Small Things that Brighten Life: The Beautiful Duck(ling)

Since most of my readers were there for the first post in this series, I won’t repeat the detailed explanation of the idea behind (if you missed it, you can quickly scant the first couple of paragraphs here). I just want to mention that today I fight the negativity bias with a non-perfume-related post.

Not far from where I live there is an artificial pond. Despite it being a man-made body of water, many wild birds made it into their habitat. There are stilts, mallards, Canada geese and today I even saw four pelicans. I don’t know what they all find to eat in that pond but it looks like they feel quite happy.

Six or seven months ago I noticed an unusual group of three ducks: a couple of mallards (male and female) and a white domestic duck. There are more mallards in the pond and they all keep more or less close. But this trio is almost always together. I didn’t know in which relationships these three were (Are they of the same age? Or was it a case of a mistaken egg identity?), so my vSO and I just came up with a story that this white duck ran away from a farm where he would be raised for meat and joined the free flock. He seems content with his choice.

Three Friends

Every day, as I drive by on my way to work, I try to spot them because seeing that white domestic duck “in the wild”, completely out-of-place but happy, feels strangely comforting: everybody might get a chance to find the right place for themselves, the right surroundings – no matter how incongruous it might seem for those looking from the passing car.


Image: my own


27 thoughts on “Small Things that Brighten Life: The Beautiful Duck(ling)

  1. Undina, sorry I’m late in telling you this (I was away on vacation when you posted it), but your trio of ducks are very cute. I guess we could say that seeing them makes you feel ducky, yeah? :-)


    • You’re so sweet, thank you.
      Since I posted the story I see him every day (missed him just once) – and every time now it feels even better because I got to share the story with all of you.


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