Laughs, Lemmings, Loves – Episode 17

It was a good week: still great weather; many wonderful posts in those categories that I track (and then some) and a very enjoyable opening ceremony of the Olympics 2012. I read a lot of criticism about it but I had good time watching it. Though I have to admit that I watched it recorded so I had a luxury of skipping through all the advertising. What I didn’t miss was the information that Ralph Lauren promises that for the next Olympic Games our team’s outfit will be Made in USA (instead of China).

London 2012 & Lemmings


Victoria (Bois de Jasmin) reported the new Hermes L’Ambre des Merveilles perfume to be launched in August. Somehow I managed not to try any of Merveilles’ incarnations before so I decided that I would start there.


Dee (beauty on the outside): In Equistrius, [rice note] creates a warmly tactile aspect to the cool, silky, powder of orris— not unlike a quick stroke on the heated neck of your mount after an elegantly executed passage.


Natalie (Another Perfume Blog) found her leather perfume (Nappa Noir by Six Scents) but even if you’re not in the search for the one I’m positive you’ll enjoy an accompanying fiction story (I don’t want to give away anything so I’m not quoting). UPD: APB is closed now.


Kathleen (No Disassemble Charlie No. 5): Although my favorite part of the sniffing trip was her reaction to the Montale display. “What is, this…fancy Axe?”


Marlen (The Perfume Critic) published a funny story about his visit to Coty’s office in New York.


Clayton (What Man Should Smell Like): I wonder if I presented Opus III to the version of myself that existed 10 years ago, would I screw my nose up and say, “I think this is weird”. Perhaps so- but there is something about the scent that 2012 me loves. My last year’s post Library of Amouage touches first five perfumes in the collection.


Kathleen (No Disassemble Charlie No. 5): If the Marilyn Monroe that popped out of JFK’s Birthday cake wearing little more than sparkles and a knowing smile had a love affair with Clark Gable in The Misfits, THAT would be Tuscan Leather!


Susan (Fine Fragrants) is getting married. If you want to say anything to her here is the right place.


Jessica (Tinsel Creations), an art historian by trade who you might know better from her weekly reviews on NST, on her own blog has interesting series of posts The Art of Perfume Ads.


Judith (the unseen censer) created My Perfume Portrait page on her site. She says it was easier than it seemed to do once she took my page as a template. Melissa (She Blogs it All) has also just launched a similar page Perfume Talk.

Carol (bloody frida) has List of perfume bottles and Steven (The Scented Hound) shares with his readers The Scented Hound’s Fragrance Collection. They do not specify which perfumes are their absolute favorites but at least it’s clear they like these enough to keep in their collections. If you are reading this post and have your own blog think about creating something like that someday – I’m sure many of your readers (I am for one) would be really curious to have your tastes mapped out in a readable format.


28 thoughts on “Laughs, Lemmings, Loves – Episode 17

  1. I like your My Perfume Portrait page — it’s a really succinct way to relay your tastes to your readers — and I’m happy to see it spreading.
    Meg at parfumieren has her “My scent cabinet” and her “My quarry” pages which are not listed by love, like etc., but since she also uses a rating system in her reviews it’s pretty easy to cross reference.


    • Thank you, Lindaloo! I forgot about Meg’s pages. They reminded me now that I planned to add “Last updated” to mine as well. I’ll have to do it the next time I update it.


  2. U – I don’t want to mark my favorites as they seem to change month to month, especially with the weather. All I can tell you right now is that I crave PdE’s Eau Suave. To me it’s not a daytime go to work scent, but I’ll put it on before I go to bed, before I start mowing the lawn, before I…. Also look for a new addition to the collection later today. I am spending way too much on new purchases! Happy Monday! Steve


    • Your collection is still very manageable so I assume you like all of your FB.

      In my Portrait I list perfumes I have enough to wear, not only full bottles – decants and multiple samples count as well, as long as I actually wear those perfumes (as the opposite to just spot-test).

      I look forward to reading about your latest addition to the collection.


  3. I’m glad you enjoyed the opening ceremony. I loved it but have heard it might not have gone down so well/been understandable for those in the States.

    I really want to try Opus III!


    • The United Kingdom has rich history and impressive culture, you have a lot to be proud of – and it showed. For my taste (and spirit) it was a good contrast to the last Olympics’ almost robotic precision of Chinese production. And I loved fireworks over the bridges! :)


  4. Well, if Clayton is enjoying Opus III then I’m going to have to go listen in to what he’s saying about it, because I love that one too! :)

    Thanks for pointing out all of these great posts, Undina. Happiest wishes to Susan on her wedding!


    • Thank you, Suzanne! I wasn’t sure if you had time for reading at the beach so I tried to bring up something other than “usual suspects” (and I guessed everybody has seen Birgit’s giveaway for one of my favorite perfumes – why to create more draw entries? ;) )


  5. oh Undina – thanks for the link-love – I never even thought about marking any as my favorites, or doing a “perfume portrait’ like you did…hmmm now you have me thinking!


  6. I like those lists you linked to, Undina, although I think I’ve tried only one fragrance listed as Judith’s favorites. I’ve said it before, but thanks again for doing this weekend roundup – it’s especially helpful if you’re just getting back from vacation. :)


    • I hoped you were on a vacation (and not decided to do a double serving of your off-the-grid yearly exercise ;) ).

      With the number of perfumes produced yearly I’m usually more surprised when I find some bottles in common than when I don’t find them.


  7. I’m loving watching the Olympics. It is significantly cutting into all other activities. :)

    Thank you for the mention and the nice words!


    • I love my DVR: I can fast forward through everything I don’t want to watch really quickly. If only I could turn off all web places that are trying to give away results even before I get home to start recording!


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