Rusty has chosen the Winner

It took me a while to get results for the draw I offered in my 300th post. Not that I expected more people to respond (I rarely get any comments after 3-4 days) or didn’t have time to write this post (I am busy but not that busy). The challenge was to prepare everything for the draw itself: even though we’re now at the longest days in the year and I come home when it’s still daylight, the lighting in my house at that time isn’t good enough to take pictures of a quickly moving cat. And during a weekend something else came up and I couldn’t do it either.

But today I had a day off, so finally everything’s come together and Rusty and I did it:

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And the winner is …

Surprise Draw Winner

Abigail, please send me your shipping address and I’ll try my best in guessing 5 perfumes you haven’t tried yet.


22 thoughts on “Rusty has chosen the Winner

    • I take all the credits for these pictures: it took me a lot of planning and organizing to put it all together for those 30 seconds before Rusty’s attention completely shifted away :) If I could explain to him that there were treats for doing what I want him to do, he would have done it! He’d do almost anything for food. Unfortunately, any less direct variations of the cause and effect concept are almost completely lost on him.


  1. A very belated congratulations on your 300th post Undina!

    Well done Abigail.

    V is right – those are perfectly posed pics! Rusty deserves a treat :)


    • You know, poodle, he’s almost like a dog! He plays “fetch” with pieces of folded paper. He does several commands: “Sit”, “Down”, “Paw”, “Up”, “Jump”. He even comes when I call him (though I had to have a treat for that to work :) )

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  2. There’s some serious cuteness going on here. Rusty is looking pretty svelte and he absolutely deserves a treat. That lettuceeaf (?) prop looks really nice, too!

    P.S. Maybe we’ll find out later that Rusty wrote this post! Mwahahahaha.


    • Rusty got a treat in your name :) I caught him once or twice playing with the keyboard but since it resulted in a couple of keys missing, I started locking my notebook when I’m not using it. Otherwise I wouldn’t be surprised if he learned how to solicit treats.

      It’s not a lettuce leaf – it’s a tulip petal!


  3. Congrats to Abigail, and I wish she wrote a guest post whether your choice, Undina, was right, close or out-of-the-blue! Rusty is gorgeous as always! Did you train him do that? I love the leaf bowl, as well!


    • Thank you, Lyubov.
      Since Abigail has a blog she might decide to do a post there – and I’ll give a link to the post then (though, of course, she’s welcome with a guest post here as well).

      As I mentioned above in my comment to hajusuuri, it’s not a leaf – it’s a tulip petal. It’s more obvious in RL than on a picture.


  4. Gosh, you weren’t kidding when you said Rusty would pick the winner! (Super cute!!) Congrats to Abigail and congrats to you again on your 300th post, Undina.


  5. Wow, I definitely didn’t expect this!!!! I’m sorry for my belated reply — I’ve been traveling. Thank you so much, Undina (and Rusty ;) And thank you for the congratulations, everyone :) I agree with you all that Rusty is adorable


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