Entertaining Statistics: August 2013


August was just perfect: there were several warm days to get some summer feeling but it was never really hot to be unpleasant.

You, my readers, helped me with this month’s statistics. I asked you about your perfume application habits and here’s the quick compilation of the answers to two questions I posed:

1) Do you apply perfume symmetrically (e.g. both wrists or décolletage – it’s still symmetrical even though it’s just one spot) or asymmetrically (e.g. just one wrist, one side of the neck or one ankle)? A single asymmetrical point makes the entire application asymmetrical.

Out of 23 people who took part in the survey 19 (83%) applied perfumes symmetrically and only 4 (17%) admitted to using perfumes asymmetrically (but all for a good reason!).

Stats August 20132) What is the spot that usually gets the first spray?

No matter how carefully I try to pose the question I can never get a straight answer from the respondents. So after all the efforts I had to combine answers for left/right sides since I couldn’t get several people to confirm their choices.

Stats August 2013The most popular first spot is a wrist – 11 people (50%) start applying perfumes there (7 to the left wrist, 1 to the right and 3 undecided). 5 people (23%) apply perfumes to the side of their neck first – 2 to the right, 2 to the left and 1 undefined. 4 (18%) start with chest/décolletage. One person (5%) starts with the back of her neck and one (5%) steps into the sprayed mist making her hair the spot #1. It makes it up to 22 people and one, Lanier of the Scents Memory left it at “I always apply perfume where I want to be kissed.” I’ve decided better not to guess.


Image: my own


25 thoughts on “Entertaining Statistics: August 2013

  1. Ha Ha Ha! Lanier is naughty, and also wrong, perfume tastes AWFUL!! There are few things more of a turnoff than going for a kiss or nibble and getting a mouthful of scent. BLAH!
    Otherwise excellent stats, I thought chest was most people’s first landing point, wrist? Interesting indeed.
    Portia xx


    • That’s probably because we’re being selfish: it’s much easier to steal a sniff of the perfume when it’s on your wrist… or if one has a really standing out chest ;)


  2. Yay for the wrists! I have to say I love that body part. Especially on a man … seeing that bit of skin between the cuff of his dress shirt and his hand. But then again, toes! (For some people. Apparently not perfume people). ;)

    Thanks for the entertainment, Undina!


  3. “No matter how carefully I try to pose the question I can never get a straight answer from the respondents.”

    This sums up the last 30 years of my working life, hehe. ;-)

    Then as a ‘first neck sprayer’ I was intrigued to learn I am not typical. Hmm, shall I change my spritzing MO at this late stage…? Oh, I loved the assymetrical / symmetrical graphic!


    • Thank you, Vanessa. About the graphic – it’s one of those with which I feel proud I thought of doing it this way.

      I also noticed that at work: there are no words that can prompt people to follow instructions. Ever :)


  4. Great compilation. Perfume habits researched and documented – you know I love your work being a spreadsheeter myself (on other types of data). There should be further enquiry Undina into this asymmetrical usage. Will it have increased by this time next year? Let’s find out then, here.


    • Well… If more respondents have a kid in between now and then or change their hair style… or develop carpal tunnel syndrom and require a better wrist support – then definitely we’ll see a change in perfume-wearing habits.


    • You ARE special :)

      While I was using mostly mainstream perfumes I used to play with that “step into the cloud” application method. But with my newer loves I just cannot bring myself to “waising” perfume spraying it in the air.


  5. As interesting as usual! I also really like the graphic that matches your header. Did you have this post in mind and ask her to draw that for you as well? If so, that is impressive foresight!


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