Winner of the Secret Draw

I like solving puzzles and I use the opportunity Bouquets to Art exhibitions give me to bring some fun to those of my readers who are like me. As everybody (who ventured a guess) figured it out, the bouquet in question was Willard Metcalf Winter’s Festival (I noticed that you all tried to drop that apostrophe, I have no idea why it’s there but I checked – that’s the name of the painting).

Willard Metcalf Winter's Festival

For many reasons I didn’t want to entice anybody to participate in the riddle by offering something in return but secretly I planned to have a draw for a prize (if there were to be more than one participant).

Here’s the result of the draw (please notice that it’s the second draw in which the winner is the original #1 on the list!)

Secret Draw Results

Tara, I will contact you to arrange a 5 ml decant of perfume of your choice from my collection.


Images: my own


9 thoughts on “Winner of the Secret Draw

  1. How lovely to hold a secret draw, Undina. Thanks so much but it’s so hard – if not impossible – to get perfume to and from the UK now i’d be more than happy for my prize to go to Suzanne.


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