A Postcard from Undina: ZZ Top at the Mountain Winery


Last week was surprisingly quiet: no new lemmings, no reviews for my favorite perfumes and nothing amusing enough to warrant a LLL post. So I decided it was a good time to introduce a new category – A Postcard From Undina. From time to time I plan to publish a picture of something I like, experienced or saw – with some notes from me or just a “blank” postcard.


40 years, the same three guys, the same three chords.
Billy Gibbons

ZZ Top at the Mountain Winery, August 2012

It was a very enjoyable August night at a beautiful venue with rock legends.

Wish you were there.




Image: my own


20 thoughts on “A Postcard from Undina: ZZ Top at the Mountain Winery

  1. I wouldn’t have predicted your ZZ Top fandom either! But aren’t they fabulous. Here in Texas, there is a series of tourism
    TV commercials advertising the lifestyle and attraction of Houston. One of the spots features ZZ Top taking you around the city, showing you their favorite places. I must say it’s pretty convincing!


  2. Echoing the thoughts of Tara and Susan, I NEVER would have pegged you as a ZZ Top fan! I love that quote from Billy Gibbons you put at the top of the photo. It’s funny, I don’t really care that much for their music except for that “Sharp Dressed Man” song, but I do think they would be a lot of fun to see in concert.


  3. I do enjoy Sharp-Dressed Man, although it’s bittersweet now because the song was one of the favorites of a BIL that’s died; but my fave ZZ Top moment is the guest appearances that Billy Gibbons occasionally makes on the TV show Bones.


    • Yes!!! I also love his Bones appearances.
      A conversation the other day with our friend:
      I: 40 years of concerts! They are old!
      My friend: Yeah, grandfathers. Angela had a kid, remember?


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