WTD, Episode 2.5: Voile d’Ambre and Vanille Noire by Yves Rocher

One day, not too long ago, I wasn’t feeling well and for the most part of that day I stayed “perfumeless.” Since for me it’s a very unusual situation, I felt there was something missing. I was thinking for a while on the scent to choose: on one hand, I wanted something nice and comforting – so trying anything new was completely out of question; on the other hand, I was afraid to ruin one of my favorites by wearing them while I was sick. So I made a slightly cowardly choice: I chose perfume, which I knew was pleasant and which I liked when I wore it before. And at the same time I wouldn’t have been upset too much if I’d hated my $5 mini bottle afterwards. It hasn’t happened. The perfume got me through my bad day without living unpleasant associations. I’m grateful to it and ashamed a little. That day I’d chosen…

Voile d'Ambre & Vanilla Noire by Yves Rocher

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WTD, Episode 2.2: Iris Noir, Tendre Jasmin and Naturelle by Yves Rocher

Yves Rocher has caught me with that Secrets d’Essences collection just by the fact of releasing it in similar mini bottles. I had to have them. I bought all five. I do not have too much of a story for most of them so I decided to group them either inside the collection or with other scents.

Iris Noir, Tendre Jasmine and Naturelle

Iris Noir – created in 2007 by Olivier Pescheux and Nathalie Gracia-Cetto, notes include bergamot, coriander, ambrette seed, iris root, patchouli and tonka bean. On my skin it starts sweet (rather gourmand than flower) but then quickly subsides to the generic floral scent. It is pleasant; it smells fine and I can even talk myself into thinking it has some interesting trace scent on my skin several hours into wearing. I just cannot think of any reason to wear it. I tried it from a mini bottle (splash) so maybe it works better sprayed as a body mist but for me it is not interesting enough to look for the ways to make the purchase worthwhile even with YR’s prices and constantly available discounts.

Tendre Jasmin – created in 2008 by Jacques Cavallier, notes include jasmine (jasmine and more jasmine – top, heart and base notes), lemon, mandarin, orange blossom and mimosa. For my nose it starts more green than citrusy and then warms up and blooms. I think it’s a nice perfume but on my skin it’s a little too sweet. Will I wear it? Well… I might. I do not plan on throwing away that cute mini bottle – that’s for sure, but I have no other plans for the perfume.

Naturelle – created in 2008 by Michel Girard, notes include green apple, jasmine, peach blossom, cedar, amber and musk. In addition to these notes mentioned on Yves Rocher site, basenotes lists also lemon, bergamon and marigold – maybe, can’t say it one way or another. Apple is definitely there and it’s not of an annoying type. The scent is very fresh, bright and summery. Drydown is also pleasant enough on the skin. Wearable, uncomplicated, inexpensive. I tested it from a splash mini bottle. And I think it’s the size it’ll stay in – I do not need much more of this perfume.

For real review read Angela’s review for Iris Noir at NST.

I haven’t found a real review I liked for Tendre Jasmine or Naturelle so, as always, feel free to post a link to the relevant posting.

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