Dark Amber & Ginger Lily is back

In June I featured Dark Amber & Ginger Lily by Jo Malone, a part of a limited edition Kohdo Wood Collection, in one of the episodes of my weeklong test drive of the brand. Back then the perfume was long sold out but rumored to be brought back eventually. This time rumors proved to be true.

Jo Malone Dark Amber and Ginger LilyJo Malone re-introduced Dark Amber & Ginger Lily as a part of their permanent Cologne Intense Collection. This is good news. Bad news is that this collection comes only in 100 ml bottles (goodbye to my dream of getting that cute 30 ml black bottle) and most stores in the U.S. that carry Jo Malone line do not offer the Intense Collection. But if you know and like that perfume you can order it from Jo Malone official website.

Image: jomalone.com


6 thoughts on “Dark Amber & Ginger Lily is back

  1. This is the first Jo Malone scent in a long while that really captured my interest but when I asked at the shop recently they said they didn’t have any left. Too bad.

    Shame about that cute 30ml bottle.


    • It has been re-released just days ago (my e-mail from Jo Malone came on Tuesday) so it might re-appear in some stores.

      I wish I could try other colognes from the Intense Collection but even being Jo Malone’s fan I do not want to pay for those samples. So, as you said: too bad.


  2. I am fortunate to own a 30 ml bottle of this from first time round – considerably depleted, I can tell you. I also have the Day one in 100ml, which I got for half price on Ebay. The bath oil in Dark Amber & Ginger Lily is particularly fine if you spot that going cheap. In the UK you can pick up Jo Malones quite often on Ebay, so we are quite lucky in that regard.

    I am looking forward to trying those new tea ones too some time!


    • I hate to break it to you but the Tea Fragrance Blend collection is almost completely sold out everywhere. So if you think anybody around where you live still carries it, hurry up.

      I also have the “day” scent from this collection – Lotus Blossom & Water Lily and I like it. But I haven’t tried any of JM’s bath oils yet. It seems a little too expensive. I might try eBay.


  3. I remember liking this one a lot and the last I checked, the SA said that they might reintroduce it in fall- great that they actually have! But that’s too bad about the 30 ml bottles- I can’t see myself buying a 100 ml one- there are too many perfumes that are higher on my list..


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