A Postcard from Rusty: Happy Valentine’s Day 2016!

Happy Valentines Day 2016
I’m positive Rusty wasn’t just using this opportunity to sit on the table where he’s allowed only for taking pictures but wanted to send the best wishes for all of you, whose compliments earned him at least a couple of packets of treats over the years.

I join him to wish you happiness – and not only on this arbitrary assigned day.


22 thoughts on “A Postcard from Rusty: Happy Valentine’s Day 2016!

  1. Wishing you and your vSO and Rusty a very Happy Valentine’s Day! What a splendid tail he has.

    And like thinkingmagpie, I am impressed at the lithe athleticism of the orchid, perfectly marking the occasion. It must have been limbering up for months before striking this heart-shaped pose! ;)


  2. Oh wow – how beautiful is Rusty – much love to this very handsome fluffy one (and his tail) on Valentines day. I am so jealous of your orchid, they just don’t grow for me at all. :0( Love, Patsi


  3. I was so mesmerized by Rusty’s tail I didn’t even notice the orchid in the shape of a heart until mentioned by magpie and Vanessa. Happy Valentine’s Day to you and yours, Undina!


    • Thank you, Suzanne!
      We were just visiting Lynmar winery a couple of days ago and talking what a great time we had there with you.
      Rusty’s tail is grand and he carries it proudly.


  4. Thank you, you too! Rusty is SO photogenic and poses perfectly. That picture with him looking over his shoulder and fluffy tail gorgeously displayed, perfect!


    • That pose is the easiest to catch him in: he actually doesn’t like when I take his pictures and keeps turning away. So I point, focus on his tail and wait until his curiosity or some noise make him turn. I have many pictures with him in the exactly same pose.


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