Saturday Question: What Was The Last New Perfume You Tried?

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Saturday Question #6:

What Was The Last New Perfume You Tried?

As always, I have more questions that just the main one. What was the last new (for you) perfume that you tried? Where did you get it (unless you tried it at a store)? What’s your impression?

My Answer

Recently I had a surge of desire to test perfumes I hadn’t tried before. And I thought that supporting a local business might be not a bad idea at the moment. So I ordered several samples from Tigerlily. In addition to samples I ordered, they’ve included one more – Hereafter by Sarah Horowitz.

It’s oil perfume with the notes of blood orange, cardamom, Iso E Super, cedarwood, sandalwood, amber and vanilla.

I don’t think I would have tried this perfume even if I saw it at a store: a couple from this brand that I’d tried didn’t work for me before, and I usually don’t like oil perfumes. But since it just appeared at my house, I gave it a try. And unexpectedly I liked it very much. It starts with a touch of sweetness that subsides into a slightly bitter woody notes. I will be testing it more but I’m tempted to get that small bottle to use as a shared perfume for air travel. I mean, I hope, we still have some of those in future.


SHP Hereafter


How about you?

What Was The Last Perfume You Tried?


Image: Tigerlily site (but I think it’s from the brand)

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