

I’ve forgotten you,
I never think of you,
I changed my mind , my love was blind ,
Now I’ve forgotten you.

Oh, what a lie!
I shall think of you,
Think of you,
Think of you,
Till I die


SOTD 2/27/2018

With just 2 days left in the month I’m going through the remaining list of my iris-centric perfumes choosing carefully what gets a wear within this project. I’m going with my first unsniffed purchaseChanel No. 19 Poudré, even though I suspect it might be a little too cold for it.

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

So we are on the last day of A Month of Irises project. After it’s over, I’ll probably do a round-up post with some statistics – so please, keep going, do not give up until the end of the month (and report back).


I thought it would be very fitting to finish my updates for the month of irises, rainbows and perfumes with a link to Asali’s (The Sounds of Scent) review of the legendary Iris Gris perfume – At the end of the rainbow.


SOTD 2/28/2018

I started this project with a list of iris perfumes that had more than 28 scents, so it is not a surprise that I had a choice of what to wear for the last day. After going back and forth between a couple of contenders, I decided that Hiris by Hermès would be a perfect conclusion for the month: it is very office-friendly (and I have some meetings in a small office), it is a classic iris perfume, it is the last perfume featured in the picture of the introductory post for this project that I haven’t worn yet, and this mini bottle was a gift from dear Portia (Australian Perfume Junkies).


Rusty and Iris Perfumes


What are you wearing today?


Images: memo block and umbrella – from the sites selling the products, linked (no affiliation); the rest – my own


83 thoughts on “Month of Irises: Week 4 (Feb 22nd – Feb 28th)

  1. Only 7 more days left until March. I don’t think I have enough iris perfumes to use. I might be short for 2-3 days I think.

    I did the origami iris too. The first one I failed somewhere and it didn’t look good but second one was just fine.

    Today I’m wearing Viktoria Minya Hedonist Iris. It’s even more feminine than Iris Poudre I wore yesterday. Hedonist Iris is however more powdery-watery so overally it suits me more than Malle one.


    • With the first paper iris (the purple one) I tried using YouTube instructions – and got some strange results. Then I turned to printed instructions – and got that almost perfect blue iris. Conclusion? I’m not a YouTube person ;)
      I’ll try wearing Hedonist Iris tomorrow – thank you for the idea.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I have so much love for Rusty – and I call myself a dog person.
    Did I mention already I’ve been testing my sample of After Midnight by The Different Company this month? The strong iris to start with is great but it ends up too rich for me. I’ve seen it described as an “aquatic floral”, “light amber” and a “cologne” so I’m clearly in the minority.

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  3. Oh my, how cute is Rusty in that gif! He actually looks like a kitten!

    I missed out on reporting yesterday so this is a two-fer:

    Day 22
    Iris Silver Mist – I decanted to an atomizer from my bell jar and the atomizer was just shooting streams of perfume instead of a fine mist. Love!

    Day 23
    Iris Ganache – not the re-issue. My first encounter was a decant from eBay and then I was lucky to get the 2nd ti the last bottle from SFA back in 2013 or 2014.

    I still have a good number of irises waiting in the wings that I may keep going until St. Patrick’s Day!


    • Hey, what has happened to your login and avatar? Why did I have to approve this comment?

      I liked how he dropped the iris and then leaned to see where it went :)

      I’ll probably finish my decant of ISM wearing it for this project in the next couple of days. I wonder how much the current version differs from the original and if it’s even worth pursuing.


      • I thought it was weird too that it was awaiting moderation. For the past few weeks, every time I comment using my iPhone, I have to enter my username and password and I also cannot “Like” anything. The only difference between yesterday and all the other times was that I had 2 cocktails in the two hours before I boarded the train.

        ISM – oh boy, I really hope it had not been reformulated! I hope someone else can chime in.


        • Oh, I know that behavior! (i’m not talking about cocktails though I’m familiar with that too ;) ). I have the same issue from time to time. It means that it list your login. It started happening more often recently. So if for leaving a comment you see that you need to enter again your information, it means that you need to read/login (scroll down to the Meta section on any WP blog and tap on Login). After logging in, open the same site again (from the link or typing the address). That one login will last you for a day or two on all WP blogs.


  4. Birthday scent of the day is gorgeous Prada Purple Rain, sprayed liberally.

    Iris Silver Mist is my nemesis iris. The first time I tried it I though it smells like underground tomb: earth, roots, moist, rotting carrots. I suppose I will never get to liking this one.

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  5. Those origami flowers look wonderful, Undina! No wonder Rusty had to play with them. More like scents of the day for me, from Gucci Guilty Absolute Pour Femme to Bulgari Splendida Magnolia Sensuel. Not an iris in sight, though. R


    • How do you like the Gucci Guilty Absolute Pour Femme? On a paper strip, it was too fruity floral and as I threw out the paper strip, out wafted tonka and/or benzoin. The Pour Homme version was a tad too masculine. Having no access to a sample of the Pour Femme to take home, I will just have to imagine that layering the Pour Homme and the Pour Femme may yield something wonderful and wearable.

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      • The opening of Gucci Guilty Absolute for women was a urinous black current over raspberry. The urine faded and it got more pleasant, but it was generally a no go for me.


      • I checked out both my local Macy’s and Nordstrom today but couldn’t find the masculine version about which I read so many positive impressions. The feminine version on paper smelled pleasant and generic: even if I were to like it on skin, I’m too snobbish and too spoiled to buy and wear it.


  6. Day 25 !!!
    Shalimar Ode a la Vanille Sur la Route du Mexique

    Not a traditionally iris perfume but Iris is listed as a note and I can actually detect a bit of it under the vanilla.

    That architectural notepad is something else. I am reluctant to check out the website for fear of being tempted to buy one or two or …


    • I can barely talk myself out of buying it! And there are several other cool designs there. When I found it, I saw an animated feature showing the progress of excavation. It’s amazing!


  7. This month is flying by-I think in part due to this cheerful thread. I’m in Hiris, which is an oldie but a goodie. Rusty playing with flowers is too much-what a sweet, gentle cat he is. And today my cat came back-my orange cat Henry. He’s been MIA since last july. He’s thinner, and very very skittish (he was always very nervous). But can you believe he’s back? I’m thrilled :)


  8. On Thursday I dabbed more (and then more again) L’eau d’Hiver on my wrists and never got a prominent dose of iris. But I enjoyed it, and it put in me in the mood for L’heure Bleue on Friday, which has the feeling of iris under the heliotrope and flowers.

    Saturday I hit the bottle of Infusion d’Iris EdT again, which is soap-y and more heliotrope-y than the EdP. The combination of heliotrope and soapiness over the iris makes it a comfy-cozy scent for me.

    This month of irises has made it clear that that though I do like iris-forward scents I more often choose scents with iris in a supporting role. It’s Sunday evening and I am looking forward to wearing Vol de Nuit edt before bedtime. I’m sure there’s a smidgen of iris there.

    Can hardly believe there are just 3 days left in February. It’s been a beautiful month of irises.


    • It was a good month! Though, sticking to any particular genre just shows to me that I prefer even more diversity than is possible within any specific category. I love my irises (or roses, or …) but I want them mixed.


  9. You smell fantastic this Monday my dear! And oh my gosh, what a stunning umbrella!

    I’m wearing ‘a fleeting beauty’ aka Chanel 28 La Pausa. I have only tried the older EDT version so I don’t know if EDP would make any difference. Anyway La Pausa disappears very quickly on me but it’s divine before it does, ha!

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  10. Day 26
    L’Heure Bleue Extract

    It’s from a sample the SA helpfully provided when I got the Parfum (aka Extract). I am happy to say it survived reformulation to my untrained nose! This is of course not to say nothing has changed. I have a late 30s LHB and to my nose, they smell similar, with the vintage one more gourmand than the new one. Both have iris front and center…and tonka.

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  11. Day 27
    Atelier des Ors Iris Fauve

    From a decant. Low key incensy iris, like not love. I am happy with the decant.

    Tomorrow I will be wearing one of the everything but the kitchen sink Orris perfumes. It’s very well done by an indie perfumer who took inspiration (or imitation is the sincerest form of flattery) from a lost classic. So many clues! Can you guess what it is?


    • I also liked that look on Rusty’s face: I thought it was something unusual, not like on any other picture I’ve previously shared.
      Volutes is much better than nothing! (in terms of the project; on its own Volutes is just great, unconditionally).


  12. Parfum d’Empire Equistrius for the last day of the month. I think I managed about half of the days; did some random sampling on weekends. Kudos to those who managed all 28 days!


    • 14 days is not less impressive – thank you for the participation.

      I liked Equistrius – until my decant went off :( It was one of the unpleasant surprises because I actually paid for this one.


  13. Thank you, Undina, for a delightful month of iris. I’ve really enjoyed everyone’s comments. Many days I relied on the iris choices mentioned here to help me sort through my sample stash and find a wonderful scent to wear.

    My finale of iris begins with dabs of Iris Silver Mist, will continue later with Hiris (a repeat from the first of the month), then on to Après L’Ondée for this evening (which I also wore last night).

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for taking part in the project, tiffanie! Without the support from others it would have felt really strange to be talking to myself every day :)
      I had just one day during the month when I did 3 iris perfumes (though I reported just one – the main “wear”). But with your choices I can clearly see how you can do all three, the first two not being extremely long-lived.


    • It was a great month! Thank you for the inspiration (it was your Month of Roses that gave me the idea) and for the daily support. And separately – for the fun name for this month :)
      Now I need to sift through all the weeks and comments and put together some statistics.


  14. Day 28
    DSH Scent of Hope

    Perfect ending to Month of Irises! I have not read Asali’s review of Iris Gris until just now and, guess what, Scent of Hope is just as she described Iris Gris. My short description is aldehylic peach with earthy vegetal iris. It is a warm version of ISM.

    I wore 28 different perfumes. Most worn houses: 3 each from Chanel and Guerlain; 2 each from Atelier Cologne, Diptyque and Prada; the rest were onesies. The most expensive perfume was Sultan Pasha Irisoir.

    Undina, I thoroughly enjoyed Month of Irises! It was truly a labor of love for you and I am glad to be part of the family! 😍😍😍😻😻😻❤️❤️❤️❣️


    • Dear hajusuuri, thank you for your support: everybody has contributed the way they felt fitting but yours and Lucas’s support was the most constant and unquivering, which isn’t that surprising since we are perfume siblings ;)

      I’m really impressed that you keep tracking your perfume usage. In a couple of months we can compare notes ;)

      I’ll do my own calculations and publish a stats post in a couple of days.


    • Thank you, dear <3

      I wouldn't be able to wear the same perfume probably even for a week but these iris perfumes all were so different that it wasn't a problem. And since I always had some choices, I didn't feel too constrained.


  15. Checking in late, but I went out with a bang wearing Iris Silver Mist, my first iris love. I discovered it back in 2005 when I first discovered niche perfumery.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I know that for you it’s not the first time that you use the same perfume for a long period of time, but it still impressed me: I don’t think I wore any one perfume for that long in the last decade at least.


  16. Thank you so much for the month of iris, and all the great extra info. Also, a Big Thank You for the link 😊 I’m sat here, trying to update my pc with several needed programmes, so that I can finally start blogging again (boring extra info). So funny I read yellow iris this month, and how well said about ISM being so iconic it can’t live up to its reputation, that’s exactly how I feel.
    I was gifted Iris Cendre Naomi Godsir, and have worn it a lot, to me amongst other things, it smells of old leather bound books. Mmmm.


    • Thank you for participating! It was a collective effort.
      I hope your update goes smoothly (I know how computers are sometimes), and you’ll have no more excuses not to blog ;)
      I’ll count your wearing of Iris Cendre as a couple times in my statistics (since you haven’t specified how many times exactly you did it).

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