Mary Greenwell Plum Giveaway Winner

Either most of my readers live not in the U.S., or everybody got all the Plum they bear, but I got just two entries for the giveaway.

It was easy for Rusty to choose the winner, and it happened so fast that I wasn’t able to take a picture of the process. But at least I managed to catch his tail seconds before he completely lost interest in my photo session and ran away.

Rusty and Mary Greenwell Plum

But probably at least a couple of people are curious as to who’s the winner.


Please contact me with your shipping address (Rusty played with my travel spray; yours is still in a shrink wrap).

crystesmom, if you’d like to get the remaining 2.5 ml of my Plum sample (and a couple more samples to keep it company), please send me your shipping address as well.

Image: my own


9 thoughts on “Mary Greenwell Plum Giveaway Winner

  1. I can’t believe I missed this!!!…I never miss your blog,but was so uncomforttabe,with a darn MINOR injury,I wasn’t even online////All is well,and am standing by for your next givaway…LOLLOL


  2. Undina,

    For some insane reason, my email is not allowing me to send out mail although I am able to receive it. I wanted to thank you for your generosity regarding this giveaway. As I am still fairly new to the niche and independent perfumers, I am interested in trying as many as possible. I had seen Mary Greenwell mentioned a few times on the fragrance blogs, but have never smell any of her scents. I am also not that familiar with the Plum note as used in perfumery so I am very much looking forward to trying it. I am about to do something that I probably should not do on a public forum by giving you my mailing address in this comment for the whole world to see. I have no other way to relay it to you at this time If you know of any way to delete it from the post after you have it, I would appreciate it; if not, I’ll just have to accept the risk. So here goes:


    Thank you again, and you should know that I have fallen in love with your blog since discovering it!


  3. I think Rusty WANTED you to take a picture of that gorgeous tail. I seem to recall another picture of the fluffy tail in all its glory perhaps two years ago and you mentioned that it gets fluffier when it gets colder. He is such a show-off and I love him for it :-)

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