Laughs, Lemmings, Loves – Episode 27


It was a great week: warm and sunny weather (though for my vSO it’s a negative thing since he’s concerned about the drought), a lot of great food and wonderful time spent with my family and friends (including a perfumista friend – which was an extra treat).

I tried to catch up reading the blogs on my Reading List but I still have some posts to go through. I laughed a lot in the real life but didn’t find (or remember) anything for my Laughs section. Lemmings are still in a turkey coma so just a couple of lackadaisical ones are leisurely looking towards Spring 2013.

Lemmings after Thanksiving


Since I’m a fan, I can’t help but get excited about this new Jo Malone Sugar & Spice collection though I’m annoyed that, again, it’ll be a limited edition and there will be 5 (five!) new scents. In a smaller bottles (30 ml) – which is good. A set of 9 ml bottles of the complete collection would have been even better.



Parfumista (Parfumistans blog) reviews wonderful Chypre Palatin by Parfums MDCI (and rates it 5): Chypre Palatin is a pleasant, versatile, elegant and very wearable fragrance that could be worn in daytime for office or formal events year around except during warm summer days. My precious decant came from Suzanne (Eiderdown Press). Every time I wear it I think of her with a gratitude. If you missed it, read her take on this perfume.


Lanier (scents memory): Named for Christian Dior’s muse and friend Mitzah Bricard it is heady and hypnotic but never overwhelming. It is what I would call deep and
multi layered in its design, a real stunner for me that never shouts but rather insinuates and seduces the one who wears it. I love this perfume and it’ll join my collection once my decant is gone.


One holiday is done, more to go. And I’m looking forward to all of them.


15 thoughts on “Laughs, Lemmings, Loves – Episode 27

  1. I can’t make up my mind if Jo Malone Sugar and Spice collection set will be amazing, or too “Bath and Body Works.” I have generally liked their little limited edition capsule collections, sometimes more than their main catalog scents of the year.


    • I almost hope not to like the collection because… do I really need five more bottles of Jo Malone in addition to… many I’ve already got in my collection? I don’t. But if I like them and they are a limited edition… (sigh)


  2. A generous 5mL decant of MDCI Chypre Palatin was a surprise inclusion in one of my swap packages in October and all I can say is wow!

    As for the JM Sugar & Spice collection, I think it’ll end up in MY collection come spring. I’ll give you the lemming credit :-)


  3. You know what’s funny, Undina, is that I think Parfumista’s lovely review of Chypre Palatin might be from my bottle, too, because I sent Sigrun a decant and I think she was going to share some over lunch with Parfumista. Oh, hope I’m right about that! It would thrill me.

    So glad you’re enjoying your decant. Thanks for the link love, sweet one!


    • I might have missed something. Usually I save something I read to the file immediately, but with all the holidays I might have read something, went away and forgot to add it to the list.


  4. I am getting Bitter Orange & Chocolate faster than you can say “Estee Lauder buyout” ;) I was too slow for the Tea collection- I’m not missing out this time!!


  5. The Ginger Biscuit scent sounds delicious. I wish fragrance houses would stop it with all this limited edition nonsense. It makes me not want to try anything because I know there’s pressure to buy it all before it’s gone.


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