Month of Irises: Week 3 (Feb 15th – Feb 21st)

I’ll be adding something new in the end of this post during the next 7 days. Come back whenever you remember (WordPress doesn’t have an option to inform the subscribers about the updates) to read something new, see what perfume I chose to wear and share your SOTD.

So, we’re in the Week 3 of the Month of Irises. Do you still have more iris perfumes to wear? Do you feel like wearing them? I’m good on both counts, and I hope you’ll join me regardless of perfumes you choose to wear.

I’ve learned my lesson: no more riddles. I still have some topical bits and bobs to entertain you. And you’ll get to visit a couple of friendly blogs hosting one of the SOTD threads (that is if you actually see the update and follow the link I share).

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Thursday, February 15, 2018


I plan to wear Gris Clair by Serge Lutens.  I would like to wear it for a foggy day (or, dare I wish, even a rainy one) but since the forecast has sunny days for at least next 10 days, I decided to go with it.


After trying to smell, bite and play with irises, Rusty finally generously allowed me to take a picture of him not moving or turning his head away.

Rusty and Irises

Friday, February 16, 2018


Iris Croatica (Hrvatska Perunika) is the national flower of Croatia – a home country of Ines (All I am – a redhead), who is hosting today’s SOTD thread. Visit her blog to read her thoughts on several iris perfumes and share what perfume you’re wearing on the last day of the work week.

Saturday, February 17, 2018


Yesterday I didn’t have to plan and post my SOTD in advance (since Ines was graciously hosting that day), so I ended up wearing Bois d’Iris by Van Cleef and Arpels. It is nice woody and warm perfume (Vanessa, this might be an answer to both the project and your cravings) but either it actually disappears from my skin within a couple of hours, or I stop smelling it. I re-applied it 4 times during the day – which almost never happens to me even with Jo Malone perfumes.

So, Jo Malone it is for my Saturday’s SOTM. I plan to wear Orris and Sandalwood.


Remembering that weekends are slow, I invite you to do some window shopping with me. One of my favorite designer brands – Franz Porcelain Collection – a necklace from which Rusty helped to demo in my anniversary post, also makes tableware and home decor items. I like to look at them but I can’t imagine most of them in my day-to-day life – even if their price wasn’t higher than I would want to spend on any of that type items. But I can look at them, right? All these items are available from the Wildlife Wonders online store (no affiliation).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Sunday, February 18, 2018


Belles Rives by La Parfumerie Moderne (from a sample from a friend). I like it but I think it’s a tad more unisex than I’d like it to be. And, in my opinion, requires warmer weather to properly bloom. I’ll leave the rest of the sample to re-test it in a month.

Monday, February 19, 2018


Ormonde JayneVanille d’Iris. I have not made up my mind about this perfume but something tells me I won’t go beyond the sample I’ve got.


Have you ever tried making an origami? Here are instructions for traditional origami iris flower; and here for the leaves.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Today Lucas (Chemist in the Bottle) hosts the Day of Iris. Please attend his very informative lesson A study of iris – from crop to perfume (and share your SOTD in the comments there).


Wednesday, February 21, 2018


According to the Paula’s Choice Research Team (with the reference to the Botanical Dermatology Database), in skincare products orris root is used “primarily as a fragrant component due to its violet-like scent. It can cause sensitizing skin reactions and there is no research showing it has any benefit for skin.”

I read articles (in different sources including Vogue magazine) mentioning anti-ageing and other benefits to this ingredient in skincare products. But at this point I choose to believe Paula Begoun since, unlike it is in most of those other sources, she puts her name under her (her team’s) opinion.

SOTD, 2/21/18

Suddenly winter is back with a vengeance (4C/39F at night), and our heater stopped working right after the last store where we could get an additional portable heater had closed. A friend brought us his spare oil heater, which hopefully will be keeping Rusty warm tonight. So for the cold day at home while dealing with the heater repairman, I’ll wear Chanel No. 19 extrait.


What are you wearing today?

Images: Franz Collection – from the store I linked to above; the rest – my own


96 thoughts on “Month of Irises: Week 3 (Feb 15th – Feb 21st)

  1. I can’t believe we’re more than halfway through the Month of Irises. I still have some more (but not 13!) to wear.

    Interesting that you wear Gris Clair today – to me it’s a very lavender fragrance and it actually didn’t work on my skin well. But hey, I generally dislike Serge Lutens perfumes.

    On the other hand, Rusty looks on this photo as if he’s having a tantrum and “I’m not looking at you” kind of face.

    I am wearing Huitieme Art Perfumes Shermine today. I got a 5ml decant from Hajusuuri in the past and it has just been drained. It’s my second iris sample/decant that has been emptied during our project.

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    • Gris Clair is lavender on my skin as well but it works for me, it has iris in top notes and somehow in my head it seems theme-appropriate :)

      Time runs fast, especially when it’s something pleasant (like wearing iris perfumes). Soon we’ll be discussing best summer perfumes.

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  2. Iris Rebelle. Definitely carrot-y to start but pleasant woody iris. Still haven’t found the one, but I did get the travel spray of this because it’s almost free (perfumista math). Rusty is looking quite handsome if a tad aloof!

    Irises were one of my mom’s favorite flowers. More often than not she wore Perfumers Workshop Tea Rose, but I always sent her irises. I would love to have been able to share iris perfumes with her to see what she thought, I know I was surprised by the carroty thing!


    • I plan to get that travel spray of IR also (to properly test it, of course ;) ).
      I think Rusty was contemplating what he’d do with those irises next, once I stop torturing him with my taking pictures and leave (I took flowers with me ;) ).
      I tried to remember whether there were irises when I was growing up and I can’t. I don’t think those were considered flowers for bouquets so it might be that we never had them at home. But I wish I’d have had more years to share my perfumes with my mom – iris-centric and others.


  3. Hey, Gris Clair is my SOTD, and my foggy day scent too! But it is so foggy here that the school buses were a bit late. I’m pretty excited that I applied before I read this.


    • Scent twins! :) It almost never happens to me. I use NST for inspiration sometimes when I cannot decide but whenever I apply anything on my own, I rarely wear the same perfume as someone else has chosen. So I’m excited.


  4. Aw, Rusty has such a good boy look in his eyes. So sweet.

    Tonight is for Infusion d’Iris edt, very comfy. Last night I wore No. 5 which has an iris note.

    This weekend I look forward to sorting through samples to find more iris-forward scents. I know I have a smidgen of Iris Silver Mist. The first time I sniffed ISM it triggered a childhood memory of putting a very cold nickel in my mouth, then hearing my mother tell me, “Spit that out, please!”:


    • It’s funny: as much as I like Infusion d’Iris, “comfy” is probably not among the first 5 adjectives that come to mind when I think about it.
      I plan to wear ISM soon: I don’t remember any longer how it smelled.


  5. Day 15
    Prada Olfactories Purple Rain

    The box is prominently displayed in my room so I should really wear this more often. The bottle is gorgeous – nice heft cut glass with smooth rounded edges. The juice is effervescent Iris and vetiver, so smooth, like the flacon.

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  6. I wore Mona di Orio Dojima yesterday, an étude in rice, oh yes!, plus jasmine and orris and amber. Possibly enough orris to count as an iris scent? It is very pleasant, but I still crave perfumes that are more warming and make more of a statement. ;)


    • Of course, it counts! :) But I understand how weather affects our perfume choices. This year’s warm winter again didn’t allow me to enjoy most of my winter favorites.


  7. Ha! Shame on me, I had no idea there is a flower called Iris Croatica. :D I did hear about the Croatian name though but had no idea it was our national flower. Thank you!
    Now I learned something new.
    And thank you for organizing this, you made me realize I love iris perfumes.


    • Glad to be helpful :) What note should we address next year? ;)

      I discovered that “national flower” fact while preparing to these daily updates but then decided not to use it in case it was what you planned to use in your post. When you didn’t, I thought it was a nice introduction.
      Once again, thank you for hosting this day.


    • Thank you, Richard. I think by now I mastered all the tricks I could to catch Rusty for my posts’ pictures. I wish he could understand human speech better or form a more complex cause-and-effect relation: he would have probably stood on his tail if he could understand that it brings food as a reward. Oh, well…

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  8. Such a sweet photo of Rusty. I am wearing CdG Dot this morning to celebrate lunar new year of the year of the dog, as my sweet puppy girl’s name is Dot. Will switch later to my iris/vanilla scent of the day, PG Felanilla.


    • I’m soooo sorry about coffee (well, I understand your point about perfume but I can relate to coffee situation better ;) ). I hope, you won’t need to stay off coffee for too long and discover a perfectly priced vintage bottle at some point in your life (soon) or win a lottery.


  9. Day 16
    Happy Lunar New Year!
    Papillon Angelique

    Orris and mimosa, what’s not to love?

    I forgot to mention that I ❤️ Rusty and he looked particularly handsome while thinking about how he can get you back for tricking him into getting his picture taken. 🐱🐱🐱


    • Happy Lunar New Year! :)

      I’ll retry PA – I didn’t remember either iris or mimosa from my previous time.

      I can’t leave out any flowers: he tries to eat them (most of the flowers aren’t that harmless) or play with them (which results in water everywhere and sometimes broken vases). So he should better be cute when I allow him to play with my bouquets supervised ;)


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  11. Happy Saturday and happy 17th day in the Month of Irises. Today is also my name day :)

    I’m surprised to hear that VC&A Bois d’Iris is so short-lived on you. It was one of the first iris fragrances I bought and it smells all the way through the day on me.

    Anyways today is Prada Infusion d’Iris Cedre, a little riff on Infusion d’Iris but this one is tad more woody.


  12. Day 17
    Naomi Goodsir Iris Cendre

    I have a largish decant…another perfume that I should wear more often. I wore 1 spritz and it lasted pretty much the entire day. The perfume phoebe gave this a no so I will try my best not to annoy.


    • This is one of “maybes” on my list for this month (from the sample). I don’t remember how exactly I felt about it but something tells me that it was less than I expected based on reviews I read. We’ll see how it wears now.


  13. Checking in on Sunday, day 18.

    Today I picked the rarest iris perfume I have which is L’Artisan Parfumeur Iris Pallida. It was a limited edition launched in 2007 (omg, that’s 11 years ago!?) as a result of extremely successful harvest of iris that year. It’s my treasure but after learning my lesson I wear it more often now so that the perfume won’t turn bad before I finish the bottle.


    • I remember trying it many years ago and liking but it wasn’t easily available already so I just finished my small decant and didn’t try to hunt for a bottle. But you’re absolutely right to wear and enjoy it before it’s gone off.


      • LOL. Way way back, I was invited by my training program advisor to lunch at the Executive dining room. Back then, dressing conservatively in a very formal suit with shoes to match was important to impress. If you know me and my shoes and clothes buying habits, I tend to buy several of the same style in different colors. Well, the day of the lunch, I wore a suit and 2 inch heel pumps. I was horrified to discover that I accidentally wore 1 black pump and 1 dark blue pump. I hope no one noticed! Anyway, when I got home, I told myself, never again. I had the brilliant idea to write the initial letter of the colors on the underside of the shoes. Instead of just marking one pair (“B” for Black), I decided to mark the other pair as well (“B” for Blue) – not smart at all! I realized my mistake fairly quickly and thought I would add the second letter – “BL” for Black and “BL” for Blue. Eh, that didn’t work either. I finally decided to mark the blue ones “N” for Navy.


        • Ha! I had the same mix up with blue and black pumps once, too. Nobody noticed, or at least they didn’t say anything. After that I kept three pairs of back-up shoes at work in black, navy, and a neutral greig-y color.

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        • I didn’t realize it was such a common situation with mixing shoes. I have a story too, though it happened not to me but my mom’s friend (I was 5 or 6 y.o. and the one who noticed that mix-up attracted everyone’s attention :) ).

          I also buy things in different colors if I find something that is a good fit. I even buy “back-ups” in the same color ;)


  14. I am loving your month of iris postings, and I’m so glad this has been a banner birthday year for you :) Today’s scent is a drop of Chanel Cuir de Russie. I had always wanted someone to give me a fragrance. I’ve always bought my own. My father, who is pretty much terrified of dept stores, went to a small perfumery he knows I love, and he chose this for me. I was so unbelievably touched. I love this scent, and it stays on the skin for about 2 days. I can understand having a signature scent if it’s as potent and beautiful as this.

    Happy Sunday,

    Carole (and marmalade)


  15. Friday was Hiris. Saturday was Prada Les Infusions Iris Cedre which Lucas mentioned it over on NST.

    Today I’m enjoying Une Amourette from a sample that arrived over the weekend thanks to a fabulously generous perfumista. So far I love Une Amourette. The peppery, neroli, and iris-y facets are excellent. I hope the dry down is as good.

    Enjoyed the window shopping very much. The Franz vase with butterflies is my favorite from your selection.


    • You have a great taste: that vise is the most expensive in the set :)

      I plan to wear Hiris one of the upcoming days when I have a meeting in a small conference room – not to suffocate my co-workers. I had to look up Une Amourette, and now I know why it didn’t ring a bell: I’m not following EldO’s releases. But if it works for you, it’s great.


  16. Day 19 of Month of Irises.

    I managed to dig out from a pile of forgotten samples a vial of Houbigant Iris des Champs. I remembered it (from few years ago) as having more muguet which I don’t seem to detect so much when I wear it today. A nice surprise.

    I see you have mixed feelings about Belles Rives [scratches behind ear]


  17. Still with Arz el Rab as my nighttime scent…ginger, iris and cedarwood…this is a great bed time scent and definitely unisex.


  18. Wearing Une Amourette again today. Not a big iris, but very nice even so.

    The origami iris is pretty, that one is a classic paper fold. I will get out the origami paper this afternoon. :D

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  19. So enjoy your posts on month of irises – I’ve managed to wear two this month – Prada’s Infusion d’Iris and Chanel No. 19 Poudre … I must admit that even though I wear perfume everyday, and have a decent supply of perfume (more than most of my friends, but not nearly as many as you) – I generally go with “I like, I buy it” method rather than searching out new perfumes that contain a specific note or notes. I am pretty ignorant what the notes are in most of my bottles and I’m horrible about being able to pick up on what each note is in a particular I am sure that I have more in my collection that may have iris as a note but I just don’t realize it.

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    • Thank you, Juli. I’m glad you joined us in this project – whether you did it on purpose, or if it just happened to be that way.

      I do not seek notes purposefully, but since there are hundreds of perfumes, if I know that perfume has notes I like, I’m more likely to try it everything else being equal.

      I planned to wear one of my No 19 today, February 19, and forgot. I’ll see if I feel like going with No 19 Poudre tomorrow.


  20. Day 19
    Houbigant Iris des Champs

    Scent twin with Lucas. I admit to seeing his comment and remembering I have a sample of this in a nice metal atomizer, from a Bergdorf SA, no less! It is musky iris, low projection…it would make a good office scent except I have others I prefer to wear. If you want my sample, I would be happy to pass it along to you…perhaps you can wear it around the perfume grinch!

    Vanille d’Iris…now I have to wear this when it’s really cold but we are now headed to warmish weather (70 on Wednesday…this is so wrong!). Anyway, I am not giving this high hopes. When I first wore it, it was whisper thin and the vanilla barely registered, with both iris and vanilla lacking in body and substance. I would equate it to expecting a rich deep dark freshly ground and brewed coffee with cream but getting dollar store no brand instant coffee with skim milk instead.


    • I wouldn’t mind to get your sample at least a temporary home (since a package will be going my way at some point in the next two weeks :) ) but I can send it back to you after I try it (in the office ;) ).
      I rather like Vanille d’Iris than not (as an office-friendly scent if nobody has an adverse reaction to Iso E-Super) but for OJ’s price I would expect more: I don’t want a $3/ml perfume to whisper from the moment I apply it. I prefer to control the volume by the number of sprays.


  21. Day 20
    Chanel les Exclusifs 31 Rue Cambon EDT

    If 28 La Pausa is proper and elegant, 31RC is feisty and chic.

    BTW, I tried the origami Iris flower. Too many instructions to “squash” so my practice paper is squashed but looks like the end picture if you squint your eyes and pretend that the bits that are supposed to be pointy are.

    And speaking of origami, I learned how to make a decent paper boat at a very young age. One time our house took in a few inches of floodwater. My brother and I decided that we can each make a giant paper boat using newspaper and we can sing Row Row Row Your Boat as we pretend to row our way through the kitchen. Mistake No. 1: we were too big to fit on the boat (kids have no sense of proportions) and Mistake No. 2: paper is porous so our boats sank before we were able to maneuver to try to fit ourselves. I blamed my brother BUT, where was the adult supervision?

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    • I think I have a sample of it so I need to re-visit it: I don’t remember why I never finished even testing it (I think it’s because I don’t like numbers much – even from Chanel! :) ).

      I learned how to make more complex paper boat (well, it’s a ship, I think – like this one) when I was 8 or 9. And there were a couple more pieces we did – but other than that, I’ve never done origami until I bought a calendar set – origami per day. It was an interesting concept but some of those were too boring… I stopped within the first month ;) Now I’m using that set to practice my irises. I’ll make a picture tomorrow and share.


  22. 4C is still much more than we have here. Temperature below zero is a norm at the moment, around -5C at night but forecast says we might have -15C next week. Brr…

    I’m wearing Frederic Malle Iris Poudre. It’s okay but I don’t love it. Don’t need more of it in my life. Perhaps I’m affected by aldehydes of which I am not the greatest fan.


    • I hope your central heating works at those temperatures ;) (it’s not like I complained about the weather outside, rather about not being able to heat inside)

      Iris Poudre works great for me but it’s so much more feminine than many other perfumes that both you and I like that I’m not surprised it doesn’t do much for you.

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  23. Thanks to a sample draw at Perfume Posse last month I have 3 new irises to try to end the month. Today is Cire Trudon Bruma. Quite vegetal to start but has settled nicely. I dabbed lightly not knowing what to expect, when I get home from work I’m going to douse myself a bit more to really test it!


    • After hearing many praises for Bruma, I smelled it on paper at the store but wasn’t too impressed to get it on my skin there, and I couldn’t get a sample to take home. So maybe next time.


  24. Day 21
    Le Galion Iris

    Baby sister to Iris Silver Mist, has a sharper top note, not quite as rooty and does not last as long. It is a great spring / summer perfume. We got up to the 70s today which is all kinds of wrong for February! Temps will drop to the 50s tonight which will still feel balmy.


    • I meant to say I’m sorry you have to deal with the cold and a broken heater! I hope it got resolved today. Does Rusty get to curl up with you under the covers to keep warm? Ah, and my weather news is old – it is supposed to be in the low 40s during the day tomorrow and dip down to the 30s at night – just the way I like it!


      • The problem got resolved quickly but we had to spend last night with 2 oil heaters – one for our bedroom and one next to Rusty’s bed. Unfortunately, Rusty cannot be in our bedroom during the night: he eats plastic (and our walk-in closet doesn’t have a door). So he’s allowed into the bedroom only while we’re awake. That’s why we had to get an emergency heater from our friends last night, otherwise the only heater would have gone to Rusty :)


  25. I wore dabs of Iris Silver Mist last night and this morning. I enjoy ISM but have a difficult time imagining the smell if I were generously spritzing. Would it be too much scent? Or would the too-muchness make it even better. Hmmm. Before bed last night I splashed on some old L’air du Temps edt. It was glorious mixed with the remains of ISM.

    It’s inspiring to read everyone’s iris choices. As I was poking around the perfume blogs yesterday, I stumbled on a mention of Prada Infusion d’Homme. I don’t remember hearing about it before. I am intrigued, the Prada iris scents are so nice. Infusion d’Homme was released a year or so after Infusion d’Iris. I wish I had a perfume time machine so I could go back to 2008 and buy a bottle!


    • When I wore ISM sprayed (from a decant though) I don’t remember being overwhelmed. I’ll see what I think this time when I wear it.

      Why do you need a time machine? You’d have to pay a full price – and today you can get it from discounters. I haven’t heard about too awful reformulations of Prada’s scents.


      • You’re right, I should be brave and look for a bottle of Infusion d’Homme. I hesitate because Infusion d’Iris was subtly changed over the years, no surprise there, and I think it’s the vetiver note that I have to watch out for. In the older bottles it’s wonderful, in the newer bottles of Infusions scents, the vetiver note goes to an herbal dill place I do not enjoy. Only way to find out is to try! :D


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