New Year Resolutions, Part II: Perfumed Resolutions 2012

After my last year’s success with New Year resolutions it was a challenge to come up with something I have at least a hope to see through the year (that’s why my general resolutions aren’t on the list below). So, here we go:

NY Resolutions

  1. I have some perfume bottles from my pre-perfumista’s times. I loved them and wore those perfumes, the bottles are less than ¼ full but I noticed they do not get any more use. So I declare that all perfumes that do not get at least one “full-fledged” wearing in 12 months go to purgatory box for another 12 months during which I’ll decide their fate.
  2. During the last year I almost doubled my full bottle collection (absolute numbers are to remain private). I think that I still have some room in my collection (and maybe in my drawers – if I re-arrange some bottles) but I should limit the growth by not more than 6 (six) full bottles for 2012. I haven’t decided yet if this number should include gifts (I have a feeling it should but I might change my mind). With the same decree I’m limiting myself to buying no more than 100 ml of perfumes in decants.
  3. I have a lot of samples that I haven’t tested yet at all or tested only once. If there still might be some sense in having a bottle/decant of a favorite perfume that just waits for the right moment or have some sentimental value, I cannot find any good reason for hoarding untested samples. So I will not buy new samples until I have less than 30 untested samples in my “to test” bin. There will be several exceptions to this rule:
    –          I plan to buy Mary Greenwell Plum sample as soon as it becomes available at luckyscent because I wanted to test it for many-many months and it wasn’t available;
    –          If there is a new release from Amouage, Ormonde Jayne, Puredistance, Sonoma Scent Studio or Tauer Perfumes (but not in the Pentachords line) that sounds interesting to me, I might make an exception;
    –          I might buy some samples for a specific project or series if I cannot obtain it otherwise;
    –          Swaps, draw winnings, free samples from stores and care packages are still accepted (but counted towards the above-mentioned limit).
  4. I plan to improve my perfumes database by adding a new option of classifying my perfumes (there will be a post about it at some point because I need some opinions/advice on that topic).
  5. I will introduce my own rating system and add more information about my perfume preferences on my blog: since I like other people’s rating systems and I’m always curious to know which perfumes my blogo-friends love, like or hate, I thought others might find that information useful as well.
  6. I will attempt to find at least one Guerlain perfume to love. I have to admit that I do not own a single full bottle (or even a decant) of a perfume by Guerlain and I cannot name a single perfume from this brand that I really like and want to own. I’m not sure if I should hand back my perfumista card already or if there is some grace period.

How hard will it be to follow all these resolutions? I don’t know. Stick with me and we’ll see.

Did you have your NY Resolutions post I didn’t list below? Please share in the comment.

Image: my own

Since I’m so late with my New Year resolutions I’m positive you’ve read already all these inspiring posts but just to satisfy my partiality for collecting and sharing:

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25 thoughts on “New Year Resolutions, Part II: Perfumed Resolutions 2012

  1. Really interesting resolutions, especially the 6 full bottle and no more than 100ml in decants. I am yet to impose such limits on myself so admire you at least making this your goal.

    It’s too bad I already swapped away my Plum sample. As much as I love a chypre, I found it little too “mature” for my tastes.

    As for Guerlain, have you tried Chamade? I would have thought you might get on with that one.


    • Only if some perfume mule comes in your vicinity soon: I’m still appalled by your shipping rates.

      We’ll see if I would be able to go through. I want to make it work but since I do not have to I won’t be too upset.


  2. My favorite part was the resolution followed by exceptions to the resolution! LOL. However, like Birgit, I genuinely believe in your ability to meet those resolutions :)


    • Well, I had to be accurate :) With Plum – I wanted to try it for too long, I need to put it to rest (but, as you saw, Birgit might come to the rescue of my resolution). Those brands that I’ve listed: not only I like their creations but I do not have “free access” to them at any time. So I thought that if they release anything I think I’d like I should test them as soon as I can – moratorium or not.


    • I’ve tried (or in the process of testing now) 13 perfumes from this house. I plan to do a separate post on the subject – to seriously address the problem. So you’ll have a chance to contribute to my NY resolution’s fulfillment.


  3. I’m constantly going back and forth trying to decide on a suitable number of full bottles to own, and what criteria to use to justify buying one (aside from the juice smelling awesome). Even limiting it to scents I absolutely love leaves me with a massive list.


    • I do not think there is “a suitable number of full bottles” if we’re talking about a collection. So the limitation should come from some other sides – available shelf space, budget, bottles shape if you wish :)


  4. I have a few Guerlain decants, but have only fallen in love with newer Guerlains (SDV, Insolence, Tonka Imperiale, Rose Barbare). I’ve been gifted with LHB and vintage Mitsouko but man are those hard for me to wear.


  5. I do like your resolutions. I think 100ml in decants would be very hard for me, but since you were successful last year with your resolutions, I’m sure you can do it. I think it is wise to make a few exceptions to be realistic; new perfumes from your favorite houses will be items you want to try right away, not wait around for! I am looking forward to hearing more about and reading some of your special planned posts. Those sound really interesting and fun!


    • They should be! If I ever find time to get to them :) This year at work promises to be just craaaazy. But I’ll do my best.

      Are you saying you’re buying more than 100 ml in decants per year? I went back and checked: I bought roughly 100 ml last year – without limiting myself. So I hoped it should be kind of enough… But now you got me worried.


      • I have no idea how much I’m buying in decants. :) Isn’t that terrible? I feel like I buy a lot, though. But 100ml? Maybe? Maybe not. Another reason I should keep track. :)


  6. My apologies for being late in reading your New Year’s Resolution posts (I’m late to everything these days), but I wanted to say that I’m very impressed by the way you conduct your (perfume) affairs. I’ve always admired people who are their own stern guardians — in other words, people who live their lives in a very personally-accountable way, and you strike me as that type of person.

    Your resolution about not buying any more samples until you have less than 30 in your untested bin is a really good one. I’m thinking of adopting it, because I have an overflowing number that I haven’t tested either. Plus I need to figure out what to do with all of the samples that I have tested but don’t care for. Maybe I’ll have to do a hodgepodge giveaway, or just have some friends over for a sampling party, so that some of these samples can find homes. At any rate, you’ve got me thinking. Thank you!


    • Late? Suzanne, you must be joking! I just posted yesterday. I’m still reading/answering some of the posts from the last year (vacations tend to do it to me).

      Thank you for kind words. I’m not sure if I am that person you described but I’m definitely trying to be.

      I like your idea about the sampling party if you have friends around who would want to participate. I haven’t decided for myself yet what to do with those sample I didn’t care for. I had a couple of situations when I didn’t like the perfume so much that I got rid of it – only to regret later I didn’t have it “for the referrence”. I’m still thinking.


  7. Very interesting and inspiring. Like you, I need to set a FB limit/# for 2012. I’m out of space. I also should giveaway some bottles but I admit that I hoard them for some reason.

    I’ve thought about doing a rating system as well since I love when other bloggers do it. I find it very helpful but I don’t know where to start with my own. Maybe we should adopt a “universal” system, lol. I also love when people include profiles of scents they like.


    • If anybody, you, Victoria, should do the rating system. More than once I caught myself scrolling through your review to the end to find out if you liked it – and only then going back to read it entirely.


  8. A most interesting – and **characteristically specific** – post about your resolutions. I would expect nothing less!

    This sentence particularly cracked me up: “I’m not sure if I should hand back my perfumista card already or if there is some grace period.”

    I bet there is a Guerlain out there that you would like – it may just be a question of time and systematic research.

    I was going to offer to send you a sample of Plum, but Olfactoria looks like she’s got it covered. My bottle is so low now that it is getting to the point where it is hard to coax a spray out of it, but I would have had a go, as I can always get more locally!


    • Thank you, Vanessa.

      I’m sure I’ll find at least one Guerlain perfume to add to my collection (or should I say that I hope to find just one perfume? ;) )

      Now I’m curious: what’s the size of your almost empty Plum bottle?


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