Saturday Question: Do You Dream About Perfume?

We all dream in our sleep. Some people remember what they saw in their dreams, some don’t. They say, as we get older, we dream less. It doesn’t feel like that to me, but it might be.


Saturday Question on Undina's Looking Glass


Saturday Question #58:

Do You Dream About Perfume?

I don’t mean constantly and repeatedly – that would be probably extremely unusual even with our shared hobby. But have you ever had a dream that involved perfume – buying, smelling, finding a “treasure trove”?

My Answer

I came up with this question a while ago when I woke up remembering a dream. In that dream I found myself in a deceptively recognizable perfume store (it’s a non-existing one, outside of the dream I cannot place it, even though I still remember a little how it looked). As I was walking around, there were many perfumes in different parts of the store, grouped by their brands, I think. I was evaluating what I saw and planning where I’d start testing, but as it often happens in a dream, I was constantly interrupted by something else and couldn’t get to smelling those perfumes. And then the store was closing…

Another time I remember smelling something in a dream. I woke up thinking that it was an unusual experience: I didn’t remember ever smelling anything in my dream before. I even told about it to my vSO. Unfortunately, I can’t remember now what it was that I thought I smelled in a dream.

Speaking of dreams (not perfume-related though), once I had a dream that I was telling something to Rusty, and suddenly he replied. I mean, he didn’t meow but actually said something. At that point, still sleeping, I told (? him),“It’s clearly a dream! No, cats do not talk!” To which he replied defiantly, “Yes, they do!” In our household this “Yes, they do [talk]!” became a recurring joke.

Rusty Sleeping

Do You Dream About Perfume?


38 thoughts on “Saturday Question: Do You Dream About Perfume?

  1. I have done. Once I could smell a perfume so vividly I could remember it when I woke up. It wasn’t an existing perfume and I can’t recall the context but I still remember how clearly I could smell it.
    Probably like most people, I don’t remember snelling anything in a dream before that.

    If any cat can talk, it’s Rusty!


    • I’m positive that Rusty thinks that he’s talking but his not that bright humans just don’t understand.

      Isn’t it interesting how our memory catches those unusual situations? And now it’s “documented” here as well :)

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  2. I can’t remember about dreams, but I’m sure Vega tells me a lot of important things, as does Rusty to you :-)
    The other day when she insisted on being with me while I sang, she kind of ‘sang’ too… 😂Too funny!


  3. Not recently, but I have on occasion. Sometimes I’m shopping, sometimes I just smell things in the dream. Even while I’m awake I will suddenly get the holographic smell of something that I’m not actually smelling.


  4. Yes, one in particular was a wonderful dream. I was in my Granny’s house (she’s been departed for 36 years now) and in her porch there were shelves and shelves of vintage perfumes and I was amazed at this find. They were all for me, and I was just about to pack them into boxes to bring home, and then I woke up. I was deeply disappointed. I have a recurring dream where I’m in the place I worked in as a teen, where I’m polishing the display shelves and cases of all the perfumes. The mirrors are always sparkling. For some reason the two perfumes that stand out are Pierre Cardin and Balenciaga. Why that is I have no idea, they weren’t of any particular interest to me at the time.


    • I know that feeling! I had similar dreams, not just about perfumes but I think that perfumes were among those “wonders” I found in my sleep but couldn’t bring with me :)


  5. I’ve thought about this for a few hours while I went about my day. My first thought was no, I have never dreamt about perfumes; after some reflection, I think that is correct. I have been fascinated with perfume for almost 10 years, but I have yet to dream about them. I was surprised to find that true – so, good question!! Regarding whether cats talk, I think Rusty, in your dream, got to the more foundational truth.


  6. I have definitely dreamed about my mom and smelled her perfume – Perfumers Workshop Tea Rose. Don’t recall any other perfume dreams, though.


  7. I think Rusty can definitely talk and I have dreamed about perfume also. I have dreamed about wearing perfume, smelling it and about going somewhere and wanting to buy perfume but things kept happening that prevented me from buying the perfume. That was a frustrating dream!


  8. I’ve been thinking about this since you posted this question, and I don’t think I’ve ever dreamt about perfume! I have had experiences like the one you describe, which is realizing you are dreaming while you are still in the dream.


  9. I had oddly vivid dreams last night and Friday night as well. It must have been something I ate. :D Perfume visits me in dreams often, at least one a month or so. I sometimes dream of other smells – of people, places, food, outdoor air and flowers.


      • I used to think everyone had taste and smell dreams, but I’ve learned that it’s not that common. And yes, I do have food dreams, too. Not very often, and they usually follow a holiday meal or a celebratory dinner. My dreams get more vivid when I’m unusually busy with social events. Not surprising because I’m an introvert who has learned to play the role of an extrovert. ;)

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  10. I may have done, but I am sorry I can’t remember!

    Weirdly, only yesterday I asked myself whether – given that I have spent a year mostly in her company – I would wish Truffle could talk. Given how much she hisses(!), I couldn’t quite make up my mind. ;)


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