And the Oscar for Best Oscar Weekend goes to…

For many years we would have Oscars party with friends – watching together while eating, drinking, making predictions or discussing red carpet arrivals. A couple of times we even did an evening attire party with our own nominations and voting. Over years several things happen: our big company broke into smaller groups, so we rarely have large parties any more; Oscars got duller and, what probably is the most important, my vSO and I almost completely stopped watching movies, Oscars nominated or otherwise.

Last year we still tried to make an event from it and watched it with a couple of friends but it wasn’t as much fun as it used to be: it was too long for four of us to watch together and there wasn’t enough of us to seamlessly fill in commercial breaks. So this year we decided not to do anything special and instead of dressing up and going somewhere we stayed at home and each of us did what we enjoy doing.

My vSO spent several hours working on the financial planning while watching on Netflix a B horror flick. Since he likes both of these activities (and I’m amazed that he still manages to find a movie in this genre that he hadn’t watched yet), I should say that his weekend went well.

I watches the complete Oscars show on iPad (who would have thought 10 years ago that TV would become that portable!) while ironing everything I could think of.  It felt good to combine doing something useful (like picking up some future water cooler conversation topics) with pleasure (I love ironing!). And I was wearing Guerlain Habit Rouge Dress Code, which I loved (thank you, hajusuuri!) and which fit perfectly with pajamas I wore for that occasion.

But Oscar for best Oscar weekend goes to Rusty: he got to sleep on the sofa in the room where I was ironing (and to which he usually doesn’t have access) for more than three hours. He enjoyed every minute of this year’s Oscars.

Rusty sleeping

Do you like Oscars? Do you watch any part of the show?


10 thoughts on “And the Oscar for Best Oscar Weekend goes to…

  1. Oh Rusty…as cute as a bug as he sleeps. Oscar for best cuteness goes to him. Funny, we used to be like you…excited about the Oscars and the glamour and the buzz. I find that the older I get, I could care less. I think as we age our priorities change and getting excited about a movie where someone made 10M for 6 months of work and then getting big praise for it becomes a bit “who cares.” I know I am sounding like a cranky old person, but I think it’s just a natural progression in getting older….unless you’re in the business and then it may remain incredibly important. This concludes my 6am rambling! Happy Monday!


    • I have so many pictures of sleeping Rusty! I just don’t have enough perfume-related topics to use those for :)

      Films that I usually get an urge to watch after Oscars are those “short films”, but then I can never figure out where exactly I could watch them. And since most (all?) of them are too serious I talk myself out of actually looking for them.

      My Monday wasn’t bad, so thank you!


  2. That is so funny because although I didn’t watch the Oscars – they would be on way too late over here – I spent my evening ironing, with the kitten overseeing proceedings from the top of the kitchen door. She does get in the basket too but I discourage her from sleeping on ironing – already ironed or otherwise! And like you and your vSO, I hardly ever watch films nowadays – and very little TV for that matter, so most of the nominations would be lost on me. I believe this year’s Oscars were also caught up in a scandal about the diversity of the actors nominated, but I can’t comment on that, having not seen any films to judge who was good in what!


    • Yeah, it was a challenging “party” and while I do not have a final opinion on the matter by the end of the evening I thought that next year they should nominate “black” movies only and be done with Oscars already.

      Rusty is given my old top, which he can abuse any way he wants (usually he “claws himself to sleep” – you can see the purple colored top under his head) but everything else is off-limits (not that he doesn’t try but I’m firm with that rule ;) ).


  3. I thought you were going to ask “Do you like ironing?”to which I would answer “No!”. Luckily for me I don’t do any. If it needs ironing, I don’t buy it. Great that you love it though and that your v.SO loves financial planning. What a team.

    I don’t enjoy going to the cinema much for some reason but did see Carol and The Danish Girl this year, as well as Star Wars. I never watch the Oscars though might be tempted if it was at a reasonable time here. However, I’d probably be put off by the length and ad breaks, as you were.

    I enjoyed playing “Spot the Rusty” amongst the ironing :)


    • By now I know that I’m a freak: I don’t know anybody else who likes ironing. I can’t imagine not ironing things :)

      Last year I’ve been to the movie theater once. Jurassic World in 3D. Definitely not Oscars material. But other than that I didn’t even know which movies were nominated. I was glad though that Ennio Morricone finally got his Oscar.

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  4. Nah, no Oscars-watching for me. I have no patience for all that pomp and circumstance. No ironing for me either. The closest I’ve come to ironing anything is via a portable steamer.

    P.S. Glad you’re enjoying Dress Code. It may smell fabulous on your vSO.


    • I’m not sure I’m prepared to share that tiiiiny sample with him ;) But we’ll see. Why can’t they make smaller bottles?!!

      I’m thinking about getting a steamer. Though I want a full-sized one, not a portable. But, as I discovered a while ago, it’s not always good when it comes to synthetics: all those modern who-knows-what-they-did-it-from fabrics actually require pressing. Then maybe it’s a good case for not wearing those? :) If a steamer cannot breathe through it, how should my poor skin feel?


  5. I don’t watch the Oscars anymore, the time difference is just too much, but this year I actually managed to see a lot of the nominated movies, either in cinema or on teeny-tiny long haul flight entertainment screens. I’m happy to Ennio Morricone and Leonardo di Caprio, but both Hateful8 and The Revenant left me rather cold.
    So with the Oscars over the next big TV event is…..Eurovision. Do you watch that, Undina?


    • I know that Eurovision is a “big thing” in my native country and other post-Soviet Union countries: everything is getting as heated as in politics sometimes. But I left there before it started and in the U.S. it’s not something widely discussed or followed.


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