A Postcard from Undina: A Smile a Day… (but may I still keep the Doctor)?

Yesterday Hugh Laurie (aka Dr. House) told me: “You smell great.


Ha! How great would that have been if I could just stop right there? Of course, he didn’t tell it to me personally. While opening his concert with The Copper Bottom Band at the outdoor stage of the Montalvo Arts Center at Saratoga, Hugh Laurie said referring to performing in the daylight (citing from memory):

You have no idea how unnerving it is being able to look out and see all your faces. Not that you have unnerving faces — not at all. In fact, you are uniformly chiseled and well moisturized. And you smell great.

Hugh Laurie at Villa Montalvo

I would love to say that Fleur de Chine by Tom Ford that I wore has contributed to the collective perfumed aura at the concert but in reality the wonderful aroma that filled up the evening was coming from a couple of big linden trees in bloom. It was … breathtaking.

House M.D. is one of my all-time favorite TV shows. And the main reason I went to the concert was to see Hugh Laurie live. I got much more than I expected: the concert was glorious and Mr. Laurie was charming, witty and scintillating. He plays piano and guitar, sings, dances tango and drinks whiskey (he said he’d invented the tradition for the band: mid-concert they were served a shot of whiskey – right on stage).

If all that weren’t enough for me to be completely enchanted by the artist, there was more: during the concert Hugh Laurie made my vSO laugh several times (which doesn’t happen too often!). Also he invited me for a dance of Argentine tango… Wait… That part wasn’t real. I went to bed thinking about the concert and this post and in my dream Hugh Laurie and I just happened to be at the same milonga. Cabeceo, I nodded, he smiled – and we started dancing. None of it – dancing or dreaming about people I do not know – happens to me too often. But that was how much that performance influenced me. See the tango that made such a strong impression on me (video isn’t mine):


Image: my own


31 thoughts on “A Postcard from Undina: A Smile a Day… (but may I still keep the Doctor)?

  1. I love Hugh Laurie. And House was brilliant. Fry and Laurie were great favourites years ago. I still love Steven Fry too! Great post Undina!! xxxx


  2. I used to have a massive crush on Hugh Laurie way back when – wrote him a fan letter and everything. ;) How great to see him live and I am sure your perfume would have contributed to the deliciously scented ambience.


  3. Undina, you lucky girly! Both to see Hugh Laurie and then to dream of doing the tango with him. He is seriously scrumptious – thanks for sharing him with us. ;-)

    p.s. I dragged my feet on this, but Mark talked me into taking ballroom dancing lessons and I’m glad he did. We are on our second week of learning the American Rumba, and it’s been really fun!


  4. Brilliant! I first thought you were going with Doctor Who (a favorite show and character) and then was delighted you meant House whom I think was quirkier in a more realistic way! It’s so nice you were able to see him Live in Concert and that you shared it with us.


  5. I am a big fan of him, too, and really glad you got to go see his show! It looks like a lot of fun (held at a winery?). I hope your back gets better soon so you can get back to tango.


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    • As I don’t have Hulu subscription now, I haven’t seen it yet. I will at some point. I tried watching the Night Manager (I think that was the name) but I like him so much that I caught myself not taking him seriously as a bad guy and sympathizing with him – which was wrong :) So I just stopped watching.


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