Three Pieces of Neela Vermeire’s India Puzzle

I love puzzles, quizzes, riddles and tests. I’m not seeking them out actively but when I come across one I might put off everything else and spend unreasonable time solving it.

I learned about Neela Vermeire Creations from several inspiring reviews. Usually when I read reviews for perfumes that I haven’t tested yet I glance over more technical details – notes, creator, etc. – and concentrate on the impressions, associations and a general mood from the perfumes. So all I remembered about that new line was a general favorable feeling.

Being not too active on the Facebook I miss a lot of friends’ updates. Unlike my blogroll, I’m not even trying to catch up. But I just happened to read my News feed When Neela posted a quiz.

The photo below – where is this from? North, south, east, west or central India? It is tough but some of you may know.Puzzle Part I

I had no idea, the picture was too generic and I wasn’t intrigued enough. Then there was a second picture and the next question:

Another hint for the quiz below. Name the place.Puzzle Part II

This time I got hooked, I wanted to solve that quiz. It took some time but I figured it out. I found the answer: it is a ceiling of the ‘Poomukkam’ room in Padmanabhapuram Palace. An interesting fact about this ceiling: there are ninety flowers carved on it, and each of them is unique.

My correct answer earned me a prize. I expected to get a set of samples for the line. Instead Neela Vermeire sent me a discovery set – three 10 ml bottles: Mohur, Trayee and Bombay Bling!

First I felt a little worried: what if I wouldn’t like those? In that case I would have felt much more comfortable if I had been sent just small sample vials… Now after I tried all three perfumes I’m so glad I got those bottles!

For a proper review I want to refer you to A Festival of Colour – Neela Vermeire Trayee, Mohur and Bombay Bling! Perfume Reviews by The Candy Perfume Boy: I can’t do better so I won’t even try. I want to share just a couple of personal impressions for each perfume.

Neela Vermiere Creations Trio

Trayee – is the most complex and sophisticated perfume out of three in the line. And the most tenacious. I enjoy wearing it and will definitely go through the bottle I have. And after that I might go for at least a decant. For even more impressions read enticing review for Trayee by Persolaise.

Mohur – is the most low-key perfume in the line. Though two out of four times I wore Mohur, it surprised me with an unexpected surge of agarwood in the opening. When it calms down it becomes a well-blended flower bouquet on my skin. It is never unpleasant and I suspect it might behave better on somebody else but in my collection it’ll stay, most likely, just for the reference.

Bombay Bling! – is my absolute favorite in the line. It’s so juicy, bright and happy! But despite its playfulness Bombay Bling! feels like a real perfume with an extremely interesting composition and graceful development. It is a full-bottle worth perfume for me.

I also want to mention that even before trying Neela Vermiere Creations perfumes I was very pleased that a new line has been launched with just three perfumes and there are both sample and discovery sets available. I wish more new and established companies Mrs. Vermiere’s lead.

I hope in years to come Neela Vermiere will present us with more pieces to her scented puzzle of India.

As always, feel free to link to your blog’s post if you’ve reviewed these perfumes.

Images: two of Padmanabhapuram Palace – Neela Vermiere, the last one – my own.


26 thoughts on “Three Pieces of Neela Vermeire’s India Puzzle

  1. Wow, well done on solving the quiz. That must have been hard! How wonderful to get 3 10ml bottles. I too read The Candy Perfume Boy’s review and was interested to learn these were by Bertrand Duchaufour. I particuarly liked the sound of the blackcurrant/cardomom pairing of Trayee but Bombay Bling! sounds like a lot of fun.

    Strongly agree that that 10ml bottles and discovery sets are a very good thing indeed.


    • Thank you for the great review! Since I’m not usually writing reviews but like linking to those on friends’ blogs I was glad that you’d reviewed these new perfumes and did it so good that I could wholeheartedly recommend it.


  2. Strangely enough, I went to the Luckyscent homepage for some refererence and there they were, right on the opening. I’ve never heard about them before, so went to the Neela homepage and ordered the sample set right away. 5 min later I found out everybody else knew them, sniffed them – I’m the only clueless oddball out there…


    • Yes, Luckyscent just started carrying this brand. But it’s just a pure coincidence that I’ve published my story now, I’ve been testing these for the last two months.

      I hope you’ll like these perfumes and won’t regret buying samples.


  3. Wow, sounds like it’s a wonderful line with a definite thought for packaging — small bottles, discovery sets… right for perfumistas!


    • Every time I come across a brand that makes small(er) bottles I feel greatful. I’d love to be able to buy 10-15 ml bottles for much more perfumes than I’m prepared to add to my collection as a full bottle.


  4. I enjoyed your reviews of these. Although I liked the Candy Perfume Boy’s too (of course!), I like hearing your take, and you managed to capture each one in just a few sentences. I, too, am impressed you got the answer to that quiz. Not surprised, but impressed. :)


  5. What a fun quiz! And how exquisite is that carved ceiling…? Also, aren’t you good at winning competitions?! – there was the Puredistance one too recently.

    The Candy Perfume Boy also drew my attention to the line, and based on his reviews I felt that Bombay Bling was most likely to be my thing. Your impressions of this trio have tended to confirm that, though all three sound worth a try. The bottles on that fabric look really cute too!


    • A co-worker brought me that wrap from her trip to India so I thought it was an appropriate background for these perfumes.

      You should try all three: there is a good chance you’ll like more than one. (And yes, you have a good memory, I did win Antonia recently).


  6. Why am I not surprised that you solved this quiz? I read a lot of books about India and it still would have taken me a year to solve it.

    Ooh, I adore the name Bombay Bling! I’ll definitely check this fragrance out at some point and in the meantime will read the reviews you linked to.

    Btw, your package arrived yesterday. Thank you, lovely one. I’ll get back to you on it soon. :)


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