Laughs, Lemmings, Loves – Episode 8

It was a very stressful week: nothing too serious but a lot of small problems at work and some health issues. I’m feeling better now and ready to deal with everything I need to deal with in the office. But I had the most wonderful weekend including a perfumeeting with Natalie (Another Perfume Blog) that went too fast – as all good things usually do.

Lemmings, Laughs, Loves


It feels like I’m the last person in the Perfumeland who hasn’t tried yet two last most recent creations from Amouage. New surge of lemmings this week:

Suzanne (Eiderdown Press) about Opus VI: It’s a perfume that has intensity without a ballast, and while that may not sound like a strength, it is what makes Opus VI smell so compelling, because I think we are often drawn to those things we wish to complete.

Thomas (The Candy Perfume Boy) about Beloved: The base is quite similar to that of Amouage’s first fragrance Gold Woman, although it is decidedly less animalic and more refined, it has that golden, shimmering quality to it that softens the heavy musks, balsams and woods. It seems to find that perfect balance between rich and smooth.


Thomas (The Candy Perfume Boy): YouTube frightens me slightly. Maybe I’m just a wimp but despite the wealth of content YouTube has more loons, weirdos (not the good kind) and trolls than any of the other ‘tubes’, including the London Underground, which indeed has its fair share.

Ari (Scent of Self): This book makes an Ikea instruction manual look riveting in comparison. Although if you think about it, Ikea instruction manuals are already sort of suspenseful. Will those suspiciously smiley stick figures be able to properly assemble that Förhöja Wall Cabinet???


Sigrun (fragrantfanatic) tells us about the affair she had while her husband was on a trip: I’d really hoped I’d dislike Angel, considering my husbands opinions on it, but no such luck. The sensation of then sitting in a commuter train and have that…thing…whafting up on me from under my clothes invoked a giggly, exhilarated feeling… Have you read my story Angel of Jealousy?


Since one of the draw winners hasn’t contacted me in a week I used once again. A new winner is Suzanne. Please contact me with your shipping address.

Feel free to share any links – your lemmings, [new] loves or good laughs.


15 thoughts on “Laughs, Lemmings, Loves – Episode 8

  1. I haven’t tried OPUS VI either, but want to real bad. I mean, an amber without ballast with a base similar to Amouage Gold, that just couldn’t go wrong!

    And I smiled when I read your story of Angel, I can very well relate to that feeling “but it’s MINE…” (I have 2 younger sisters that used to “borrow” things a lot while we still all lived at home. Nowadays, they live far away so it’s not an issue anymore :)


  2. I got such a giggle too over reading what the Candy Perfume Boy wrote about YouTube. I need to add him to my blogroll .. he’s good! (Actually I need to update my blogroll and add many people to it.)

    Thank you for the love link … and did I read that correctly and I get to claim the tardy person’s prize? Why don’t you give them a few more days and if they still don’t respond then, oh baby, yes! I’ll take it.

    P.S. Did not make it to the Estee Lauder counter this weekend to sniff Tuscany per Donna but hope to get there tomorrow. You and Susan have me so intrigued now…


  3. Count me in as another who hasn’t tried Opus VI yet, but for me that’s kind of par for the course. I’m busy working my way through the heliotrope note this spring, then this summer is fig, somewhere in there I want to try out the Olympic Orchids line, this fall it’s incense….. someday. I’m in no big hurry. :)


    • Ok, I officially feel slightly better about Opus VI :)
      Usually I accumulate a number of perfumes with a specific note (not on purpose, it just happens) and then I run my Single Note Exploration test. But in day-to-day use and testing I almost never follow any note or genre. It will be interesting to read your impressions once you’re done with your spring self-assignment.


  4. I was just saying over on N’s blog that you pair are two of my favourite virtual fumie friends, and it is fun to imagine you hanging out. Has N got to meet Rusty yet? That would be the cherry on the cake, it must be said… : – )

    Regarding your round up, with the exception of Suzanne’s post I am uncharacteristically up to speed with these blog highlights – notwithstanding my computer’s convincing attempt to feign death yesterday, only to rally miraculously at the repair shop – and I loved those two funny passages you quote.

    And Opus VI was surprisingly less terrifying than I thought, once I was over the hump of the herbal opening.


    • Thank you, Vanessa!

      Natalie hasn’t met Rusty yet (he refuses to accompany me to my SF trips though we’re making some progress with him walking with me on a leash back to the entrance door from 10-15 miters where I put him down on the ground) but I’m hopeful we’ll rectify that during one of her future trips here.

      This week I’m behind everything. So now I’m off to reading your Germany post.


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