Jin and Portia: The Ghan Train Trip 2021

Hey Crew. Jin and I have been trying to get back on this train for over a year. There have been three previous dates, all postponed due to C19. Finally it’s happened. So I thought you might like a few photos and some small commentary. We were away for nine fun filled nights. A few in Darwin, three on the Ghan itself and one in Adelaide. We flew up to Darwin and back from Adelaide. I know your first thought is “What perfumes did you take?”

I thought it might be a good time to wear some of the decants I loved but have lain forgotten in the mad rush for new around here. All these decants (Except Rouge Saray, sent by my beautiful buddy Megan In Sainte Maxime) are quite old in my collection and really need to get worn. It seems my selection is VERY vanilla heavy. No problem. It’s one of my favourite notes. It’s like I’ve picked four vanillas on four very different points of the spectrum. One thing they all have in common though is how beautifully created they are. Also how easy wear and versatile, yet interesting statement pieces as well.
Coeur de Vetiver Sacre by L’Artisan Parfumeur: Vetiver, tea, incense sweetened by vanilla/amber. This was the most worn of the selection in daytime. It’s sheer yet interesting beauty went so well with the trip.
Mon Precieux Nectar by Guerlain: Vanilla heavy white floral with almond & incense.
Rouge Saray by Atelier des Ors: Spiced fruits and fairy floss over a patchouli/vanilla base. Very ra sha sha. I wore this to almost every evening event and had compliments every time. So beautiful and noticeable.
Neroli 36 by Le Labo: White floral citrus backed by a lightweight vanilla.

One of our friends, Martin, was our travelling companion on the journey. He’d always wanted to do The Ghan and when his wife Jane heard we were going she pulled out all stops to get him on ours. It was excellent having him on the trip and it made the whole adventure even more special. The photos below are a mixed bunch taken by all three of us. By this stage I’m not sure who took what.

The class we travelled on this trip was Gold Superior. There were only two of these larger cabins on the train, the rest of the Gold class has less floor space. There is a higher glass, Platinum, but we think the Gold Class bar car is infinitely more fun. Quite pricey for a four day holiday but there is no more comfortable or fun way to see the centre of Australia. My pictures hardly do the whole trip justice and don’t show any of our four night stay up in Darwin. Also, all food and booze are included in the price. VERY dangerous! I drank more alcohol in the four days than I’d drunk for the whole year beforehand.

Jin and I are currently planning our next adventure, also on a train with the same company. This time from Perth to Adelaide ands then up to Brisbane. That’s how much we enjoyed the experience.

As a final aside, how freaking gorgeous is my husband Jin? He’s a bit of a fool in some of the pics but he is so charming and lovely the whole train fell under his spell. Every morning or evening the staff and voyagers would fall over themselves to greet him and he had smiles and chats for everyone. It was like travelling with a celebrity. We had a beautiful time and now we are back home, refreshed and ready for another few months of work and life before the next adventure.


30 thoughts on “Jin and Portia: The Ghan Train Trip 2021

  1. I’m so happy you got to get away and do some travelling – and you did it in style. Travelling by train like this looks super glam. I’m not at all surprised Jin charmed the pants off everyone. Maybe we should do a trip on the Belmont Pullman when you come to London.


  2. As someone who works in the rail industry, I’m personally thrilled that you took a train trip! And this one looks sooo gorgeous! I’m jealous!
    Thanks for sharing!


  3. Jealous to the nth degree. Thank you for sharing this fabulous trip. So glad to see people doing fun stuff somewhere 😉 Expensive yes, but seeing so much of that vast country in style.


  4. It’s so great, and such a novelty these days, to see travel pictures! What a blast. Umm, did I see Perth mentioned?? There is a gang here ready to entertain you!


    • Hey JackieB,
      Yes, Perth is next on our list. we’d like to drive Broom to Perth then train home on the Indian Pacific.
      We’ve also got mates in Fremantle and I desperately want to visit a GF at Little Creatures brewery.
      DEFINITELY include a perfume peeps get together. Also, you guys have some cool niche stores there. We’d need to hit those.
      Portia xx


  5. I love trains! This looks like such a fun trip — it’s amazing to see people out and about like this. One of my goals for future travel is to go with my husband on train trips out West. The train across Canada is high on my list! Now that his travel to Europe for work has been so curtailed, and likely won’t reach the same pre-pandemic levels at least for some time, maybe trains across North America will move higher on the to-go list!


  6. What an amazing trip! Train journeys are the best way to see places slowly and be aware of the transitions between scenery – and you certainly did it in style! That open air meal under the dark cloudy sky looks like a particular highlight.


  7. Your trip sounds great. For years I’ve been thinking about a train trip, but I’m too practical and at the same time, I think, scared for life by traveling by train in my childhood (those were not too nice). A couple of overnight trips in “luxury” carts in Ukraine when on a business trip a couple of years ago hasn’t improved my perception of traveling by train as a necessity that I would rather avoid when possible. I hope that a $3K+ per person ride in Belmont Pullman would be a completely different experience, especially now with all Covid cleaning, but I’m not sure I’d want to spend that amount of money on a single day train trip, no matter how nice it is.
    But I loved reading about your trip, and pictures are great! I look forward to more of your trips! :)


    • Hey Undina,
      Having done the trans Siberian in 2nd class in 2019 I fully appreciate your stance. This was not like that at all. Also for four days on our trip it is only a little more that US$3k per person, all meals, drinks and excursions included. A perfect way to see a part of Australia that is quite difficult to see comfortably any other way.
      Yes, as soon as we decide our next trips. We both have birthdays yet and our 10th Anniversary to celebrate in 2021.
      Portia xx

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      • In Europe, it’s $3K+per person for a slightly longer than a day trip. And from the pictures that I saw, the accommodations are not as specious as what I see on your photos. Four days for that price are better, though still… I can do a week in Hawaii for the price… But if I ever come to Australia, I might consider that :)

        Liked by 1 person

  8. Thanks for sharing your trip. The travelogue and pictures made it very real! And, I am not surprised at all that Jin was a favorite.

    I am toying with the idea of taking a train to Boston and just walk around and visit museums for 2 days. We’ll see.


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