Guess When and Win

Have you noticed an increasing frequency of people vlogging about buying and finishing products, from nail polish, to body lotion, to make-up and even perfumes? Googling videos with “YouTube beauty product empties” yielded thousands of results. A quick perusal showed that the most relevant videos ranged from 5 minutes to an average of 20 or so minutes each. The earliest video was from May 2013 and the most recent one was from a few minutes ago.

In Perfumeland, finishing a full bottle of perfume is like finding a unicorn, unless you have perfume-eating skin, in which case, you WISH said unicorn magically replenishes the bottle you are about to finish. I am close to seeing my next1 perfume unicorn. Can you guess for which perfume?

Chanel No 19 EdP

If you guessed Chanel No. 19 EDP, you are absolutely right!

According to Fragrantica, Chanel No. 19 was launched in 1970. The Number 19 in the name refers to the August 192, birth date of Coco Chanel. While there are various formulations of Chanel No. 19 (EDT, EDP, Parfum and even a flanker – Poudre), the one I like best is the EDP. It has a bracing combination of bergamot, iris, vetiver and a hint of leather. It is easy to wear, office-friendly and lasts all day with my usual 5 sprays. Chanel No. 19 EDP gives me backbone for anticipated stress-filled days; and there had been plenty of those since I bought this 100mL bottle in March 2015.

I still have a few wearings left and I am determined to finish it before the end of the year. To celebrate this milestone, I am offering a miniature L’Air du Desert Marocain3. To be entered, leave a comment and include the following:

  1. Date when you think I will finish the bottle.
  2. The last perfume bottle you finished – when and which one. If you have not finished one, which one will you use up within the next 6 months?
  3. Your country (there is no restrictions but we need to know).

The contest is open until 11:59PM PST on December 23, 2017. The winner will be chosen via from the commenters who guessed the date correctly. If not one guesses the date correctly, everyone will be included in the random drawing. Please note that neither Undina nor hajusuuri is responsible for replacing the mini if it were to get lost or damaged.

Tauer LDDM Mini

1 Burberry Britt Sheer, Hermes Kelly Caleche EDP and Shu Uemura Fleur de Source

2 Coco Chanel was born on August 19. I started working full time after college on August 19. Coincidence, or not?

3 The L’Air du Desert Marocain mini is courtesy of Andy Tauer. He sent me 2 extra minis, one of which I sent to a dear perfumista friend and the second one is for this contest.


Images: hajusuuri’s own


46 thoughts on “Guess When and Win

  1. Hi Sweetie, lovely to see you guest-posting at Undina’s blog again.

    So far I have finished only 1 bottle of a proper perfume (not counting a Puma fragrance I had as a teen) and it was Prada Amber Pour Homme, my very first perfume. I bought another bottle after I used up the 1st one since it’s my ‘signature’ scent.

    Please do not enter me in the draw, I have LDDM mini as well :)
    Good luck to all!


  2. First off…how thrilled I am to see you here! (more please!)

    Second off, I am the Queen of scent eating skin and at this point in my perfume adventure of 46+ years have probably emptied 500+ full bottles.

    Finally, I have been graciously gifted a mini already (which I treasure and CAN use sparingly as it lasts…my scent eating skin met its match) so you don’t need to enter me in the draw.


  3. I am only a few years into my perfume journey and I already have way too many bottles, I have never finished one! I do have a couple of small bottles from SSS so I expect the first to go will be Champagne des Bois. I too have the mini already so no need to enter me! (That little bottle was impossible to resist!)


  4. I think you will finish this bottle on 18th December, although I don’t know if you wear this office-friendly scent to the office every day, so it is a bit of a punt. The number of sprays info per wearing was a helpful clue!

    I have never single-handedly got through a bottle – bottles have been finished, but only because I have given a fair bit away as well, which doesn’t really count. Nor do I plan to finish one in the next six months. I could easily finish my Cuir de Lancome or my Kenzo Flower Oriental, but I shall instead take pains to eke them out indefinitely, hehe.

    I am in the UK, and LADDM is a scent I would really like my brother to try, hence why I am entering.


    • I am usually in the office 5 days a week but do not wear No. 19 everyday; I usually try to be on theme with NSTs Friday project and extend it to at least 3-4 days. That said, my next few weeks will be more stressful than usual so I would not be surprised if I end up wearing it more frequently. Good luck ;-)


  5. Hi, hajusuuri! It’s lovely to see a post from you :) Isn’t Andy Tauer the best??

    Assuming you won’t be wearing exclusively No 19 for the next weeks, I think you will finish on 3 Feb 2018. I have never used a full bottle up from start to finish, but I did get a lovely bottle of Diorissimo with about as much perfume in it as you have in your Chanel No 19, and it took me MONTHS to finish it.

    I don’t know if I WILL manage to empty anything in the next six months. My goal is to empty out a number of samples to clear out the sample sea. The bottles are probably better protected against the elements than the samples, right? Especially the homemade spray samples.

    I live in the US! Thanks, hajusuuri :)


    • Hey Koyel! Andy IS the BEST. I have to check out his videos.

      Do you think you will finish a bottle that you’ve split?

      As to the samples, are they only the ones you like enough to wear again or are they meh but you don’t feel like “wasting” them. Samples have a way of multiplying like rabbits!


      • The videos are lovely :) I enjoy reading the comments, half of which say something like, “Your videos are better than meditation for calming me down!”

        I hope it’ll take me at least a year to finish the bottles I’ve split!! 15 mL goes a long way for me (I’m not CM8! She and I started with the same amount of Chergui from my split, and she’s already finished hers, while I’m now at like…14 mL).

        The samples I have finished are ones I like enough to wear. I’m doing my best to pass along samples I only feel meh about; life is too short to waste it on samples I don’t love! I need to get even better at passing along things I don’t care for, though….


  6. I think you will empty the bottle on December 23rd. The last bottle I finished was MPG Bahiana sometime this past August. The next bottle I expect to finish is my vintage Cuir Beluga (backup already waiting in the wings).


  7. I laughed out out! Since becoming perfume promiscuous, I haven’t finished a bottle since … a long time.

    The last one was Kate Walsh Boyfriend. Indult Tihota, Nobile 1942 La danza dell libellule, Geisha Vanilla Hinoki, or ELdO Archives 69 might be next since I’ve already started thinking about back-up bottles.

    I think you will spray your last spritz on December 22 (I’ll pick the day before Tara) :-)


    • Daisy! Mwah!

      What? With your 12 sprays, you haven’t finished a bottle in a ling time?

      From your next in line to be empty bottles, I nominate Tihota. By the way, is the Tihota juice supposed to be light or dark? My okder partial bottle has dark juice but the back-up, which I bought a little over a year ago has light juice.

      The 22nd is my first day of vacation so maybe….


  8. I’m going to guess that you will finish the bottle with a magnificent flourish on December 31, for New Year’s Eve! The last full bottle of fragrance I finished was a smallish (30 ml) bottle of a bespoke perfume created for my reunion college class by a classmate in the fragrance industry. I had four bottles; I still have two. I live in the US and would love to be in the draw! Thank you!


  9. I don’t think I’ve finished a bottle of perfume in the last 6 years, and I do not think I will in the next 6 months. But before my dive into the rabbit hole I finished, in my estimate, about 10 bottles (there were more bottles that I used 85-90% and then they spoiled or I grew out of liking them; but finished I not that many).

    As you know, I have a mini bottle (and a 15 ml travel bottle :) ) but I still want to guess: December 30th would be my date. If I guess correctly, and there are no other “takers” for that date, I’ll claim the prize (and figure out what to do with it), but otherwise do not enter me into the draw.

    I wore LDDM today: wow, it’s tenacious. 12 hours later I can still smell something on my wrist!


    • I don’t know why but your comment made me realize there was one other perfume I drained – L’Occitane The Vert (RIP); I think it was 15 mLs. Anyway, I would have thought that you had finished a bottle in the past 2 years! And eeeek about the bottles that turned. Which ones turned so I can check mine, if I have it!

      Good luck on the Dec. 30 date :-)

      Liked by 1 person

  10. My guess is December 27th. I think you will need lots of No. 19 backbone though the busy weeks leading up to the end of year. But please do not enter me in the draw. The tiny cuteness of the Tauer mini captured my heart a few weeks ago. One is on its way to me now.

    I can not remember the last bottle I finished. It was a long time ago. The next thing I will finish is large decant of Chanel Eau de Cologne, just a few mls in it, maybe three or so wearings left. I will miss it when it is gone. Next most likely candidate is a travel bottle of Iris Ukiyoe which I love and wear often in the spring. It will probably be empty by April of next year.

    I am in the US.

    Would love to know if you have the box for your bottle of No. 19 so you can store your bottles in their boxes, or if you save the empty boxes “just in case.”


    • The mini is really cute! Congrats on almost finishing the Chanel EDC decant! Have you tried the EDP to see if it is a worthy replacement?

      As to the box, I generally store my perfumes in their original boxes. The flaps of my No. 19 had seen a lot of action! How about you? Do you save your boxes.

      P.S. I see you’ve won the 25 sample box and Lucas had already sent me your info :-)

      December 27th, we’ll see.


      • I have not tried any of Chanel’s Les Exclusifs since they were updated to EdP. Someday I’ll get there.

        Most of my perfume bottles stay out of their boxes. I do keep the boxes.and put bottles back in boxes when I take them on vacation. I also put neglected bottles back in their boxes and then line them up on a shelf where I can see them easily. This reminds me to try them again soon, think about why I’m not using them, and then decide to keep or move them along.

        Thanks so much for sweetening the pot over on Lucas’ draw. You’re the best!


  11. Hajusuuri you are too kind! I’m going to guess December 19th. I’ll just keep the number 19 significance going😊. I have finished 3 bottles of Stella long before I fell down the rabbit hole. Haven’t finished a full bottle since. I live in Southern Ca. USA. I always enjoy reading your write ups and your funny comments.


    • Woo hoo! December 22 is the beginning of my Christmas vacation. I’ve posted this on my signature at work and I am keeping it regardless of what is happening at work. I gave people enough notice so that’’s that!

      Good luck!


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  13. 1. I think you’ll end up finishing the bottle on December 25.

    2. I’ve finished several bottles of Donna Karan’s Cashmere Mist – it used to be a favorite of mine and was always on the birthday or Christmas gift “wish list” whenever I was close to running out. I haven’t had a bottle for a few years, since I’ve since expanded my perfume collection and decided that Cashmere Mist no longer works for me. I did also finish a bottle of Hugo Boss Deep Red, but not sure if that was before or after the last bottle of Cashmere Mist. Funny story about Deep Red – Me, Undina and another co-worker all had Deep Red and it smelled totally different on each of us, to the point that we were always each other “what are you wearing” anytime another would wear it to the office.

    3. United States.


    • Hey Juli! I wonder if many of us end up turning up our noses at mainstream, even the one we used to like with a passion (I wore Burberry Brit Sheer just about everyday one summer and, after finishing my bottle, I didn’t bother opening my BUB). In any case, let’s see if I finish my bottle on Christmas Day!


  14. I think you will finish your bottle on the 21st of December.
    I think the last bottle I emptied must have been either Prada Candy or a 30 ml Orange Sanguine, both would be about two years ago and I like both enough to have bought new bottles. Then I also emptied a few purse sprays earlier this year, one was the Bulgari tea scent with lavender in it and the other one Sud Magnolia.

    I am in Norway, but should I be lucky and win I might be able to supply a US address and get it over here with a scent mule before Easter at the latest..

    Just a rant, UPS is hopeless to use for delivery to private homes here. They usually don,t notify in advance when they intend to deliver and may attempt to deliver before 6PM. This week I waited for a tiny parcel and they have made a note that the “customer was not available”, even if it was a day I was off work! I am sure nobody rang my doorbell (the frontdoor is on the other side of the building from the street address so my guess is the driver didn,t bother). The parcel is now at a local pick-up point which is a good thirty minutes away with public transport. I am also waiting for a more important parcel sent from Sweden and there was no choice of how to get it delivered, only UPS, so I do see myself trekking over to that shop to pick up on Dec 22nd. Getting rid of the postal monopoly really hasn’t improved a thing. Rant over.


  15. Good on you for finishing bottles, large and small!

    As to UPS, that is OUTRAGEOUS. I’ve seen that happen in the U.S. as well. I once ordered two $6 items from Zappos dot com, free 2-day shipping. On Day 3, I got an email saying I refused the shipment. Eh, really? I emailed customer service. After several exchanges, I ended up with the items I ordered, two of Tony Hsieh’s book “Delivering Happiness” (delivered separately via overnight shipping and a $35 voucher with no minimum purchases. All told, conservatively, their mistake cost them $85 to correct.


  16. 1. 23 december
    2. The last perfume bottle I finished is Lolita Lempicka (50 ml). I finished it last month and I’ve had it for five years.
    3. Romania


  17. Oooh, what a wonderful giveaway hajusuuri! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone to the Tauer website and eyed that cute mini. I’ve even added it to my cart, and then…I don’t know if it’s that fact that it’s coming from overseas that is causing the hesitation or what.

    My guess is you will finish your bottle on December 31. Why not save the last drops for New Year’s Eve, right?

    The last bottle I finished was Eau des Merveilles. But it was one of their cute 15 ml bottles. Does that still count, lol?

    I am in the US and I would be giddy to win that little cutie.

    Happy Holidays and thank you for the giveaway!


  18. If I had to pay for shipping separately, I would hesitate too. There were one or two occasions when the package actually came from somewhere in the U.S. Your choice of a date is logical. We’ll see :-)


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