Laughs, Lemmings, Loves – Episode 13


Last Saturday was a very hot day the Bay Area (99F/37C) and I managed to miss it because of a short trip south (!). By the time we came back the heat wave was over. I’m overjoyed: during a very cold summer last year I realized that it was exactly how I liked my summers.

Because of that trip I haven’t had enough time to comment on all the posts I wanted to (but I still plan to, so it’s not an excuse – just an information), but I read (and now present to your attention) posts that covered perfumes I want to try, posts that made me laugh or described something I love.

Cat Parade Quilt



Suzanne (Eiderdown Press), as she describes Chypre Palatin by Parfums MDCI, finds exactly the right words to appeal to my cat-loving soul: There is a gentle fruitiness to the floral heart of the perfume that is what reminds me of Jubilation 25 a bit, along with a creaminess that smells a touch oily and mink-like, like the scent of a good fur coat or a very well-groomed cat.


Steve (The Scented Hound) makes L’Ombre Fauve by Parfumerie Generale sound really appealing: It feels like it hugs the skin, but you find that it comes up to greet you as well… playing tricks on how it sits on your body. The amber is just so lightly sweet which makes this perfect for both men and women alike.


I have a soft spot for Tom Ford‘s perfumes (they work for me in more cases than not) so the upcoming Café Rose perfume release mentioned in this article produced a sizable clowder of cats lemmings.



Meg (parfumieren): Wearing Jasmin et Cigarette is an olfactory ventriloquism act: it throws its voice, and the hearer perceives an entirely different entity than the one you might think you know. […] Oscillating between wood and smoke, flowers and ashes, vulnerability and toughness, Jasmin et Cigarette is a mercurial scent that switches its tactics constantly. What to make of it?
It all depends on which zone you’re standing in when you smell it: smoking or non-smoking.


Birgit (Olfactoria’s Travels): That oud in there is giving its very best barnyard performance and there is civet in there and not just a dusting either. Leather Oud is positively growling on my skin in the drydown. I kept checking my sons diaper and giving my husband the evil eye, but both were innocent. The animal was me.



It’s not an ordinary selection for my Loves section since it’s not about perfumes (I can’t believe it but there was no coverage for any of my favorite perfumes this week!). But it’s still about something I love. I’m almost positive that everybody has seen the cutest post ever by Arielle (The Scents of Self) – The Difinitive Guide to the Perfume Bloggers’ Cats but if you missed it somehow you absolutely have to read it! Has she forgotten any cats? 


Image: I can’t find the source.


19 thoughts on “Laughs, Lemmings, Loves – Episode 13

  1. Thanks Undina. I’m really anxious for you to try Chypre Palatin and see if you get the pretty kitty aspect of it. Stay cool! You can send your heat my way. :)


    • What heat wave? :) It’s nice and cool again. As my friends from Germany say: “It was a hot summer this year. But on that day I was in the office.”
      I’ll let you know if I catch any animals while wearing Chypre Palatin.


  2. This served as a kind of preview for me, since I am late reading this week (it seems to be perpetual these days). I am getting to the point where I can only be glad that there is so much good posting to read — I can’t actually read it all.


  3. I really appreciate your potted digest this week, with not having as much time to devote to blog reading as I would like lately. I did clock Ari’s “kitteh” post which was a lot of fun, but missed Birgit’s Leather Oud review. Now that she has been accorded the title of “Honorary Brit”, she may wish to consider changing the diaper…to “nappy”, hehe. : – )


  4. “Nappy” as a term would not be used in an adult context except by the elderly themselves if they were feeling defiant – “you won’t catch me wearing one of those nappy things!”. The usual term would be “incontinence pad”, and would you believe, I have done a market research study on them – for three different degrees of “bladder weakness”.no less…


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