A Postcard from Undina: Miss you

Rusty and Bouquet

I realize that nobody is holding their breath waiting for a post from me so this postcard isn’t so much to inform you that I’m hopelessly busy and will post as soon as I have both something to say and strength left to work on saying that but rather to share that I miss you.

How is your year so far? Is it better, worse or the same as usual in terms of free time?

With love,


Image: my own

40 thoughts on “A Postcard from Undina: Miss you

  1. it’s been a crazy few weeks! If i had a blog id have disappeared too.. lol.. so take care and we look forward to hearing from you!
    And a treat for Rusty as a reward for his ultra-photogenic cuteness. Such a poser! :)


  2. I hope things calm down soon! I’ve been utterly exhausted as we recently took a grueling 14 hour trip from Maryland to Washington to visit my family. it was tough with a teething baby and little sleep. Hopefully the next couple of weeks will be relaxing though! Looking forward to your next post, whenever you are ready!


  3. Oh I miss you, dearest Undina :-) I’m helping my sister and family move on Saturday (OK, I’m just there to guard their valuables) and then on Sunday, there is an implementation I need to monitor just for a short period smack in the middle of the day which really disrupts the whole day if you ask me.

    Dear Rusty is soooooooo adorable!


    • Thank you, dear hajusuuri. This weekend I’m trying not to do anything what I do not have to and get as much rest as possible.

      I thought that this picture of Rusty was especially endearing.


  4. Hey girlie, you think I’m not holding my breath? ;-) Well, I am, but don’t panic, because for you and Rusty I can hold it for a long time. Will still be here when your schedule clears.

    I think the new year might be kicking everyone’s butt except Rusty’s. He looks rico suave, as usual. Meow!


  5. Even though I don’t comment often (hardly ever) I have missed your posts, Undina!
    This year has been very busy for me as well. Much less spare time. Thank you for the beautiful photo/postcard.


  6. Gorgeous Rusty with a gorgeous bouqet! Miss you, and being busy, too! ;) Starting a new job in another city, and you can imagine all the clutter accompanying that…Oh, well, my perfumes will be traveling a lot…


    • Thank you, Lubov. Good luck with your new job and take good care of perfumes if you’re moving them. When we were moving I brought all my perfumes to the new place myself, not trusting movers.


  7. Saying hi! :)
    In terms of being busy, it’s a bit busier than usual but I think it’s mostly because I didn’t take the time to properly manage my time and schedule. As I’m quite busy to take the time to think about better time management. ;)


  8. Seems like free time is hard to come by for lots of folks lately. When I do have a moment I just want to catch up on sleep. I’ve missed your posts but I know when you are able to you’ll be back. Thanks for the quick post and the Rusty picture.


  9. So much for work calming down after Christmas. Poor you. Lovely to have you checking in though don’t put pressure on yourself to post (or comment elsewhere for that matter). Save your precious free-time for Rusty and your vSO.

    My year so far has whizzed by. Cannot believe I am off to Vienna tomorrow!

    Hope things calm down for you soon.


  10. I have been checking for new posts since the lovely H. introduced me to your blog some time ago. I’m totally in love with Rusty, and I’m not even a cat person. How do you keep him so clean? (I have a dog, and cleanliness isn’t one of their attributes.) :-)


  11. What a nice postcard! That’s quite a cool looking bouquet and a great pic of Rusty, of course. Hope you get a break soon to come back and discuss whatever is on your mind! I’m trying to get back into the habit of updating regularly too.


    • I hope it’s a “good move” – the one that you want to make rather than have to. I feel like we took some of your heat so as the result you got a cold winter and we got the hot one. And none of us is happy with the weather :)


  12. Well, then you realise wrong, Undina, the Looking Glass posts are always something special to look forward too. I am sorry that you are still so busy, I truly hope it gets better soon.
    It looks like Rusty is pretty pleased with the fact that the flowers have been chosen in order to match his fur. Gorgeous as always.


    • Thank you, Asali, I appreciate your kind words. I hope to get back to my “regular” posting schedule – at least 3-4 times per month soon. But it’s good to know that I’m missed too.

      Rusty definitely thinks that everything that is happening in our house is happening for him and his amusement and doesn’t understand when I do not allow him to eat my flowers, for example. This bouquet stayed where it is on the picture for only as long as it took me to take those pictures (and, maybe, drink a cup of coffee). After that it was hidden away from Rusty in the bedroom.


      • I shall be looking forward to you resuming regular posting schedule, but all in your own time of course. And as for Rusty, well, are you telling me it isn’t ? ;-) It’s what I love about cats.

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  13. Like Suzanne, I am also holding my breath, but can do so for as long as it takes. Don’t make blogging another stressor on top of what you are already dealing with. You do need time out for family and RL friends as well, as Tara says. Me, I am under the weather at the moment just as the work situation is picking up, which is a nuisance, but it will pass I am sure – like your mega busy phase, I hope.


    • I miss you the least ;) because I can read your updates in FB so I usually know what happens in your life. But with many others, especially with those that don’t have blogs, it’s harder: if I disappear from here, it feels like an unexpected vacuum in communications. But you’re right, I keep reminding myself that it’s OK to concentrate on more pressing matters than writing a post. I just hope to get over these times eventually and get back to my happy place. Then everything else will come naturally.


  14. That is the cutest cat picture I have seen in a long time! Thank you Undina and Rusty, whose golden coat perfectly matches the marigold in the flowers. I hope you have a chance to catch your breath sometime soon :)


    • Thank you, Nemo. I don’t know what attracted Rusty in the bouquet but he was rubbing his face all over it and it looked very amusing. I’m glad that I caught it on camera: believe it or not, he doesn’t like when I take pictures of him so it’s a trick to be ready to snap a photo in the first several minutes, sometimes even seconds, after he discovers something new – until he lost his interest or realizes that I’m shooting him and starts turning his back on me.


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