What I Wore Wednesday: Perfume Advent Calendar 2021, Introduction

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned my plan to do a Perfume Advent Calendar, and I’m doing it!

Because of all the holidays, December is my favorite month of the year, and I realized that didn’t want to spend it wearing samples that I’m unfamiliar with. So, I decided to choose my favorite perfumes to wear for the whole month. And because at least some of my bottles won’t fit into the gift bags I got for the Calendar, I went with printing 31 names, choosing 24 of them, putting each into a gift bag and numbering them randomly. This way I’ll still have an element of surprise and will not have a pressure of making a choice every day.

One more reason for me to love December is that we celebrate Rusty’s Birthday on the Christmas Eve day. For the second year, I’ll be doing the Advent CaTendar on my Instagram account (@undina_ba) – a count up to Rusty’s 13th Birthday. Running two daily posts would be an overkill for me (and, frankly speaking, for you, my readers, as well). So, my solution is to do weekly posts telling you about my choices for the previous week with links to my published stories about those perfumes and new pictures (hopefully, Rusty will cooperate at least for some of them – like on the pictures below where he’s “helping” me to make my Perfume Advent Calendar).



Are you doing any Advent Calendars this year – either your personal ones or store-bought?


Images: my own


24 thoughts on “What I Wore Wednesday: Perfume Advent Calendar 2021, Introduction

  1. I created my own, using a SkinStore 12 days box from a couple of years ago that has nice big drawers. I’m doing 24 days, so my son placed two perfumes in each drawer. Since I’m still doing my 365 project, I had to pick the 24, as well as assign the Favorite Fridays, Sample Sundays and Mini Mondays – but I’ll still be surprised by the order that they come out. I can already tell it’s going to be fun. (I still reserve the right to wear a second (superstition) perfume – SJP Stash – on my son’s football game days – they have state semifinal this weekend and if they win, the state championship on the 11th!)

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    • I also “cheated” for a couple of days (I’ll write about it when the time comes), but for the most part of the month it’ll be a surprise. As I’m writing this, I eagerly anticipate tomorrow’s morning when I open the second bag and read the name of perfume I’ll be wearing tomorrow.


  2. I’m still deep in samples and look forward to the thrill of spontaneous choosing every day, so I’ve decided to take that route instead of making an advent calendar. The scents themselves still end up being a surprise as it’s the first time I’m smelling them! What is Rusty saying there?! Is he calling out numbers? ;)


  3. So, what is your perfume today since it is Dec. 1? I tried out a sample tonight of City Rhythm Miami but am not liking it. Too much like Cloud and BR540 and that ilk of bandaid plastic vanilla scents. For advent calendars, I bought for the first time this year the Godiva calendar and one by NYX with eye shadows and lip treatments. Last year I did L’Occitane which I did not like and Yves Rocher which I loved. I bought the YR again this year for my mom. I would have gotten me one but they didn’t change the contents enough. I would have gotten to try only three or four new things. The rest were repeats, including the fragrances.


    • I haven’t bought anything from Yves Rocher probably in the last decade, but that Advent Calendar looks very appealing! Can you reuse the box afterwards? Or is it being “ruined” by opening?
      I’ll report on what i wore next Wednesday for the previous week.


  4. Great idea, Undina, love the Catendar name, it sounds like something one could buy at an animal shop which I am sure will be sold somewhere, a cat Advent Calendar with treats. My sister gave me a Rituals Advent Calendar this year, so I will be opening this each day but love the idea to use a different scent every day in December. Will follow your selection the upcoming month!


    • I saw a calendar for cats at one of our grocery stores (Trader Joe’s). But since Rusty is a “senior citizen” cat, I won’t risk giving him some unknown treats.

      Will you do IG posts with your calendar? Rituals Advent Calendar looks nice on the picture, but they don’t show the content – not to spoil the surprise, I assume.

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      • That’s very thoughtful To give Rusty special snacks for his age. I give Rubio all kinds of snacks although his favorites are dried chicken snacks. He is 9 years old now. I post my advent calendar on IG, not every day though.

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  5. I have a Floraiku sampler and some SSS to resample so that will be how I participate in this project with you . Rusty is so adorable. Can’t believe that he turns 13!!

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    • Great! I’m glad you’ll be participating. I’ll be curious to know which of Floraiku perfumes you liked the most.
      Rusty still behaves like a kitten from time to time.


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