A Postcard from Undina: More Love From Sonoma

Cat & Dog Wine Tasting

The weekend was great: warm, sunny and just perfect for a quick visit to Sonoma. The hardest part was not to wear any perfume: I had a hankering for vanilla perfumes recently, which were completely inappropriate for a wine tasting. But now I’m back and waft happily Spiritueuse Double Vanille (I need to get a decant of it!). My internal batteries and our wine cabinet got recharged but I’m hopelessly behind my blogs reading. But if you’re reading this I want to let you know: I’ll get to all of your posts.

Have a productive and fragrant week!




Image: a picture I took at one of the wineries. I think this is her site though I couldn’t find this picture anywhere online.


22 thoughts on “A Postcard from Undina: More Love From Sonoma

  1. I envy you the Indian summer weather – it’s perishing here… And you are so lucky having Sonoma on your doorstep! My local wine outlets are pretty much just supermarkets – we don’t even have an off-licence anymore.


    • Wait… What do you mean “Indian summer”? It’s just a regilar September weather! Our Indian summer will come in October ;)

      Come visiting: we’ll take you to our favorite wineries.


  2. It sounds lovely! I miss Sonoma, and the Russian River Valley area in particular. Which wineries did you visit and/or buy stuff from? Any stuff from Stag’s Leap? Let me live vicariously. :)


    • This weekend we went to Sonoma, we didn’t visit Napa. But, in general, most times when we go we visit boutique wineries with less than 10K cases/year production. We go to “big guys” usually only to see grounds.
      The best place (wine-wise) out of those we visited yesterday was Ty Caton. Ledson‘s fake castle looked impressive but we tasted enough by that time so we decided to try it another time.


  3. Enjoy your time in Sonoma! I had such a wonderful visit there a few years ago. It was around Christmas, but the weather was beautiful. We did some wine tasting, of course. Looking forward to your stories once you’re back.


    • December in Sonoma is just a perfect time: it’s off season so there are not that many tourists but the weather is still great. We usually try to do one of our yearly trips in the first half of December.


  4. It doesn’t allow me to reply directly… My latest post was about Monsieur and contemporary society. You can take a look what I wrote about it. Huitieme art is about unusual scents, that’s why it has the name “Huitieme Art” :) I think that those scents need to be understood a bit… like almost every Pierre’s creation…

    I will get samples in November and I can send some of them to you!


    • Usually 5 levels comments nesting is enough but I should probably increase it :)

      I do not mind “working” on a perfume as an excercise (e.g. I keep testing again and again Chanel No 5 and Shalimar waiting for the revelation) but with those perfumes I usually do not go farther than just a sample. A perfume that I want to wear should work forme from the first, maybe second try.

      Since I stopped buying samples until I’m done testing those I’ve already got (never?), if you get extra samples of the line I’d love to do an exchange with you. Just drop me a line when – and we’ll figure out what I can send you.


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