Happy Halloween 2017!

Halloween 2017

Happy Halloween to all who celebrates (and those who don’t – you should: it’s a fun holiday!).

We’re having a Mad Tea-Party tomorrow in the office. I’ll be wearing a Zorro hat (hats are the theme) and a combination of Jo Malone Earl Grey & Cucumber and Sweet Milk (it’s more a story than a review – for those who weren’t around 6 years ago).

What are you wearing this Tuesday – related to Halloween or not?


24 thoughts on “Happy Halloween 2017!

  1. Aaaargh! Vampire Cat!!

    Haven’t decided what to wear …. in theory the ideal perfume would be Etro’s Messe de Minuit, but I don’t think I actually like it … Perhaps my imagination plays tricks on me, but I feel I can detect whiffs of an opened grave and its inhabitant when I wear this. Appropriate but unpleasant, tee hee!

    Will probably put on my last drops of vintage Guerlain’s Chant d’Aromes parfum extrait – not at all spooky but it’s what I wore on a Halloween many years ago so it has associations with the festival in my mind; I have a memory of the very young me wearing this as I brushed my hair by candlelight looking in the mirror to see if the reflection of the man I would marry would appear behind me. I didn’t – just as well!

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    • Well, no matter how appropriate it would be, I wouldn’t probably want to smell like an open grave :)

      I have somewhere a drop or two of Chant d’Aromes, so I’ll revisit it soon but I should probably skip mirrors, candlelight and other witchcraft: I see enough things that aren’t there looking at myself in the mirror sometimes, I don’t need more scary images ;)


  2. Hahaha, Rusty looks horrific! But fab – as always! I remember when I read about Sweet Milk, I went on a loooong search about the right condensed milk here (сгущенка, isn’t it?). Well, now there is a variety of condensed milk brands, but I am not tempted. However, sometimes I make pastry with dulce de lecce when it comes handy! Wearing Poivre Piquant since yesterday. Not a typical ‘terrific’ (or more like terrifying) perfume, but tell me – which one is, and would I really want to wear it? Halloween is not an official holiday here, but people seem to have adopted it to our environment and …well, pumpkins all around!

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    • I do not eat “сгущенка” (very good! I almost forgot this word :) ) any longer but I still like it in some baked goods and added to coffee.
      I’ve never tried Poivre Piquant so no comment there. As to the terrifying perfume, for me it would be anything with strong tuberose :)


    • I can’t believe it! They’ve started celebrating Halloween in so many countries where it wasn’t native, that I’m surprised Poland didn’t adopted it as well.
      Oliver Durbano is one of the brands with which I’m not familiar. I think you reviewed something from them but in general – do you like this brand?


      • It is adoptem but is celebrated by a very little group of people. It’s because All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day are deeply rooted in our culture.
        In general Olivier Durbano is not my thing because all of his perfumes are heavy on the incense, resins and balms, which is not my favorite fragrance group

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    • It was a great party, we all enjoyed it. But I was so relieved when I could take down the mask and the heat: it was a little too warm in the office even before I had tea.


  3. Oh, Rusty with those vampire teeth!!!!! Mwah ha ha – he’s the best!

    Not Halloween-like at all, but I’ll be wearing my sample of Puredistance Warszawa so that I can think about writing about it. Then maybe later tonight I’ll put on some Donna Karan Black Cashmere, which is rather bewitching. ;-)

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    • My sample is waiting for “unboxing” on a weekend, so that I could take pictures of Rusty with daylight while he’s examining a new arrival – just in case I decide to write about it later :)


  4. We have some folks dressing up in our office. The best costume so far is a woman in a Danaerys Targarian robe and wig with a little bearded dragon lizard with dragon wings on his back. Great costume! Khalesi and her dragon…

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    • It does sound like a great costume!

      We has only hats in our office but it was still fun. And some of the neighbors in the office complex had more elaborate costumes, which I got to enjoy on my way in and out the building as I was preparing to our party.


  5. Love your Happy Halloween pic, Undina! Rusty is looking most fierce. Halloween has only caught on in South Africa in the last few years. Social media is definitely a big influence in this. I’m going to sound like the Halloween Grinch by saying I won’t be celebrating it. Gosh, I feel terrible just typing that when I see all the posts about it. I will be watching a good film tonight and wearing Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Mimosa while I am it. Enjoy!

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    • Well, Halloween isn’t a holiday for a solemn contemplation or quiet intimate celebration. So if in your surroundings nobody celebrates it, it would have been strange if you did it on your own :)

      Many years ago I used to love Green Tea but I’ve never tried any of the flankers. I don’t remember seeing the brand around in the stores – or I would have tried it otherwise.


      • I tried EA White Tea earlier this year. The first time I had properly tried an Elizabeth Arden fragrance and was impressed by its elegant simplicity. Green Tea Mimosa is also worth checking out. A fresh and summery scent that’s very enjoyable to wear. R

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  6. Rusty with his teeth beared is a perfect Hallowe’en image! I am testing Become the Shaman on one wrist and Habibi on the other, both by DSH. Completely random choices. The Hallowe’en phenomenon has got very big over here – even the sales staff in my local supermarket were all in costume. I nearly jumped out of my skin at the sight of their bloody make up. Growing up in Northern Ireland in the ’60s, Hallowe’en was the autumn date we celebrated with fireworks and toffee apples, and maybe the odd pumpkin lantern, while the British had their Guy Fawkes on November 5th, which was when they let off fireworks. In 1968 fireworks were banned in N Ireland due to the Troubles, but that is by the by. The thing is, Hallowe’en didn’t exist on the mainland of the UK when I was growing up, and now it has gone bananas, with lots of gory costumes, even for children, and the whole trick or treat thing, which I am not a fan of, as I am not of any door-to-door soliciting. So sorry, I guess I am another Hallowe’en refusenik like Richard above. Who just taught me the word ‘Grinch’! :) But Ii do hope you have a fun tea party. Very apt choice of layered(!) lipsticks.

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    • Every year we prepare for trick-or-treaters but we always get much less kids than we have candies because of the strange location of our house. So over years I started buying only candies that I like myself – dark chocolate and truffles, so whatever is left after the evening will not be wasted (though, if I want to stay “waisted,” maybe next year I should reconsider my approach :) ).

      Rusty was a perfect vampire model for that postcard – and he was handsomely rewarded for that. In the following two days he killed most of those pumpkins.


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