Laughs, Lemmings, Loves – Episode 7

Summer is here! I’m not excited (I do not like hot weather) – just stating the fact. Suddenly I do not know what to wear, clothes- or perfume-wise. My cat Rusty, on the other hand (paw?), isn’t confused: he knows what NOT to wear – his fur. He’s shedding everywhere!

Lemmings, Laughs, Loves


 I do not have any practical use for that amount of Guerlain’s Muguet but it’s such a beautiful scent and I really like this year’s bottle! Please somebody tell me I shouldn’t be ordering it! Thanks for tempting me go to Robin (Now Smell This).


I think everybody has read this already but if somehow you missed it read semi-final of Prix Eau Faux 2012 at Now Smell This. It’s hilarious! My favorite is Rhapsody by United Airlines for the print copy and Fairleigh Fanged by Fairleigh Lowd for the TV commercial (I know it wasn’t a category but I just “saw” it while reading).


Natalie (Another Perfume Blog) published an extremely captivating fiction story to accompany her review of Chanel‘s Bois des Iles: In my college film class, we studied ‘Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.’ I think this was largely so my professor, a man who styled himself a feminist but managed to conduct the whole lecture without mentioning Anita Loos, could share his theories about Marilyn Monroe. (UPD: APB is closed now)


Ron (Notable Scents) reviewed my favorite Ineke’s perfume: Field Notes From Paris is an orange blossom fragrance that is full-bodied but not overpowering. This would be a great office scent as it feels like a classic masculine with a modern twist.


Jo LovesJo Malone‘s new brand, – finally offers samples from their site. You can order two free samples. It says on the site that they ship perfumes to the U.K. only but my samples order went through, I got a confirmation in e-mail, so you can also try if you’re interested in the line.


27 thoughts on “Laughs, Lemmings, Loves – Episode 7

  1. Jo Malone does samples now? Whoohoo! I am forever going up to their SAs in store and they almost never have any. Well, the last time I asked for Wild Bluebell and they gave me Grapefruit instead by mistake, which I only spotted when I got home. Grapefruit, moi?

    Must check out those Prix Eaux Faux entries – am so behind with my reading.


    • Vanessa, you missed everything! (including one of my previous episodes where I gave a link to *jen’s post covering just that topic of that name’s “asymmetrical dualism”): Jo Malone, as a person and an owner of a new brand Jo Loves, does. Jo Malone, as a company owned by Estee Lauder, to which Jo Malone person has no relations any more, probably stays the same way it used to be: samples depend on the location and each SA.


  2. Thanks for the info, Undina. I have ordered a couple of samples from Jo Loves.

    I wish I could tell you not to order that Muguet but it is a LE and does sound very you. Sorry!


  3. Excited about the Jo Loves trial. I hadn’t thought to even try to see if they would ship to the US. I tried for Green Orange and Coriander and Gardenia. I’m very curious about their new mango trio too. I haven’t seen this line anywhere yet… is it in the US?

    I love muguet, so I’m so tempted by the Guerlain every year. I love this year’s bottle with the charm. Love. LOVE. Sigh. Can’t do it.


    • Jo Loves is now available only in the U.K. We’ll see if they actually send samples to the U.S. But even having samples for the U.K. is a big improvement – maybe we’ll hear from somebody what they think about these new perfumes: so far there were no reviews.


  4. Thanks for heads up, Undina, I have ordered two Jo Loves samples. What did you get? I was mostly interested in Green Orange and Coriander and “fun and flirty” Orange Tulle. Would’ve loved to try all four, of course, even though I am not much of a gardenia lover. Sounds like fun!


  5. Thank you for the recap. It proved helpful as a preview this week, since I am just now catching up on blogs. Thank you, too, for the mention and the information about the samples. I just ordered my two Jo Malones.

    As for Muguet, I say don’t do it. I think that’s too much risk for a perfume for a house that you have a hit-and-miss relationship with.


    • Oh, the situation is worse than you think: I tried Muguet and loved it! It was the last year’s version (I got a sample from Las Vegas boutique) but I don’t think they change it every year. It’s beautiful. But it’s a soliflore… (sigh)


  6. Just discovered your blog, I love the way you review reviewers :’)
    A great way to keep updated on what everyone else is saying on one blog!
    Will keep my eye on you :P


    • Welcome, Freddie!
      My round-up isn’t comprehensive: I include only those posts that made me laugh, created perfumed lemmings or reviewed perfumes that I love. But definitely, come back again! :)


      • Will do.
        And no that’s great that’s why I like it. You are obviously extremely well read in the perfume blog circle and for someone like me who only wishes I had that much patience, it’ll be great reading your highlights.
        Speak soon!


  7. Hm, I couldn’t find the sampling on the Jo loves site – the only choices are 30ml or 100ml. I already own the Orange vert and it’s my perfect spring time fragrance: crisp with quite a lasting power.
    I wanted a tester of Pomelo – I loved it when spritzed at Selfridges.


    • It looks like the offer is gone now. We’ll see if the samples we ordered arrive. It’s the only way for us in the U.S. to try those: even decanters do not carry those!


    • Actually… It kind of did :) Thank you, Victoria.

      I saw last year’s “one day special” in Guerlain boutique in Las Vegas this February. So I should probably wait until I see this one in RL – and then decide if I still want to pay that price.


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