Laughs, Lemmings, Loves – Episode 36


It was long time since I had Internet connection that bad so it’s a miracle I was able to both read those posts that made me laugh, brought up some lemmings or reviewed perfumes I love and make this post. But I was persistent. By the end of the week I’ll be back to civilization and will tell you more about my time without a high-speed Internet.

Bad Internet Connection


Juraj (BL’eauOG) makes a new perfume Monsieur by Huitieme Art Parfums sound like something I might like: It’s a gentle perfume that opens with the dry woody notes and prickling patchouly. It has the “boozy” atmosphere like from some alcohol. Vetiver, cedar and patchouly are most dominant in the beginning but later on, it transforms into the warm and gentle scents of sandalwood, papyrus and oakmoss. After the dry, woody start, it has the feeling of a small river through the wood.



I wasn’t sure where to put Natalie’s (Another Perfume Blog) review of my favorite Black Vetiver Café by Jo Malone. If you haven’t read it, spend a minute (it’s a very short one) – it’ll give you a smile if not laugh. (UPD: APB is closed)


Simone (+ Q Perfume Blog) published a funny and light hearted post on perfumes for dogs: I wonder if Marc Jacobs would also sue Harris if he made his dog version of DOT…it would be cool to see a Dalmatian advertising the doggy version DOT!



Sigrun (Riktig Parfym) reviews Angélique Noire by Guerlain. It’s not her cup of tea but you might be interested to read her take on it – weather both if you know and like this perfume or have never tried it: After about half an hour most of the initial pear and citrus has morphed into a huge honey note, all thick, sweet and drizzled over a massive custard-y vanilla base. As my father in law is a beekeeper, I’m thinking they really should do a vanilla spiked honey. Just imagining it over yogurt makes me all happy dreamy. My decant, which I enjoy immensely, came from Kafka who, even though acknowledging this perfume’s quality, just couldn’t stand it.


The Perfumed Dandy (The Perfumed Dandy) reviews Bottega Veneta by Bottega Veneta: An irresistibly, undeniably pretty perfume just on the cusp of being truly beautiful.
One can imagine Audrey Hepburn wearing it between breaking through as “Gigi” on Broadway and Hollywood stardom dressed by Hubert de Givenchy.



19 thoughts on “Laughs, Lemmings, Loves – Episode 36

  1. I’ve bought doggie perfumes before. The boys used to have one called Bono which was a version of Polo, Greta had versions of Giorgio and J’adore. I also had one called Baby Dog which smelled like baby powder.


  2. Thank you for your mention, and speaking of cups of tea, I managed to score some dried Angelica root in a health food store. Apparently it used in herbal tea blends and it’s supposed to aid digestion, so now I’m planning to do some further exploration of the note :)


  3. That is real devotion to the cause to be blogging on your holidays – despite the frustrations of a dodgy internet connection to boot. Sounds like you are in the wilderness after all..? ;-)

    Those dog perfumes are just too funny – I remember being taken aback to learn that Lyn Harris had done a bespoke scent for a dog.

    I am surprised Kafka doesn’t like Angelique Noire – just as much as I am surprised to find I do – a lot. Now Sigrun has got me thinking about a delicious vanilla flavoured honey…. ;-)


  4. Hey U.!

    First of all – thank you! :)
    I am happy I’ve made until lemmings… I wondered if I’ll ever be! :)
    You know the raspberryies we talked about? Or some other fruit? I am now considering some cake :) I am sure that Monsieur on the feminine skin would go even softer. I love that perfume.. I was wearing it with my white shirt and black tie… I felt very monsieurish :)


  5. I hope you enjoyed the break, including the break from internet. Thanks for the link, even though it was bad comments for a perfume you like. ;)


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