A Postcard from Undina: Happy New Year 2016!

New Year 2016 from Rusty

2015 wasn’t bad for me but it was challenging and very… educational. I’m thankful to it but ready to see it off. I hope the next one will be better for all of us.

Happy New Year to all my friends and readers! I know you will be here next year.

With love,


25 thoughts on “A Postcard from Undina: Happy New Year 2016!

  1. Wow, is that a Rusty New Year collage?

    I’ve been learning how it’s important to be grateful even in the trying times, but I see you’ve learnt that lesson already.

    In 2015 I set to push out of my boundaries and I succeeded beyond what I ever thought I could. I hope I can continue in 2016 but enjoy some of the benefits of all that hard work too. Wishing the same for you.


    • Tara, I really hope that you’ll keep pushing yourself to achieve what you want (slowly, right?).

      I had two great pictures – an ornament and Rusty watching me burning a sparkler. But the first one was too generic and the second one didn’t have a festive background (I didn’t plan the shot, it just happened). So I decided to combine the two for my card.


  2. Happy New Year, Undina! I hope that 2016 is like a breath of fresh air for you – and that you get to catch your breath and relax a bit in the wake of the challenges of the past couple years.

    Wishing your vSO a wonderful new year, too, and wishing Rusty as many photo assignments in 2016 as a cool cat like him can handle. ;-)


    • Thank you, hajusuuri.

      I think Rusty was ready to get a closer look at the sparklers but it went off too quickly (you know how cats take their time before they pounce ;)).


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