Entertaining Statistics: September 2013

  After a cool summer September arrived warm and very pleasant. And to make it even better I spent the last week of it in Hawaii. I was so looking forward to that vacation that soon after I booked our flight and rented a house I started playing that choosing game in my mind: what perfume […]

If Johana by Keiko Mecheri were a shoe…

  Being parfumistas we accept that most perfumes are unisex and even those that lean towards masculine or feminine designation might be worn by any gender. The same way there are no strict rules as to which genre of perfumes should be worn in which environment or on which occasion (breathing conditions permitting). It might be a […]

My Perfume Portrait

While reading other people’s blogs I caught myself wishing they had somewhere a condensed list of their perfume loves, likes, maybe even dislikes. So I decided to make my own list and update it from time to time – just in case I’m not alone in my curiosity. My posts, links to which you see […]

My Blog’s First Anniversary

Most of you are probably familiar with, I’m positive a well-studied and explained, phenomenon of the time going faster as you get older. I wasn’t curious enough to look for those explanations so at some point I came up with the one that seemed logical and left it at that. In our earlier years time […]

New Year Resolutions, Part I: 2011 Round Up

New Year resolutions… Crowds in gyms and dance classes usually subside by mid-February allowing regulars to go back to their normal routines. Healthier eating habits get buried under stress of a “holiday-less” life and kitchen catch-all drawers stay in their natural state that makes finding any useful thing we put in there at some point an […]