Le Galion Discovery Sets: Portia

Hey All. Firstly, I need to tell you that Jin and I are good mates with the guys from Le Galion. Nicolas and his partner Enno are always on our MUST SEE list while in Paris and we had a blast with them down here in Sydney for Mardi Gras a few years ago too. We know how hard they work to make Le Galion as good as it can possibly be and build upon the foundations set by……. WAIT! Why don’t we have a little look at their history?

In 1930, Prince Murat, a descendant of Joachim Murat, brother in law of Napoleon 1st, and King of Naples, founded Le Galion Perfume House.
In 1935, Prince Murat sold his company to perfumer Paul Vacher, who was already famous within the industry at that time. (Aged just 25, he worked with Marcel Guerlain and then joined Lanvin. In 1927, he created Arpège with Andre Fraysse. Following this success, he decided to launch his own perfume house.)
In 1946, when Serge Heftler-Louiche and Christian Dior wanted to develop a fragrance for their fashion house, Paul Vacher created Miss Dior and in 1963 Diorling.
In 1980 Le Galion was sold to a US company and it collapsed.
2014 and Nicolas Chabot buys the name and original formulas. He then gets a dream team of perfumers to recreate the original fragrances as nearly as possible with modern ingredients. He also starts creating new fragrances for the brand with the same perfectly curated, poised, thoughtful and beautifully blended feeling of Le Galion of old.
2020, Le Galion celebrates 90 years with the release of nine fragrances.

OK, you’re all caught up.

Le Galion Discovery Sets

This is really exciting news. The boys have created three Discovery Sets that you can now buy from the Le Galion site and have shipped to the world. The cost is €35 + P&H for a box of 8 individually packed 2ml samples.
You also get a €25 discount voucher for your next purchase of a full size 100 ml bottle. I KNOW! Right.
It looks really shmick too.

OK, so here’s a look at the three Discovery Sets. You could buy all three for around €100 + P&H and only have three doubles to share with friends.

Latest Releases

Lily of the Valley, Bourrasque, Brumes, Champs de Mai, Tilleul, Tulipe, Jasmin and Chypre


Spécial for Gentleman, Esquive, Sang Bleu, Aesthete, Tilleul, Cologne Nocturne, Whip and Cuir

The Icons

Sortilège, Brumes, Bourrasque, La Rose, Tubéreuse, Iris, Cologne and 222

If you are after super weird assed fragrance that makes children run and adults question their existence. If you only love super beast mode bro juice or are into the deep artisan indie scene then Le Galion is probably not going to suit. These fragrances are made for people who love the best, who are wanting to smell luxuriously poised. You won’t get an “Oh My God what is that?” but you will get a raised, perfectly couture eyebrow and a knowing smile. I feel like Le Galion is for people who don’t need to showboat but want to smell wonderful to themselves and those who are close enough to notice. Niche for the truly discerning wearer of scent.

You all know how I love to have several fragrances from a brand I love. In the collection currently I have bottles of Aesthete, Cologne Nocturne, Cuir, Sang Bleu, Sovereign, Tilleul, and Whip. Most of them I bought but the guys gave me a couple too. I’m on my second, paid retail for bottle of Aesthete because I was so excited about it that I sent samples to everyone. I wanted them all to fall as madly in love with it as I have. Still on my list to purchase are 222, Brumes and Sortilege.

Have you had the pleasure of spending some sniff time with Le Galion perfumes?
Portia xx


28 thoughts on “Le Galion Discovery Sets: Portia

  1. Hi Portia! Very tempting, indeed, luckily for me their website has this annoying interface where you have to type in all your mailing details before you can see if they even ship to Russia, so I’ll probably try again later: if we don’t support a great old house, who will?

    PS Portia, is your old address still valid? I can’t find your mailing info with a P/O Box (there’s a card with your name on it which was supposed to be a surprise)


  2. I have only tried two, Iris and L’Âme Perdue, but they are both lovely. Would like to try more but I’m trying to stop buying samples. :-0


  3. I tried several perfumes from the brand. Let’s put it this way: I didn’t dislike them. So, I might be tempted to order a set: recently I switched to buying samples :) (since I don’t need more FBs), and I think their price is fair (considering the coupon).


  4. I haven’t tried anything from this house, for a long while I didn’t buy samples! I am sure I will get to these perfumes little by little. I do like the traditional French style, so there should be at least one I would like, right?

    I’m slowly working through the samples I bought from StC, so finally tried Bombay Bling and some other niche perfumes and some of the new-ish Dior perfumes. Eden-Roc is really good with a mineral/ seaside note.


    • I’m so glad to read that you loved Eden Roc Ingeborg,
      I tried it in store, loved it and bought myself a decant from STC that’s sitting here awaiting a sniffing session. If I go through the decant then I’l definitely grab a bottle.
      Portia xx


  5. I have not tried this brand, but it sounds intriguing. The icon collection and the newer ones all sound very lovely. I’m still sampling some newer Dusitas and some Xerjoffs. The Dusitas are amazing, but the Xerjoffs, Grand Bal and Italica, both turned out to be very disappointing.


  6. Ooh, so tempting! I haven’t tried any of Le Galion’s line, and I’d like to write about them! That’s one reason why I love discovery sets. I can try, and blog about, many more scents that way without overwhelming my already too-large collection! Or my patient husband’s tolerance for expenditures, lol.


    • Ah! Very different kettle of fish Vanessa,
      Gallivant are nice but I think of them as gateway fragrances to the world off niche.
      Le Galion are almost a separate entity, existing outside designer/niche/indie descriptors, though they could find their fit in any of them.
      I think you would like their seamless perfection.
      Portia x


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