Healing Bite

Biting your lips is one of the common causes of chapped lips. As well cold weather is. It’s never cold where I live, and I do not bite my lips. Nevertheless, I constantly have a feeling that my lips are dry. I’m not sure of the real to imagined ratio of this problem, but since it feels real, for the last many-many years I’ve been using one product or other to keep my lips moist.

I am more or less covered during the day (you might say, literally) since I wear lipstick and do not mind re-applying. But at night it became a hassle: I’d put on some lip product before going to bed and then would wake up a couple of times during the night to use it again.

Up until 7 month ago I’ve never heard about the BITE Beauty brand. And then either as a GWP or a birthday gift from Sephora I got a set with mini lipstick, lip crayon and a dime-size double-packette of lip scrub and lip balm. Both make-up items did not work for my skin tone, so I quickly re-homed them with a friend, but I kept treatment samples for “maybe one day…”

“One day” occurred soon when I misplaced the regular tube from the night stand. Since it was late, I didn’t feel like sending the search and rescue expedition downstairs, so I just applied some from the sample and went to bed.

When I woke up early next morning, one of the first conscious thoughts was: “My lips still feel not dry… Wow.”

Next I did what I often do with perfumes when I fall in love with them: I bought a full product even before I finished the sample.

Bite Agave Lip Balm

From the brand’s site:

It’s handmade with natural and organic ingredients, including agave nectar, shea butter and Madagascan vanilla CO2 extract, to help deeply hydrate. And, its nurturing base, made with lanolin and beeswax, helps seal in moisture.

Agave Lip Balm is just amazing. In six months I’ve been using it I had to re-apply it during the night just a couple of times but usually I just use it once before going to bed. It doesn’t feel greasy or sticky. It is not shiny, but lips do not look completely naked. Agave Lip Balm has a very faint vanilla scent. At $18 for a regular tube, it is the most expensive lip balm I’ve used so far, but I think it’s worth it. I’m on the second tube now (it lasts for 3-4 months of nightly use), and I plan to get the next one before the current one is done.

If only I could find something like that for hands…

Image: My own


26 thoughts on “Healing Bite

  1. Thank goodness you now rarely have to reapply lip balm during the night! I’m very suspicious of them in general because a lot – the stick type especially – actually dry your lips out because of the ingredients they contain (such as alcohol). It makes me wonder if they are designed purely to keep you using them.
    The one that I love is the Nuxe Reve de Miel. It’s also not cheap outside France but last ages.


    • I remember thinking exactly that: “Are they adding something to those lip balms and hand creams that after a short relief my lips and hands feel even worse?” So, I’m glad I found this one.
      I made a bookmark for Nuxe Reve de Miel – in case I’d decide to try something new for me.


  2. Yes, agree with Tara that I am also suspicious of all the chemicals and possible drying effects – of most lip balms. I don’t really have the problem in fact, but I am forever biting my tongue and the insides of my cheeks!


  3. It never gets cold where you live?????? I’m insanely jealous 😮. I would agree with Vanessa and Tara. I too have read about the ‘lazy lip’ problem. It’s a thing. Kick those lips into gear Undina. Put them on a brutal workout schedule. Three sets of twenty-five kisses daily. That ought to straighten them out.

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  4. I use the Bite Agave Lip mask which is probably much stickier than the balm but as a nighttime product works great- always wake up with super soft lips.


  5. I love your cat-shaped measuring cup Undina! Every Rusty lover should get one like that in orange tabby variant if available.

    Speaking of lip care, even as a guy I use transparent sticks in the winter season to prevent cracking from the minus temperatures. I used easily available stuff like Nivea but it wasn’t perfect. EOS sphere lip balm was great but wasn’t as handy to have in the pocket of my jacket – plus I got mint flavor which was tinglish. My last winter discovery was a Dr. Jart + protective lip stick. No color, no taste (except of hint of beeswax from ingredient) and it doesn’t give shine. I’m sticking with it for upcoming winter too.


    • I would love to have that cup in orange! Alas, I have a set of four of different size and color (I’ll use them in some post to demonstrate) but none of them is orange.

      Whenever I find a product (or perfume :) ) that works for me, I tend to stick to using it for years.

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  6. Sounds like a great product! Funny, as I was reading your description I was thinking the very thought that you wrote at the bottom: “If only I could find something like that for hands…” As soon as the heat comes on in our house in late fall, my hands start chapping. I think I’ve tried every kind of cream and nothing seems to work (of course, it doesn’t help that I wash my hands a lot).


    • Let’s agree to share if one of us finds that unicorn hand lotion. I came across a couple that were very nice… if you didn’t need to touch anything for a couple of hours after the application – which is fine for a lips product but is kind of problematic with hands one :)


  7. I will give this one a try next time I am in Sephora. OUt of sheer laziness I have completely stopped wearing make up so no lipstick for me but in between seasons my lips do get wickedly chapped. I am trying not to go crazy with the lip balm but this week my lips started to crack and bleed so I had no choice.


    • My make-up routine is extremely minimalistic, but I never pass on a lipstick (or perfume :) ). I hope you’ll get to try and will like it: bleeding lips are extra entry points for the flu and other unwanted guests.


  8. As I was reading I found myself hoping that the brand was organic, and as it turned out to be so, I will look into it. Like Vanessa, I don’t need lip balms much, my lips mostly sort themselves out, hands more or less too, my face though… I think I did find the proper remedies for that, however I wish more of these were natural/ organic brands, but the search is kind of fun…
    I found the grown alchemy lip balm good, though I don’t like the scent ( of water melon!) and hand cream; the Frederic Malle, if I could afford it.


    • No… I don’t think I can tolerate water melon scent from anything that I’m not going to eat… :)
      I checked Beautypedia: they don’t have a review for this balm yet but their expert rating for the Agave Lip Masks that was released first is 5 stars.
      I will give FM’s hand cream a try if I see them in the store: I might splurge on one if it smells good AND does the job.


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