A Postcard from Undina: From Point Reyes with Love

From Point Reyes With Love

It was a wonderful almost summer weekend in Point Reyes, Northern California: it’s so strange that right now there are still places covered with snow.

That heart-shaped patch of shrubs that I saw from the window of the house where we were celebrating our friend’s birthday was just a perfect backdrop for the perfect event. I hope Spring comes soon to everybody who’s waiting for it. Stay warm!

With Love,


30 thoughts on “A Postcard from Undina: From Point Reyes with Love

  1. Snow all around here, so we will enjoy your ‘almost summer’ vicariously. If it was almost 10C I would be delighted, instead of -1C, apparently! Have fun with your friends. ;-)


  2. Gorgeous photo. Sounds like a lovely weekend.

    Thanks for your good wishes to all of us still waiting for Spring. Parts of the UK are under 18ft of snow and more is forecast for Good Friday. It’s nice to know it’s arrived somewhere :)


    • Thank you, Jordan!
      First I didn’t plan to mention it but then realized that it was not that noticeable until you saw it for the first time. And then, you’re right, you can’t miss it.


  3. Thank you for a card. Looks like you had a good time. There’s still plenty of snow where I live, don’t know if we’ll get some green for Easter but the temperatures are slowly rising so there’s a chance it won’t be white at least.


  4. Dear Undina
    What a lovely card.
    And what a lovely heart – strangely like that on a pack of playing cards.
    Sunshine ans snow sounds like a not too shabby combination….
    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy


  5. Nice picture, Undina. Considering that we were supposed to get snow the last few days and didn’t…I will count my blessing, specially in these days leading up to Easter.

    I have wonderful memories of my grandmother organizing Easter Egg hunts for the grandkids — 20+ screaming kids running all over a landscaped garden with strategically placed ginormous flowerpots and planters taller than some of us – oh yes, we knew where the prizes were hidden!


    • No snow for Easter? I don’t know how you’ll manage! ;)

      I love joyful traditions regardless of what religion or national origin those have. And I think it’s great when kids have those fond memories from their childhood.


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