Baiser Volé by Cartier

On my recent visit to Nordstrom the friendly SA slipped into my shopping bag two samples of the new perfume by CartierBaiser Volé.

First – Cartier isn’t one of the houses that I have any sentimental connection to, I’ve never owned or even liked any of their perfumes. Second – I usually do not test mass market perfumes right away: I get them, stash away, try the perfume during my next trip to a store on a blotter and then, if I liked it enough, maybe, at some point I might test it on my skin. I don’t know what happened this time. I blame Dee with her mainstream scents testing (this and this). And the SA who was so enthusiastic about getting this perfume and being able to give me a sample (she was telling me about it a month ago and waited for it to arrive). So last weekend I mentally mapped my escape route to the sink with hot water and sprayed Baiser Volé on my wrist.

LilyCreated in 2011 by Mathilde Laurent, Baiser Volé is all about lily. It starts with a strong burst of a lily scent. It smells like those lilies in a bouquet which you’re not supposed to leave in the room where you sleep (has anyone tried it ever? I haven’t but I remember that rule from when I was a kid). The smell is so intense that it’s impossible to say if it’s natural or artificial. In 10 minutes it calms down to … more lily accompanied by some synthetic peppery note.  And then (in 2-3 hours) it dries down to … yep, even more lily. Somewhere in all that there is a powdery aspect but I can’t remember exactly on which stage I smelled it and I’m not testing it for the third time.

I wore Baiser Volé on its own first and then side by side with Pur Desir de Lys by Yves Rocher. They are very different in the first 10 minutes when Cartier’s creation is much more intense and loud but after that, without knowing which wrist was sprayed with which perfume, I would have had a really hard time telling them apart. Unfortunately, Yves Rocher discontinued its lily perfume and though it still can be found on eBay, its price isn’t that much more attractive than the price of a new perfume from Cartier. And the latter has a better designed bottle.

So, if you really like lily and want to wear a soliflore based on this flower, Baiser Volé might be not a bad choice. For me it’s too simple and… too much. I didn’t get a headache but I was bored. And, in addition to that, the name annoys me. Why a Stolen Kiss? What does a loud, blaring scent of a lily have to do with a daring but still tender moment which I imagine when thinking of a stolen kiss? I have no idea. If this perfume were to symbolize a behavior I would say it calls for a restraining order.

Image: my own


12 thoughts on “Baiser Volé by Cartier

  1. Lol, a restraining order!
    Now I have read two very conflicting reviews (yours and the one of the Perfume Posse), which makes the whole thing interesting, although I tend to believe you more, I can’t abide a loud fragrance either. will definitely try this. thank you!


    • I forgot to mention (and I planned to!) a positive thing: there is no fruit whatsoever in this perfume. So, in a way, it’s a progressive scent if to compare to other department stores’ offerings.


  2. You’re so right about the name. I don’t know if any mainstream scent on the market could live up to the feeling of a stolen kiss (but maybe that depends on who is doing the stealing?). I saw this yesterday, but didn’t test it. I’m sure I will eventually, but there are other launches I am more interested in.


    • I wouldn’t have rushed with testing if it weren’t for the sircumstances.
      About names: in general, I prefer abstract names. This way my internal visuals do not interfare with what I smell.


  3. I think I’ll pass on this one. Lily soliflores and I ado not make happy company.

    Getting perfume samples here is not very common. I’ll admit I’ve been quite lucky these past 6 months free sample-wise, but it was a long time coming!


    • It’s a new thing with Nordstrom (well, at least in San Francisco and Seattle area): not only they will make you almost any sample you ask for but you can actually make it yourself. “More valuable” manufacturers’ samples are given away with a purchase.


  4. Enjoyed your forthright and well-written review, Undina. Since I already have Serge Lutens Un Lys, which is quite a realistic lily and very soft and pretty, I don’t think I’ll be checking out this fragrance. I do admire Mathilde Laurent’s work, but I don’t think I could deal with a loud lily scent — and actually, for me, one lily soliflore is plenty. :)


    • Thank you, Suzanne.

      Testing this one I realized I didn’t need any lily soliflore. I do not mind it as a note in the composition but since I’m not a big fan of a real lily flower scent (I don’t dislike it, just do not like enough) I doubt I will be wearing even the most perfect perfume interpretation of it.


  5. A very nice review! I would probably like Baiser Vole – I like lilies very much – BUT. First, it’s Cartier ($$$$). Second, Lord only knows how long it would be before I could even scrounge a sample. Third, I’ve already gots my lily scents, thanks (DK Gold, and much-enjoyed samples Malle Lys Mediterranee and DSH 1000 Lilies).

    I’m not a big fan of loud, but I’ve noticed before that in particular white florals that everyone else seems to find too big (Carnal Flower, for one) are very soft and gentle on me, almost skin scents. Could be my nose, but I don’t think so.


    • Well, let’s see if you do like it: one Baiser Vole sample will be on its way to you in a couple of days. Hopefully ;) you won’t like it enough to want a FB: $100 for 1.6 oz feels a little extreme for this perfume.


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