Eighties called… I missed it.

Oh, no!! Not you again!!Eighties scent week. I saw a brief mentioning of it in a Facebook group but since I do not usually participate in any of those I disregarded it. But then I read 80s Scent Week FAIL by Muse in Wooden Shoes and it sent me searching my perfumes database. The question I tried to answer was: would I be able to “survive” a week wearing only perfumes created during that decade from my collection? The answer is barely.

These are seven fragrances I could wear for such theme week:

Eau d’Hadrien by Annick Goutal

Amouage Gold by Amouage

Coco EdP by Chanel

Antonia’s Flowers by Antonia’s Flowers

Heure Exquise by Annick Goutal

Venice by Yves Rocher

Lou Lou by Cacharel (though I might choose to wear Coco EdT as an alternative)

With no spare for a mood change it would’ve been a tough week!


What about you? Do you have a week-worth supply of perfumes from the ‘80s?

Image: my own


17 thoughts on “Eighties called… I missed it.

    • I need to get a spray sample of Amouage Gold, I’m curious to see how it wears not from a dab vial (and I have a small project in mind so I need to run a thorough testing).


  1. I only have a spray sample vial of Amouage Gold, so I don’t know how it is dabbed, but I find that I really enjoy how Amouages feel and smell when sprayed. They are by and large almost overwhelming, but in a good way, and so complex. They allow for much emotional and mental acrobatics. My newest Amouage obsession is of course Opus V, but Jubilation 25 is creeping up on it. I feel like it might be great in all weather despite my initial determination that its intense incense nature would be best for wintertime.


    • It’s interesting how different are our tastes! Opus V and Jubilation 25 are my least favorite Amouages (though I’m still testing both) and you do not like Ubar that I like the most!

      I’ve just realized that I tried from sprayers only the Library collection. Everything else, even Ubar, I used from the dab vial. I definitely need to get sprays at least for Ubar and Gold and then maybe for Dia and Lyric as well.


  2. Oh , dear my age is showing…I would do splendidly with 80’s scents . Starting with my Amouage Gold bottle . it is newer , I would give anything for an original gold minaret bottle ! )if you’d like a little in a spray both of you , e-mail me !
    YSL Paris , my HG for the entire 80’s decade…
    Annick Goutal Passion
    Annick Goutal Eau de Ciel
    Antonia’s Flowers
    Aramis Portos
    Lancome Sagamore
    Gucci Eau de Gucci
    L’artisan Eau de Navagateur and Le Haie Fleurie
    MPG Fraiche Passiflore & Or des Indes
    Estee Lauder Knowing
    Rochas Byzance
    Van Cleef Gem
    Nina Ricci Nina original
    Tiffany original

    Also Jil Sander 4 but not sure if it was an 80’s scent..oh no it was 1990 , close !


    • Wow, Carol… I’m impressed. Do you currently have all these in your collection?! And do you still enjoy wearing them, not just having them for the reference? I should admit, I didn’t know half of them even by name before reading those on your list.

      You’ve just reminded me of one more perfume – EL Knowing. I didn’t like it before but recently, while at Nordstrom, I smelled it again and kind of liked it. And since there were absolutely no new releases I wanted to try I made myself a sample of Knowing. So I should try it again soon.


  3. Great post!
    I’ve got a week of 80’s perfumes; a mix of bottles, minis and samples. I love many 80s fragrances!

    From your list: Coco de Chanel and Lou Lou
    Estee Lauder Knowing, Beautiful
    Dior Poison
    Paloma Picasso Mon Parfum
    Lagerfeld KL

    However this does not mean I could wear 80s frags for a whole week! Sometimes I need to wear something that doesn’t “go to 11”.


    • Thank you.

      Not all of those are FB for me either (Amouage – a tiny vial, Lou Lou a mini bottle and Eau d’Hadrien a small bottle), but – leaving aside a problem of wearing perfumes from a limited subset, – I would be able to go through a whole week just on those I mentioned. Especially if I do not have to use each one of them ;)


  4. How funny. I had no idea about this and being a child of the 80s I’ll have to read more. Can’t say I knowingly own anything from the 80s except for Kenzo’s wonderful Ca Sent Beau. Now if we were doing a 1920s Scent Week I’d be all over it!


    • How interesting. I checked – for 1920s I’m even less covered.

      Are you wearing modern perfumes as well or do you mostly concentrate on vintage creations?


  5. Undina, I have lots from the last 20 years but I guess I love Cuir de Russie, Bois des Iles and Shalimar(Mitsouko is out by one year) so much I’d very happily wear 20s fumes for a week!


    • I plan to get Cuir de Russie and Bois des Iles samples to try on skin soon (I liked them on the blotters in Chanel boutique but had absolutely no skin RE left to try. If they work for me, I might be prepared better for 1920s week (if it ever happens AND I decide to participate).


  6. Hi Undina,

    I’m with you: I would not do well at all if I had to rely on scents from the 80s to wear for a week. But I could definitely wear Amouage Gold for a couple days out of the week — I really love it and it works well with my skin chemistry. I’ll have to think of what other 80s scents I could fill in with…hmm.


  7. As a person who drains full bottles and then moves on I am not sure if I have enough to cover this challenge…but I will add that I had five of those on your list at one time :)


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