Fan di Fendi pour Homme

Hi there Looking Glass Crew, Fendi was one of my favourite brands way back in the heady days of my fashion course and short stint in the industry. They were doing extraordinary things with fur and leather. It was also the days of the beginning of the anti fur brigade. It took me a long time to realise exactly what they were against and join their legion. I did have a vintage black rabbit coat (not Fendi) in the 1990s that was given to me as I left for the UK, a hand me down from my friend Chelsea’s Mum. It got worn till it fell apart in my hands as I was putting it on. That was a very sad night, and I FROZE without it. So while I was browsing FragranceNet a while back and I saw a 7ml spritz Fan di Fendi pour Homme I pounced. Fendi no longer makes perfumes, the SA in our Sydney flagship store told me! So it might be my last chance to smell it.

I was also really happy with the tie in to Undina’s recent Travel Size Scent Semantics post.

Fan di Fendi pour Homme 2012

Fan di Fendi pour Homme

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Leather, Woody Notes, Cardamom, Pink Pepper, Citruses, Basil

Traditional male fragrance. Opens green herbal and woody with a pleasant lick of sweetness. Fan di Fendi pour Homme smells like something from the 1980s. It’s brawny masculinity is comfortable and a little sexy.

This is pretty much what the train suits used to smell of when I was at school. It was a lovely, cozy scent to greet me each morning. Over the top of the regular train smells and the few women in the carriage this woodsy, pine-is herbaceousness sailed over all.

Hardly any movement in the scent. It’s fairly linear after the first five minutes.

Fan di Fendi pour Homme

This is a happy, very masculine leaning fragrance but I really think women would smell better wearing it today. On a guy it would be nice, on a woman it would be surprising.

It’s quite large on open but not obnoxious. Longevity is extremely good. I can still smell wispy woodsy remnants over 24 hours later. The bottle looks like it would have been bloody gorgeous! I do love an inbuilt spritzer within the lid or body.

Do I wish I had a bottle? No. This mini will do me. It would be fun to wear it for a whole holiday and make that scent my memory of somewhere.

Do you like a traditional masculine?
Portia xx


12 thoughts on “Fan di Fendi pour Homme

  1. Puig Quorum & Paco Rabanne ph. The fragrances young men wore in my late teens to early 20s. At the time, early to mid 80s, these masculines were in their pomp! DH still has a bottle of each. Whilst they are no longer the handsome chaps they were, they are both a step up from all the Cool Water clones & grey woody yawn inducing mass market male scents of today


  2. I love your scent memory of train scents – great story. At the beginning of my perfume journey, I wanted to try and sniff everything. However, for this lady, it seems that tonka, herbal bouquets, vetiver and most citrus notes get all stale and stinky on me in the dry down phase! Boo. Even lavender is iffy, and pine notes, a smell I love in nature, are no-go in my perfumes. But sheepishly I say that I enjoy a dab of my vintage JB One Man Show! It has all the notes I dislike but about two dozen more! This may be the key – I usually enjoy any “and the kitchen sink-style” scents, while elegant traditional masculine formulations are a fail. SL Vetiver Oriental and Creed Royal Oud are sleek exceptions, seeming quite traditionally masculine but smelling lovely on me until the very end. I have few childhood masculine scent memories; my Dad had only Royall Lyme which I liked but can’t wear.


    • That’s so interesting MossyBerry. The things that turn on you are so ubiquitous. It must be annoying to find a perfume that works in any kind of masculine leaning arena.
      Ha! I thought JB was Justin Bieber and went looking for it. Jacques Bogart is a house I never heard of.
      A huge YAY for Vetiver Ortiental. It’s stunning, isn’t it. One of Lutens best.
      Portia xx


        • HA!
          As a non perfume aside. A crew of lesbian girls I know asked me to call them girls. It’s the only word in common English usage to represent the female of the species that doesn’t have a male word or connotation in it. So I try to use the word girl as often as I can. Never to infantilise but to give women a name that is theirs alone.
          So Matty, you’ll be a girl all your life in my eyes and mind.
          Portia xx

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