A Postcard from Undina: From Ukraine with Love


This year in Ukraine summer started earlier and it’s unpleasantly hot and humid. But as an upside to that I’ve finally got to smell blooming linden again. Normally linden blooms in July; it’s even reflected in the name for that month – Липень (in Ukrainian linden – липа). But thanks to the weather it’s in full bloom now.

Linden Blossom

I’m not sure I can find the right words to describe this scent. All I can say: it is even more beautiful than I remembered and was longing for!

Early summer of my High school graduation year. Blooming linden trees in the downtown of the city where I lived. Bitter-sweet scent fills the air. Bitter-sweet feelings overflow me […]
I remember walking the streets, inhaling the bitter scent of linden blossom and wanting to be happy… It was a very abstract thought. I didn’t define what exactly “happy” would mean, I didn’t have any specific wishes; I just wanted to change that one component of my life. I was longing for a combination of a warm evening, problems left behind, wonderful bitter scent of linden and a feeling of a complete happiness.

Yesterday I went to my high school class reunion. It was an informal party picnic that left a rather pleasant impression. On my way home, as I was breathing in gorgeously gentle sweetness of blooming linden trees, I realized that I’ve got my wish granted: I am happy. Often people avoid saying something like that – not to jinx it. I’m saying it to acknowledge my appreciation for where I am in my life now. I’m grateful to everything and everybody who contributed to that feeling of happiness. And that “everybody” includes you – my friends and my readers. I took the picture for the postcard below thinking of you.

Uspenskiy Sobor And Linden

May your most special wishes come true!


With Love,


Images: my own


32 thoughts on “A Postcard from Undina: From Ukraine with Love

  1. How lovely, Undina! It’s hard sometimes to admit when one is happy lest one jinxes it; I know exactly what that feeling or thought process is like. So it’s even more wonderful that you feel free and happy enough to say it. And, as Baconbiscuit said, we’re grateful you’re in our lives too!! (Lovely photo, by the way! And so glad you had a good time at your reunion. Those can be tough sometimes.) Enjoy the Ukraine and the weather, though you’re missed here! xoxo


    • Thank you, Kafka!

      I’m not sure if it shows but it’s a linden blossom on the picture. The weather was slightly less than enjoyable but other than that everything went fine.


    • Now, after I renewed my scent memory, it will be interesting to go through my linden perfumesto see how close they are to that intoxicating natural scent.


  2. I agree this is an especially special postcard. I’m so glad you are having a nice trip and that the linden bloomed for you (I always associate this scent with you, knowing how much you like it). And, most of all glad that you got your wish. I don’t believe in not admitting when we are happy, and when things are going well. Life is a mix of ups and downs, and I think we should enjoy the ups to the fullest when they come our way. Bon voyage!


    • Thank you, dear Natalie. I agree about ups and downs and even have a “theory” that we have to appreciate ups – or life will show us what we didn’t value enough while we had it.


  3. Echoing what Natalie said, linden will forever be linked in my mind to you, Undina (and also to Asali) in a very beautiful way. And even though it will probably sound quite New Age-ish to say this, I think it’s only right and fitting to acknowledge the love, luck and happiness that comes our way in the universe. In fact, I think that doing so opens one up to receiving more of those things.

    I’m so happy that you got to smell the lindens during your trip back home. Thanks for sharing this with all of us!


    • Thank you, Suzanne. I agree with your thoughts on being open to receive even more of good things.

      Linden was blooming like crazy this year, I don’t remember it ever being like that (and in Vienna it behaved normally: there were some blooming trees but they had a moderate amount of flowers and smelled not as intoxicating.


  4. That is the realization of realizations. So glad you’re in such a good place. :) You spread plenty of happiness around this community so it’s good to know it’s come back to you.


  5. I can’t believe it – it never occurred to me! Lipa – lipanj are the names of the tree and month in Croatian and I never once thought about it. :)
    Btw, I was also thinking about linden trees this weekend, the whole city smells of them blooming. Lovely!


  6. Wonderful postcard Undina! Glad to hear your high school class reunion was nice and that “lipa” is in full bloom.

    I can’t believe you’re so close and you won’t come over to Poland to meet your perfume sibiling!


    • lucas, maybe the next time: these trips require a lot of planning and time.
      In Polish those two words – for the tree and for the month – are also close, aren’t they?


      • I’d love to be your host and show you around!
        Yes, “lipa” is for the tree and “lipiec” is for the month July.

        Lovely to see you’re back! I missed you!


  7. Lovely post! Spring is a wonderful time to be reminded of being grateful!

    I’ve never been to Ukraine, but I have a few friends from Kiev. I’m glad you had a good reunion.

    Oh I love linden blossom! We have a tree that hangs partially over the deck, but spring is late so it hasn’t started blooming yet. But I can’t wait!


  8. Gorgeous photographs Undina, you make me want to visit Ukraine! As for the smell of lindens, it’s such a delicate green smell, a wonderful one to associate with happiness. Here’s hoping you are often happy in life, and get to smell the lindens every year with the same pleasure.


  9. I love linden, and have been considering planting it in my backyard. Beautiful photo! And, wouldn’t you know it? My high school reunion is this year too. :-)


  10. I love linden, and smelt some just yesterday, as it happens. ;-)

    Glad you enjoyed your school reunion and that you consider yourself to be at a happy stage in your life. You live in a beautiful part of the world, with a vSO, and Rusty the wonder cat!! That’s a lot to be happy about I would say… ;-). I am also very happy to know you.


    • Thank you, dear Vanessa. I’m happy to know you too.

      I saw a lot of lindenon this trip but nowhere else it was as gorgeous and fragrant as in Ukraine. I think the hot weather had something to do with that (though I do not recommend that part of the experience ;) ).


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