A Postcard from Undina: Just a Weekend


Rusty and Bouquet

I had a very pleasant weekend: visited friends; ate my first s’more ever (you have to grow up with that tradition to like them); tested seven  perfumes (nothing earth-shattering); cooked nice dinner for friends at my place; wore my favorite Guerlain Cruel Gardenia (got compliments on it) and spent quality time with Rusty (and my vSO,of course).


How was your weekend?




Image: my own


40 thoughts on “A Postcard from Undina: Just a Weekend

  1. I had a nice weekend until my husband drilled a hole in a water pipe in our bathroom, it went quickly downhill from there. ;)
    P.S. Cruel Gardénia is really growing on me – to the point if contemplating a bottle. Who knew? :)


    • You can’t even imagine how happy I am to hear that (about the perfume, not the hole ;)). If my next package your way happens before you get that bottle I’ll send you some to take off a pressure of making that decision. Every time I wear it I’m surprised how much I enjoy it.


  2. Hello Undina! Let’s have a good week! :)

    Once again I must say that your cat is unbelievable. Love the way he’s hiding behind those flowers and remember that I adore pictures from your decanting / swapping post.

    My weekend. It was gray, windy but yesterday afternoon it got nicer and I went to the forest to pick up some mushrooms.


  3. Great pic of a beautiful bouquet and beautiful Rusty (even if he is hiding my favourite feature of his – those paws!).

    My weekend was uneventful in the extreme but sometimes it’s good to catch up on your rest.

    It feels like the first day of autumn here today. Have a good week.


  4. My weekend was okay until the my Patriots lost their home opener. I was up at the crack of dawn, at the stadium bright and early, baked in the sun for hours, and they were flat. The highlight was the military jet flyover. I really, really, really love when they do that! I was wearing Coco but managed to sweat that off in no time so I was left catching whiffs of stadium food and beer on what little breeze there was. It’s not much fun when they lose and it was a long day.


    • Hi Undina!

      I almost missed Rusty!!! I love this cat!
      I am also discovering s’mores these days :-)
      A bit of perfume packing for me this w-e, yours is on its way! I was sniffing at Guerlain boutique, I missed the Gardenia…
      They have Muguet, oooh very tempting for Spring… I’ll have to go back…


      • I hope you know the price of that Muguet bottle ;) I really-really-really liked the perfume but I’m not ready to pay for the bottle (and I mean the phisical bottle, as I understood it is that expensive because of the bottle and jewelry on it).


    • Waking up early and spending hours in the sun would be enough to spoil the best weekend for me ;) I’m sorry it was a disappointing game.

      I wonder what perfume would be more up to the challenge but still wouldn’t overwhelm you. Hm… Ambre Sultan maybe?


  5. I had my sons class over to celebrate his birthday. 20 sugar- crazed 6-year-olds, wearing space monster masks, partying like only kids can do. You imagine…
    Then I attempted to cook pulled pork and the end result wasn’t in the least pullable, but still tasted good :)

    I’m planning on delving into the Guerlains this week, as there are so many of their frags I haven’t given proper attention. Today I’m wearing Mitsouko and I can only says, she rules :D


  6. I love you this relaxed Undina. My weekend was a little more hectic than yours. Friends, family, work, Jin holding a dive school in the pool then he and his friends making enormous plates of Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls, then realising the computer needs to go so off to get the latest wizz bang Mac offering. I am glad for the week to start so I can have a sleep, He He,
    Portia xx


  7. My weekend was… interesting. Friday we had a bomb threat on the campus where I work and we got evacuated. So I got a half-day off, but it was a stressful day. As for the rest of the weekend… every 6-9 months I flip out about how dirty my house is and spend an entire weekend cleaning like a madwoman. This was that weekend. LOL.

    But I did have some fun: I went with my husband and a friend to see some jazz on Friday night. And on Saturday night we watched the IndyCar world championship. So I guess all in all it was a pretty good weekend: half day off work Friday, fun times with friends, clean house!


    • A weekend was enough to rectify 6-9 months-worth of “dirty house”? Either you’re a very meticulous person in your day-to-day or a FlyLady in cleaning ;)

      Extra half day off work usually helps with feeling better about a weekend. Though I hate the reason.


  8. I have been curious about the Cruel Gardenia. I got matched to Oriental Brulant at the NM Beauty Event with the lady from Guerlain. It just smells like a different version of Shalimar. I think I am over orientals, at least for a while. I think I will go back and try the Cruel Gardenia. Any suggestions before I actually buy a bottle?


    • Anne, unless you’re a 2-3 bottles at a time kind of person (wearing the same several perfumes until they are gone, then buying the next bottle of the same or a different one) or, the opposite, a collector who isn’t limited much by a budget, don’t buy a bottle. Buy a decant (5-10 ml), wear it and by the time it’s gone you’ll know if you need more. I think Cruel Gardenia is a very beautiful floral perfume but it’s a big bottle if you just like it.


  9. I am glad you enjoyed your weekend and that you were able to spend time with your vSO, Rusty and friends. S’mores are definitely a very American thing – I have a lot of association of s’mores and camping trips. I enjoyed my weekend as well – celebrating a friend’s 50th birthday at Hiller Museum, along with my first test drive of an electric vehicle. Sunday was spent at the 49ers game, and enjoying them win.


  10. Mmmm, s’mores. So is it the marshmallows that don’t work for you, or just the whole combination? This weekend was about cleaning house, taking some piano students shopping for “fun” music in the big city, going to church and working my way through the Neela Vermeire samples I won from Portia. Nothing spectacular, and since September still feels awfully hectic (man, am I behind on my blog reading) it was nice to just be at home.


    • First of all, there was no tea or coffe (we were outside, by the fire) and I cannot eat sweets wihout something hot to drink. Besides, I do not like milk chocolate.

      I hope at least one of NVC’s perfumes will work for you. Trayee, I think, has the best chances with your skin chemstry.


  11. I am strangely sad that you do not like the S’Mores. Maybe you can try the slightly more civilized ones they make at Luna Park (in the Mission). They are better than the campfire version in some ways, with a homemade graham cracker and a little personal burner to roast your marshmallows. Or, of course, you can just not like S’Mores. :) Not sure why I am trying to convince you!


  12. Chiming in late, but I did have a good weekend … especially eating-wise. Enjoyed going to a new Korean restaurant on Saturday night, and my husband treated me and my family to a belated birthday dinner at my favorite Japanese restaurant on Sunday night (because I turned the big 5-0 last week!).

    The way Rusty is sitting, with his head turned upwards, he looks like he’s imitating the planter of flowers. Too cute!


  13. Gorgeous weekend included apples, pears, carrots, tomatoes, and pickles from the farmer’s market; all previous squashes from the farm share were roasted and much of the puree frozen; dried the tomatoes; and spent much quality time with my beloved, including watching an extremely odd old Rosalind Russell movie.

    It was an EXCELLENT weekend. Glad you had same!


    • It’s great to hear about nice weekends! We also went to a farmers market. Unfortunately, it’s the end of a season for many of the things I like (peaches, nectarines, etc.) and our market is too small to have good apples or pears – so for those we still visit a grossery store.


  14. I’ve never had a s’more myself, though I’ve always wanted to try them. I jumped the gun on Angelique Noir and purchased it when I should have let my opinion on Cruel Gardenia settle down. I was initially lukewarm of Cruel Gardenia but something’s got me hooked on it recently.


  15. My weekends are a blur of chores and runs to Homebase at the moment but I do get a kick out if crossing things off my “to do” list.

    Love this shot of Rusty peeping coyly from behind the flowers. : – ). Now Charlie Bonkers’ kidneys are going downhill, I also spend an inordinate amount of time as the litter tray equivalent of a lavatory attendant. (Sorry, that was probably TMI!)


    • Vanessa, taking into the account what a rare bird you are in the online woods recently, I’ll take any amount of the information from you ;)

      Really sorry to hear about Charlie Bonkers. I wish her not to suffer too much and a lot of patience to you.


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