Laughs, Lemmings, Loves – Episode 34


Either I was too busy to laugh this week or everybody on my reading list was extremely serious. But I still got some lemmings and several writers did a wonderful job reviewing my favorite perfumes.

Or maybe it’s because of the Memorial Day long weekend? My weekend was productive: I almost finished everything I planned to do; spent some money to support the economy and time with friends – just to have fun. Did you do anything interesting?

Lemmings No Laughs


It’s not a true lemming for me since I tried this perfume already but since after reading Suzanne’s (Eiderdown Press) story about memories conjured by April Aromatics Bohemian Spice I felt an urge to test it more I thought I’d share this one with you.


This one is kind of lemming… By Kilian Musk Oud announced on NST. Two perfumes from the Arabian Nights collection that I tried on skin – Rose Oud and Amber Oud – I liked despite my general uneasy relationship with agarwood. So I want to try this new one – and I probably should finally get to try Insense Oud – though I almost hope not to like any of these two: it’s enough I’m thinking about buying Amber Oud, I don’t need another real lemming at that price point.



I keep repeating everywhere how much I love Neela Vermeire CreationsBombay Bling! I know that most of you have tried it already and read many reviews of it. But you should still read Lanier’s (scents memory) take on it: it’s definitely more than just a review and I think you’ll enjoy the story even if you know the perfume really well.


Steven (The Scented Hound) gives his highest approval (5 out of 5 possible bones) to a vintage Samsara by Guerlain. I’ve tried only modern version (see my post Déjà vu, Episode 3: powdery fruit vs. peony oriental vs. sandalwood jasmine) but I still like this perfume and wear it from time to time.


There must be something in the air: two bloggers wrote about one of my favorite Le Labo perfumes – Rose 31. Kafka (Kafkaesque): The kingdom of Pepper was sometimes affectionately called by its old, Norse name: Pepper & Pink. It wasn’t a vast land, but every square inch seemed to be populated by various forms of pepper. From the biting burst of freshly ground Malabar nuggets to the cedar trees which swathed its flanks from North to South and the great lakes of ISO E Super which dotted the landscape. and Jordan (The Fragrant Man): In Iran, Iraq, The Middle East, Pakistan and India rose perfumes are an essential part of a man’s fragrance wardrobe. Rose petals used to be crushed and mixed with oil to obtain a strong perfume which was labour intensive and therefore not easily mass-produced. Harun al-Rashid …


If you haven’t read it yet, take a look: Kafka wrote a beautiful-beautiful-beautiful review for my all-time favorite perfume Amouage Ubar. Have you ever seen an Arabian horse running? It’s an object of awe and grandeur, from its tiny, delicately chiseled head with those vividly intelligent eyes, to its hugely curved, muscular neck, its perfect, lithe body, and its perpetual grace that puts all prima ballerinas to shame.


23 thoughts on “Laughs, Lemmings, Loves – Episode 34

  1. I did my fair share to support the economy as well this weekend. Those clearance racks didn’t stand a chance. I don’t get lemmmings for the Kilian scents anymore thankfully. I’ve tried enough to determine that overall its not a brand that works for me. I’m sure there is at least one By Kilian that I might really like but I haven’t found it yet. That being said, I have lemmings for plenty of others that are at a painful price point.


  2. I am very curious about the Kilian Musk Oud myself. You must try Incense Oud as it’s one of my favorites…and Rose Oud is wonderful. Amber Oud did nothing for me…so we’ll see how Musk Oud fares. Thanks for love :) xoxoxox Steve


  3. It’s good to hear you supported the economy this past weekend, Undina. :D I mainly enjoyed the beautiful weather we had here, and am glad I did, as I think we’re in for a rainy week now. I also made it a point to wear some of my true-blue perfume loves (Chanel 22, MFK Absolue Pour le Soir, Robert Piguet Fracas parfum) and was tempted to put on some Ubar after reading Kafka’s gorgeous review. Ah, will get to that one later this week!

    Thanks for the link love. I hope you enjoy some more testing with Bohemian Spice! If he’s willing, try some on your vSO, too.


    • The weather is great here as well: warm but not hot, sunny. I like it like that.

      I will test Bohemian Spice on my vSO – don’t think he’ll mind (at least testing, when it comes to wearing he’s more picky :) ).


  4. You’re really kind, Undina. I’m glad I could do your favorite some justice.

    As a side note about the heat issue, since I live in the land of Hot, Hotter and HELL on earth, I think that Ubar does fine in the heat. Well, on those occasions when I ventured out of my air-conditioned, arctic Igloo to brave the outside temperatures. lol. ;)


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