Laughs, Lemmings, Loves – Episode 33


The hot weather we had in the beginning of May slightly cooled off, it is now a very pleasant period when very warm days turn into slightly chilly nights.

I’m extremely busy – both at work and in my everyday life but since I came across some posts that fell into one of the categories I try to cover I decided not to skip this week. So here are posts that made me want to try a new for me perfume, made me laugh or reviewed perfumes I love.

Lemmings, Laughs, Loves


If you were to read just one story from my weekly round-up read Christos’s (Memory of Scent) post on the story of the perfume about which I haven’t heard before but towards which I feel warm now after getting to know it through Christos’s words.


I didn’t think of testing this new L’Artisan‘s perfume because I disapprove mass marketization trend of their advertising (a naked model for the Caligna ad) but Lanier (scents memory) told the story in such a way that it made me want to try the perfume: Caligna to my nose is light and soft on my skin and the notes blended into a pure tingling effervescent pop of spring. Lovely and bright, luminous in fact, Caligna is really the perfect uni-sex perfume for springtime or even in the cold months to recall the joys of May in bloom in the south of France.



Do you want to know a secret of immortality and look at a peach from a different prospective? Read Judith’s (the unseen censer) The story of sex and a peach  (but I warn you: a peach might never look the same to you).


Blacknall (aperfumeblog by Blacknall Allen): Interlude Woman was sleeker and smaller (thank heavens), but still overpowered, still with that insane acceleration rate. Driving it was a revelation in centrifically challenging accelerations, hair pin curves, and how fast the crew could get you back on track (thirty seconds). I came away with a vague memory of iced tea and burning rubber, and that is all that I remember about that test run.



Kafka (Kafkaesque) reviews one of my favorite Serge Lutens‘ perfumes: De Profundis opens on my skin with a fragile, haunting and delicate bouquet of flowers. There is chrysanthemum with violets, green notes, white lilies and sweet, wet earth. I will tell you my Profundis story soon. I hope.


If you read any interesting posts that, in your opinion, didn’t get enough attention – please share.


29 thoughts on “Laughs, Lemmings, Loves – Episode 33

  1. Oh, I got a good laugh reading Blacknall Allen’s piece last week. I was tempted to suggest that she turn the Amouage wheel over to me (let me chauffeur her around and she can just enjoy the second-hand sillage), but thought better of it. :)

    Thanks for the roundup, Undina. I’ve read most of these lovely posts and will catch up with the two that I haven’t read.


  2. Hi Suzanne,
    You can drive my car anytime! Think everyone else has a better time than I do with the Amouages, though I really did like Beloved a lot.
    So glad that you mentioned Kafkaesque’s review of De Profundis here U. DP hasn’t gotten as much attention as some of the SL line, but it is so beautiful. Maybe people don’t like the chrysanthemums? They are associated with funerals in Italy.


  3. Lanier’s writing was really great but when I tried Caligna then it still smelled the same way to me.
    I laughed reading about peach and flower of immortality.

    Good job!


  4. Thank you for the link referral but also for the others. I enjoyed, as always Blacknall’s post. And I loved the Unseen Censer’s post on Flower of Immortality, not only because of her perfect, succinct summation of the scent but because of the history!! (You might have guessed that would be my favorite part. lol.)

    She’s completely right about the Emperor’s harem, but I think I could have done without the mental imagery of the peaches as *vaginal lips*….. Oh.My.God!!! My God, my GOD! My eyes, my mind, the mental visions! It may take me a little while before I can eat a peach without a deep, significant pause… :P


  5. Thank you for mentioning my post Undina. I am glad you found it interesting. Gravel attracted a lot of attention 4 or 5 years ago over at masculine Basenote forums and at that time its price online was very high, much higher than the modest original price in US. Regardless of price and public interest the story of Michale Knudsen and his perfume is really touching and everything perfume is about.


  6. The consensus on Caligna seems to be positive, even though L’Artisan is becoming more and more corporatized. Can you believe they canned Vanilia and Dzing! to make room for novelties?

    Nonetheless, I’m gonna try it.


    • Whenever I read about discontinuations I feel very sad. I realize that a company won’t discontinue a popular perfume but I still do not like when something goes away forever.


  7. Gravel was a fragrance that I spent quite a while trying to hunt down when I heard about it. I still feel a bit sad about not ever having found it. Good roundup this week as always, and I’m sorry you’re so busy at the moment (I can relate).


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